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FPT Tower, 10 Pham Van Bach Str.,
Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay Dist.,
Hanoi, Vietnam

FPT Tower, 10 Pham Van Bach Str., Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam


Information Technology


To be a company guided by
technological innovations

To be a company guided by technological innovations

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FPT Software is part of the FPT Corporation, the global leading technology and IT services provider headquartered in Vietnam. With US$631 million in revenue by 2021 and 22,000 employees in 26 countries, FPT Software makes up 1/10 of Vietnam's total IT industry revenue.

As a pioneer in digital transformation, FPT Software delivers world-class services with top-notch technology in Smart factory, Digital platforms, RPA, AI, IoT, Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud, AR/VR, Business Applications, Application Services, and so on.

The comprehensive, tailor-made high-tech solutions provided by FPT Software are trusted by both clients from Vietnam and worldwide. The company has served over 700+ customers, with many included in Fortune Global 500, in various industries from Aerospace & Aviation, Automotive to Banking and Finance, Logistics & Transportation, Utilities and more.

FPT Software aims to be a billion-dollar company by 2025, with fast growing business and meticulous research, providing service to thousands of clients around the world.

As FPT Software places the employees at the heart of its operation, the employee value proposition acts as the pillars in our journey of building a rewarding system and being constantly present, supportive of our employees in all of their lives’ milestones.

We stand out from our competitors thanks to our distinctive investment in employees’ career development

For Freshers - the newly graduates and beginners who just launched into the tech world, things can be confusing and overwhelming. There is new technology to learn, new systems to get used to, and new soft skills to acquire. It’s a race against time to get the best experience and opportunity. For the ones “freshed out of schools”, we established FPT Software Academy, training and enriching the skill of freshers to become Global Software Engineer. Besides insight on the most needed tools on the market, the academy provides a variety of soft-skill classes, such as writing resumes, business letters, how to read and find paperwork, etc. The tremendous support from our mentors - the experienced experts working at FPT Software - also plays in the mentees’ favor.

FPT Software commits to equip our employees with all they need to keep on full-speed upskilling. From 17,000 business accounts on Udemy, Nanocourse sponsorship on Udacity, to monthly private sharing and training, as well as language tests in collaboration with British Council. As our employees tailor-made their products of heart and soul to our clients, we tailor-made their career path development, through our personalized learning platform and mentoring activities.

Our successful global business brings about the best projects with ambitious requests. Our employees see no lack of opportunities and challenges. The pressure of being responsible for real life-altering technology, which can affect many people, hardens and encourages our people to strive for the best outcome. FPT Software employees come out of each “great battle” growing in confidence, discipline and expertise, to face whatever the future may bring.

The Competitive-ness of work environment and policy

There’s no place like FPT Software: just when you get used to your current position, you are given the opportunity to transfer to a whole new field. Lead a new team, start a new project, fight the new fight, and bring a new victory. The transfer policy rewards our most talented with a chance: to grow in a new environment, to widen their network, and to become the next generation of leaders. With the enormous corporate system catering to 22,000 people, it’s not a trivial policy but represents real effort and trust, from all of our staff and management board, to elevate the most proficient employees.

All work and no play is no tech life. FPT Software and FPT, famous for its long tradition of workplace fun, are no different. The constant games and activities, singing concert and minigames and now - tik tok competitions, create a genuine atmosphere, giving our employees the necessary break time, to regain their energy and reboost their creativity.

Threshold, but different

But that’s not all: you can’t claim yourself to be a devoted employer until you have every policy possible to ensure your employees’ wellbeing. That includes policies regarding their families and living conditions. A deep respect for the employees’ personal and private needs drive FPT Software to establish a number of housing, car, healthcare, education benefits and a constant reward system. Onsite employees are also supported with relocating their whole family, providing them with utmost assistance and advantage to get a head-start in their work.

The evolving innovation used in supporting our employees has proven to be a key point in our continuous success. The corporate tools not only reduce time spent on admin tasks, but also motivate our work morale through regular internal updates and a constant reward system. As we apply digital transformation within our system first, the constant reward feature along with special benefits for employees across different branches have been pivotal in employee recognition, boosting our employees’ enthusiasm and ambition for the next success.
In the face of Covid-19, FPT Software's “One team - One dream” mantra is a commitment: we leave no one behind. We sponsor vaccination to all of our employees and organize vaccination locations to help ensure our employees’ safety as much as possible. We’ve finished vaccinating all of our employees in America and the Philippines, while pushing for every other branch. FPT Software HCM employees were the first to get vaccinated in the largest vaccination campaign of the city starting on June 19th, 2021.