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Home Credit Vietnam is a leading international consumer financial solution provider that makes people feel good.

  • Home Credit is an international leading mass-market consumer finance provider headquartered in Europe. We are now operating in 10 countries, serving more than 70 million customers around the world
  • We started our operation in Vietnam in 2008. Since then, we have always pursued the mission to better Vietnamese customers' lives by providing optimal, responsible and sustainable consumer financial solutions. We help Vietnamese customers easily access financing, quickly and safely achieve their daily financial goals, so that they feel good and positive about life. We are now serving more than 12 million customers across 63 provinces nationwide.

Our Vision

A role model in Consumer Finance Industry that pursues disruptive but sustainable growth with innovative products, responsible lending approach, customer experience and social responsibility focus and tech-driven solutions. We are rated Most Desired Brand in Vietnam.

Business Highlights

The key highlights of Home Credit Vietnam be counted on 3 factors:
  • RESPONSIBLE: consistently pursuing sustainable growth strategies with a responsible lending approach
  • OBSESSED with CUSTOMERS: always putting customers first and centered in all activities
  • AGILE to INNOVATE: powerfully demonstrating pioneering mindset - agile to stay ahead of the game, to adapt and innovate.


We act with the highest level of transparency, compliance and always ensure long-term benefits for customers, partners, and society.
  • We offer safe lending with a strict automated evaluation process and integrity.
    • We leverage a credit scorecard built on statistical models and many different factors to assess the creditworthiness and affordability of customers. Thus, we help our customers to avoid over- debt while performing our financial inclusion role. As a result, Home Credit Vietnam Non Performing Loan ratio is amongst the lowest in the consumer finance market in Vietnam. Moreover, our balance has been maintained lower than 3% - which is not compulsory but encouraged by the State Bank of Vietnam.
    • To help ensure customers make the right borrowing decision based on their circumstances, we have a cooling-off period: up two weeks after signing a loan contract with us, the customer can reconsider their decision and withdraw from the contract without any charges. As a result, according to research in 2 big cities Hanoi and HCMC, in 2020, most customers feel safe and more relaxed when they use our service.
  • We also focus on building sustainable relationships with partners and retailers. As a result, we can significantly increase partnering retailers’ revenues (often by around 30% depending on the types of products sold) compared to those retailers who have not offered in-store lending.
  • We have been vigorously promoting ESG Practices across the organization. Apart from safe and responsible lending, we were pushing ourselves to bring more and more positive impacts to the community, such as paperless processes, cyber security, charity, and financial literacy programs. Recently, we launched Home Love – a CSR platform to support people in need, starting with contributing to the National Vaccine Fund against Covid and bringing more than 30,000 meals to people in need in HCMC – the city that is hit the hardest during the 4th wave of Covid in Vietnam.


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Customers are always the central of all our activities. We make people feel good. We are rated the most Desired Brand in the market. Our NPS increases over time.
  • 67% of our customers keep on using Home Credit services regularly
  • 65% Our customers recommend us to family and friends


The team has always been equipped with a Pioneer and Start-up spirit – Agile to stay ahead, adapt, and innovate.
  • As the pioneer in the market, we gained the advantage of being the first mover. And we have been constantly applied recent technology and focus on digital transformation to bring innovative solutions to improve customer experience throughout their whole journey with us.
  • We apply advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other disruptive technologies across our business. Our technologies are deployable across all countries we operate, with embedded localization features that satisfy our country-specific operational needs. Home Credit is the first Consumer Finance Company to launch the loan service via an app, now with 12 million downloads.
  • With the various stages of lockdown due to Covid, customers heavily turning to online activities, we quickly adjust to adapt to the situation leveraging digital solutions. And our team has launched the Virtual Card as one of them. The card is embedded into your smartphone. As a result, customer needs to spend only 30 minutes online to apply with minimal documents required and easily use it and enjoy very attractive offers such as: 2% cashback for online transactions, 45 days of interest-free, 0% interest rate with equal payment plan conversion.
  • In the middle of the pandemic, our project teams implemented AI call centers, including voice bots, live chats, and chatbots. And we have the solution-processed more than 2,000,000 calls per month, sliced 50% of operating spend and achieved 4.5 out of 5 points for customer satisfaction.