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Pax Sky Building, Number 26,
Ung Van Khiem Street, Ward 25,
Binh Thanh District,
Ho Chi Minh City

Pax Sky Building, Number 26, Ung Van Khiem Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District,
Ho Chi Minh City


Gaming & Technology


To amaze the world so that everyone
can enjoy a moment of happiness

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You may have joined amazing races on the fastest dream cars in the most enchanting places on the planet, or run along with the Minions dodging through the famous locations straight from the Despicable Me! We make those legendary games: Asphalt and Despicable Me Minion Rush, two of the top titles that have recorded the most downloads of all time.

A leading global publisher of digital and social applications, Gameloft® has been established as one of the top innovators in the gaming field since 2000. Gameloft creates products for all digital platforms, with a rich and unique portfolio of over 275 titles. We distribute games in over 100 countries and employ 3,600 people worldwide.

Gameloft Vietnam has operated since 2004 with a dynamic, multinational team of 650 people, all motivated by the same passion of creating the best moment of happiness for our players around the world. Over the past 17 years, we have pushed the boundaries of the gaming experience on all digital platforms but also made our strong footprint to become a leader in gamification solutions for international brands.


We aim at building a meaningful Employee Journey where Gamelofters can level up themselves while contributing to the Company’s sustainable growth.

To make our people happy is the result of a strong collaboration between all divisions and teams. It is key to drive our people's strategy: delivering innovative and employee-centered solutions; making talents join us, stay engaged, and shine professionally, in a fun and engaging working environment.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Southeast Asia HR Director, shares: “The industries have been changing so fast, both in mobile and gaming. Our fellows need to constantly learn, adapt and evolve to deliver top-notch quality products to users around the globe. So do the teams providing people services! We have to continually renew ourselves. Passion, craftsmanship, innovation are part of our DNA to bring moments of happiness to our employees so they offer the same gifts to our players!”

We make a big deal of listening to our employees. Gameloft Connect is our open, talk every 2 months, to address Company updates and employees’ concerns and suggestions, allowing us to improve ourselves and engage our people in the Company’s matters.


According to Mr. Ngo Thanh Tri, IT & Hardware Manager, "Gameloft's culture is unique, friendly, and open to innovative ideas. A tea lady can have a conversation freely with top managers; former employees still look back at Gameloft with fondness.”

Gamelofters can come to work as they are. We accommodate open spaces to enable easy communication, cozy facilities, and fun events: sponsored cafeteria, gaming area, Gameloft Day (our company anniversary), Game Jam, and numerous gaming or technical contests to challenge skills. Wellness at the workplace is key: our employees can join their favorite sports clubs with the Company sponsorship; every quarter, a new Happiness Series takes care of their hands, hair, etc.

Ms. Vu Thi Khanh Chi, Senior Programmer, confides: “Gameloft has now become my second home. Besides having a friendly and dynamic environment, Gameloft also brought me opportunities to improve myself and my wonderful colleagues. There is also the adorable HR team who works quietly but plays a large role in the company. They give us priceless training sessions and bring Gamelofters together through meaningful offline events as well as memorable work-from-home activities.”

To us, flexible working is possible and especially meaningful with Covid-19 and the need to approach a new way of working. In July 2020, we launched a new policy in Vietnam giving the possibility to work four days per month from home.


We organize at least one month of initial training for collaborators joining our technical departments. Later on, other initiatives (such as training sponsorship, workshops, online training subscription, knowledge sharing/learning platforms…) help them enhance their expertise on the latest digital platforms, gaming trends, soft skills, and leadership. Peer training plays a big part: two-third of Gamelofters are trained by their peers. This results in a large number of our managers who have grown and been promoted internally.

“Gameloft’s efforts in maximizing our talents’ potentials and enriching our working experiences have enabled us to contribute more than ever!", says Mr. Ngo Thanh Tri, IT & Hardware Manager.

Recognizing employees’ merit also keeps our talents engaged and eager to keep improving themselves: we celebrate their excellence through dedicated programs like “Hall of Fame” (greatest individual/collective achievements), Project Celebration (major product release), or Seniority Awards (our most loyal employees).


Caring for our employees is not enough, we also want to Play the Good Game. CSR activities are structured on 3 pillars: for Society, for the Planet, and with All. Go Green campaign to reduce carbon footprints, tech talks or cultural events at our venue “Gameloft Village”, annual blood donation, partnership with local NGOs: here are some of our actions to support our community.


Ms. Janina Hebe, Product Marketing Manager, proudly shares: “Already on my first day, I recognized the unique culture and team spirit in this company. I was welcomed very warm-hearted and experienced great onboarding. This first impression hasn't faded. Being far away from my home country, to have this amazing work environment helps me to excel in my career and to work passionately every day: it is a gift!”.