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37 Hong Ha, Ward 2,
Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh city

37 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh city




Leverage the service level at key
airports through a wide variety of
shops in terms of quality and

Leverage the service level at key airports through a wide variety of shops in terms
of quality and products

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IPP Travel Retail, previously known as DAT, is a subsidiary of IPP Group to conquer the consumer goods & non-aviation service at airports. After 20 years, IPP Travel Retail has developed the retail chain stores at the international airports and duty-free hypermarts at border gates with the variety of services from fashion, F&B to souvenirs and advertising service.

With the premium quality of products and professional services, all the customers' essential needs are met. This has offered IPP Travel Retail a privilege become a partner of the major international airports including: Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Da Nang, Phu Quoc.

IPP Travel Retail is also the strategic partner of major airports across the country in Investing and providing a variety of advertising services, including: LCD and LED screens, billboards, trolleys and massage sofas, rating board, Wi-Fi, etc. in order to satisfy advertising demands at local and international airports. Together with those airports, we joint-provide airport services to passengers that meet strict standards of SkyTrax.


We look beyond what is being offered in Vietnam to be the pioneer in every industry and sector we are representing. We understand that the finest experiences should be accessible to everyone. We appreciate the mutual visuals, imagination, courage, and passion everyone shares; together, we create a bright future.

Core Values
  • Genuineness & Integrity
    Genuineness, transparency, and credibility are our BENCHMARK for every of our operating direction.
  • Respect
    We respect our culture and look forward to the future with dynamism and modernity. We believe CLIENT CENTRIC brings out the best values to our customers and partners.
  • Passion & Pride
    We are passionate in selectively searching for best premium brands and developing many more categories of products for SUPERIOR delivery.
  • Pursuit of Excellence
    We aim to create a culture of EXCELLENCE in operating our corporation, offering selective products & services, and enhancing relationship with customers and partners.

Workplace Policies & Practices and Employee Benefits

IPP Travel Retail applies many good policies and practices to ensure all the benefits of employees such as: Bonuses for National holidays and other special occasions (New Year, Tet, birthday, marriage, maternity, funeral, etc.), 13th month-salary bonus policy, taxi budget policy, entertainment budget policy, sales KPI bonus policy, travel policy, etc.

The Company also care about the employees’ incentive and offers a lot of allowance to employees beside the monthly salary such as annual health check-up, business travel, medical insurance, meal, parking, make-up, etc.


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Employee Engagement

  • Working Environment
    • Within our presence in 6 different industries and 10 sectors, we offer a wide-ranging career opportunity that suit different job levels and personalities.
    • We believe in individual inner-strength of which IPPG position is affirmed. We recognise it's the diversity, creativity, energy, and dedication of the employees that deliver our strength. That is why we never stop investing in our people and empower them getting ahead through this organization.
  • Take the lead
    Through the fast pace economy as Vietnam's, the only way to achieve is to never stop moving forward. At IPPG, we highly treasure individuals with ambition, trend capture, and unlimited creation. We attempt to deliver ideal workplace for our staffs to develop their full potentials, and the group togetherness gets ahead market trend also leads the market.
  • Respect Distinctiveness
    We believe that individuals possess uniqueness that creates diversity. At IPPG, we encourage staffs maintaining their unique identification and keeping coming up with unlimited innovation; togetherness will unlock limitless age for Vietnam in general and individuals in particular.
  • Talent Fostering
    Opportunity at IPPG does not only encapsulate in terms of work; with our strategic vision and dedication as a team, we have policies to embrace each member developing and improving themselves.
  • Self Improvement
    IPPG is a multicultural working environment towards international staffs from either Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, France, or the US. Altogether, we converge on here aiming to dedicate our quintessence of each nation for creating a dynamic working environment alongside opportunities and adventures.
  • Seizing Upon
    We welcome you with attractive career opportunities, regardless of who you are: whether an intern, fresh graduate, or an experienced. Please send us your resume as your experience at a dynamic working environment at one of Vietnam's largest corporations is only a few clicks away from you. We believe compensation satisfaction and professional workplace are mandatory for long-term cohesion between organization and its members.