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HCMC Office:
Mapletree Business Centre,
1060 Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard,
Tan Phong Ward, District 7,
Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi Office:
Kim Anh Building, 5th level,
1/78 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward,
Cau Giay District, Hanoi

HCMC Office:
Mapletree Business Centre, 1060 Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard,
Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi Office:
Kim Anh Building, 5th level, 1/78 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward,
Cau Giay District, Hanoi


Ride-Hailing/ Technology


Drive Southeast Asia forward by creating
economic empowerment for everyone

Drive Southeast Asia forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone


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About Grab

From a small startup, after 9 years, Grab has become the leading superapp platform in Southeast Asia, providing everyday services that matter to consumers. Today, the Grab app has been downloaded onto millions of mobile devices, giving users access to over nine million drivers, merchants, and agents. Grab offers a wide range of on-demand services in the region, including mobility, food, package and grocery delivery services, mobile payments, and financial services across 428 cities in eight countries. We have also contributed to creating more economic

Behind this growth journey is a team of sharp, driven, and humble individuals who have invested countless hours and days into understanding our consumers' needs and translating this deep understanding into services that serve daily essential needs of Southeast Asians. At Grab, we are constantly striving to create an ideal work environment to ensure that our employees (Grabbers) are always recognized and appreciated for their contributions and dedication.

Positive & Collaborative Environment

As Grabbers, we believe that The Grab Way is the guiding star to all of our decisions and the way we collaborate. It states clearly how we are going to achieve our mission, and how we make a difference in SEA. With the mission: Drive Southeast Asia forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone, we aim to Build marketplaces that enable everyday entrepreneurs to thrive and Ensure the sustainability of our mission.

At Grab, we focus on resolving the big problems in SEA, which is also our driving force to get things done, pushing the boundaries of time and resources. Beyond that, we always take care of the well-being of employees and their families with benefits packages including competitive salary, birthday leave, etc. In addition, Grab also aims to promote a balanced lifestyle for Grabbers, that's why GrabFlex was born to support Grabbers to cover for healthcare services, vaccination against Covid-19, etc. so that Grabbers can work and contribute with peace of mind.

Rocket fuel for careers

One of our principles is HUMILITY: “Acknowledging that we are all a work-in-progress”

Learning is a choice and Grabbers are empowered to make such decisions. Grabbers are encouraged to explore different types of growth initiatives and opportunities available for personal and professional development, including but not limited to GrabLearn (Grab’s internal training system), On-the-job training opportunities (working on projects, assignments, secondment, work-shadowing, etc.), Initiatives that aim to enhance specific skills (workshops, seminars, training courses, etc. both online or in-class), Coursera (thousands of training courses for Grabbers who register for) and Mentoring network, coaching, etc.

In 2021 is the first year Grab Vietnam launched our “Grab Future Unicorn Program”: Being a Unicorn with a start-up spirit. Through the program, we want to bring the opportunities to develop capable youngsters to do great things with start-up spirit and create a playground where our talents are empowered, inspired to be future leaders, not only for Grab but also for the Vietnam technology field. This year we attract and recruit fresh graduates from universities across Vietnam, with only 2 years long journey, the candidates will be: Inspired and oriented by the Leadership team, Mentored by senior-level across functions, Equipped with a CAN-DO attitude professionally, Given chances to explore regional projects and Given a great career at a fast-growing technology startup in SEA.

Our leadership team - big profiles in the industry, great overview but hands-on and down-to-earth as accompanies to employees.

Leadership team

We believe every Grabber deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and bring value to the community and the place where they work. This is our goal and recently also been integrated in the mission "Grab For Good."

Ms. Bella Dinh - Country Head of People Operations

Fun & Dedicated Family

At Grab, we know that a successful team is made up of happy people. Thus, we aim to create well-being, mental, and physical health within the workplace, to empower our Grabbers to serve and make everyday life better for everyone!

We believe that corporate activities play a significant role in improving cross-functional collaboration and boosting team togetherness. At Grab, we build up an environment and working protocol that allows our employees to be agile: flexible working hours, working remotely easily, etc. A workplace is a fun place; therefore, we organize many events throughout the year to engage and uplift the morale of our employees: Happy International Women’s Day, Mid-autumn festival, The Grab Way Day, Year End Party, etc.

Employee wellness is also a key focus of Grab. Beyond equipping our Grabbers with technical skills and professional knowledge, we also make sure that our existing benefit policies and practices are helpful enough to ensure employees' overall wellness. We have health screening once per year for all Grabbers to ensure their health is at their best. Besides, in 2020 we have organized Virtual Sports League - a "sports playground" for all Grabbers to create a Healthy and Active Grabbers community. Grabbers can choose between jogging, cycling, or swimming. Through this activity, we want to raise awareness about exercising for Grabbers, and also protect Grabbers from Covid, since physical health helps us increase our resistance to infection better!
At Grab, we know that everything is enabled by great talent, especially for a tech company, Talent is our heart. Without our people, we will not be able to accomplish what we have now. Our people say they want to work with Grab because the work we do is different and meaningful. They also believe in using tech for good, so that we can create more economic opportunities for all, enable access to safer, high-quality everyday services, and create financial inclusion for the underserved. Most importantly, as a homegrown Southeast Asian company, we want to be able to grow the Southeast Asia talent pool and help them be ready for today’s and tomorrow's challenges.