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Established in Asia in 2013 with a trailblazer mentality, FWD is the primary insurance business of investment group, Pacific Century Group. FWD is focused on creating fresh customer experiences and making the insurance journey simpler, faster, and smoother, with innovative propositions and easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. Through this customer-led approach, FWD aims to become a leading pan-Asian insurer by changing the way people feel about insurance.

FWD Vietnam was established in 2016 and is a member of FWD Group. With the priority strategy on digital development, FWD Vietnam is a differentiated insurance company, with a solid foundation based on its strengths: breakthrough products; high-quality distribution channels; digitised business processes, and differentiated branding strategies. FWD Vietnam is consistently recognized as one of the fastest-growing life insurance companies in the market.


Aligned with the bold vision of “changing the way people feel about insurance”, our People and Organisational Strategy aim to sustainably build a flexible organisation driving disciplined execution.

Our five People Pillars demonstrate our aspirational journey including
  • Bleed Orange
  • Talent that can change insurance
  • Leaders reimagined
  • The FWD experience
  • World-class people operations.

Bleed Orange Orange is our unique brand color and is the color of our flag. Bleed Orange vividly reflects our organisation's culture where people share the same set of values and work together toward a common goal – to deliver the promise of “Celebrate Living” to our customers.

Our value acronym ‘CIPOC’ stands for Committed, Innovative, Proactive, Open, and Caring. These values transcend across our organisation and bind our employees together as a team.

Besides these core values, we also have a set of aspirational culture entails including Simple, Flexible, Inclusive, Empowered, Trust and Community. Our i-Appreciate program was transformed into a digital app called “FWD 5C” which provides real-time recognition and engagement between the employees. Bringing recognition onto such a unique digital platform as FWD 5C allows our employees to give instant appreciation to their colleagues more flexibly and easily.

Flexibility & Innovation make us a different kind of Employer of choice. Flexibility has been applied in three key areas including Flex resources, Flex development, and Flex work arrangement, while Innovation is at the core of our business and operations.

Our proud innovation challenges named “iDare” for Vietnam and Group-wide Springboard Innovation Challenge 2021 have empowered our employees to break out of the norm and come up with innovative solutions for real business impacts.

I am very honored that FWD Vietnam has received this prestigious Award for two consecutive years since 2020. This Award strongly signifies our promise and restless effort to build FWD Vietnam a greater company in every single day and to nurture the best working environment for our employees to operationalize our vision to changing the way people feel about insurance. The fact that employees continuously vote us as the Best Employer is such an honor and great pride. I am proud that as a team we always share the same belief, are committed for the vision and more importantly feel we are well taken cared of and succeed together.

Nguyen Kim Mai Thu, Chief Human Resources Officer

Talent that can change insurance

At FWD, we implement a special talent framework where our talents become Everyday Trailblazers and firmly commit to our values. We take pride in these trailblazers who always dare to be different, challenge the status quo, and bring out breakthrough ideas to accomplish our vision.
We secure sustainability through our people, with succession planning focused on internal career mobility and development growth as a philosophy.

Our employee development experience framework focuses on developing our talents from different angles based on a 70-20-10 principle.
We are on the hunt for a new generation of fresh digital talent via our Digital Graduate Program, which strengthens our vision and business priority of supporting digitised business processes.

The FWD Performance Management Model combines flexibility with a laser focus on employees’ development. We encourage developmental conversations between employees and managers through monthly reviews and quarterly check-ins. It is also our commitment to adopting the best and most creative practices for employee rewards according to their actual performance and contribution.

Leaders reimagined

We develop our leaders who lead with inclusive behaviors and drive a performance culture that focuses on both what and how.

Group-wide selected potential talents and leaders have opportunities to join Futurewise University Program, Futurewise Program and experience unique Development Days.

Locally, our unique C@Connect Program offers different subject areas to sharpen leadership capabilities and prepare our next generation of leaders for their future key leadership roles. Our signature FWD Core programs help us embed the company’s vision, strategies, and values into the purpose of individuals.

Our employees have all the space to take ownership of their development. FWD trademark i-Develop program gives our employees the flexibility to choose their development courses either to address a personal or professional need, with all the costs covered by the company.

The FWD experience

From day one, we have strategically built a meaningful employee experience journey with the belief that happy and proud employees will attract other happy employees to join us. This has been proven through increasing candidate referral figures years by years.

Considering the challenges that everyone has been through the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched our Wellbeing strategy in 2021 as a demonstration of our caring and commitment to the healthiness, wellbeing, and development of our people. The strategy revolves around five core pillars including Emotional health, Physical health, Social connectedness, Financial wellness, and Purpose and meaning. The last pillar highlights FWD’s unique passion to make a difference in people’s lives with our ‘Celebrating Living’ spirit.

Our local FWD Care offers our employees more time to spend with their families in times they need, while also giving them time to recharge through diverse programs such as Flexi summer, Flexi hours, Work from home, Wellbeing Day.

World-class People Operations

Successful companies are finding a way to measure both results and organisational health. Starting from 2021, we start measuring our organisational health with an Organisational Health Index (OHI). Training program for Middle managers and above has been conducted and an action plan to improve country OHI result has been initiated and implemented throughout the year.
We continue focusing on People Analytics and Automation through the IBM Optimisation project to build a strong foundation for a Digital insurance company that prioritises automation and HR technology enablement.