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G-Group is a Technology Corporation which was founded in 2016, headquartered in Hanoi with a branch in HCM City. We focus on investment and development in 3 areas: Financial Technology, Media Technology and Cybersecurity Technology, operate with 11 subsidiaries in our ecosystem with a total scale of more than 1000 employees.

G-Group is growing an ecosystem of nearly 30 million users across social network, digital media platforms, financial services, cybersecurity, online gaming, high-tech R&D, intermediary payment, e-wallet, financial technology in Vietnamese market.

With the Vision to 2023 is the No. 1 Startup Technology Investment Corporation in Vietnam and the Mission to create a powerful transformation to help technology companies realize their Vision & Mission, thereby bringing benefits to customers, employees and investors, G-Group Technology Corporation has constantly strived to improve itself in building a practical human resource and corporate governance system. We persistently pursue the principle of 3 Core Values: Integrity - Listening & Sharing - Transformation.

Therefore, G-Group's Board of Directors is determined to build a professional, modern and friendly working environment and reasonable remuneration for all employees. Each individual's contribution to the group is recognized, respected and honored. G-Group's greatest asset is all its employees who have been and continue to accompany the group in creating breakthroughs for success.

With the Employee First perspective, each individual at G-Group is always allowed to develop themselves and is free to express their talents and creativity. "Employee First" means to bring happiness to each individual through each touchpoint in each employee's life cycle from Integration - Training & Development - Leaving the organization.

What are the criteria for employee happiness at G-Group?

G-Group is constantly looking for elements that meet basic human needs to achieve happiness. Four primary and motivating conditions for each individual are living, being loved, learning, growing, and being valued (contributed & recognized). The four basic needs are:
  • Physical: The health of each employee to balance work & life.
  • Emotions: Being cared for, freely expressing, being supported in a collaborative, open, hierarchical environment.
  • Learning & Development: There are opportunities for personal growth in skills & knowledge through work.
  • Morale: Feeling valuable in the organization when participating and being recognized.
With the criteria towards which G-Group's mission is directed, the success level of G-Group's human resource strategy is measured based on four pillars with people as the focus as the foundation: Operation - Finance – Customers – Learn & Grow, accordingly:
  • Owning a recruitment brand in the Top 10 Financial Technology enterprises selected by employees
  • There is a competitive remuneration regime at the Top 50% (P50) in the Financial Technology industry market, with differences according to the efficiency and contribution of each individual
  • Being a happy workplace as measured by the employee satisfaction index, the recognition of the community & external customers
  • A place where employees work and are given diverse opportunities to develop through internal development projects. In addition, the successive management team is inspired by the passionate leadership team and shaped by a formula of breakthrough high-performance teamwork.

G-Group Technology Corporation attach great importance to training and human development. We believe that each individual's success is the corporation's success. Each individual's development is the corporation's development. Therefore, G-Group’s Board of Directors will constantly strive to develop an effective human resources strategy, empower and provide all the resources for individuals, promote capacity, build a happy working environment, and ensure the team's pride.

Mr. Phung Anh Tu , Chief Executive Officer
At G-Group, we focus on building a solid corporate culture based on the core values of Integrity, Listening & Sharing. A stable & unified corporate culture has helped us:
  • Create a shared context, a standard view of the Group's common goals & strategies.
  • Promote multi-dimensional cooperation between different functional departments for the same common goal.
  • Encourage employees at all companies in the ecosystem to strive to be more productive. Every person today is a newer, more complete version of yesterday.
  • Recognize the value of each employee.
  • Increase employee satisfaction about work, environment and keep employees loyal.
  • Empower employees with more roles and responsibilities at each job position.
  • Employees understand clear expectations from management.
To achieve those successes, we have implemented the following programs:
  • 60-day Program of Integration with G-Group.
  • Monthly Open Talk Program: This is a multi-dimensional interactive activity held monthly between the Company's Board of Directors and all employees to update the business situation, recognize excellent employees on the month, anniversary. Celebrating employee's birthday of the month, sharing the application of the Company's core values in daily practice.
  • Transformational Heroes: is an activity to appreciate excellent individuals of companies with positive personal transformation at work, voted by members and the Board of Directors.
  • Outstanding Employee of the Month Recognition.
  • VANTO Training Program.
Along with human development strategies related to professional development, skills, positions, recognition programs to motivate employees, activities to improve the physical health of employees are always the top priority of G-Group.

During six years of establishment & development, G-Group has maintained a development goal on people, maintaining an internal talent resource to enhance the organization's operational efficiency.