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Ecopark Urban area, Xuan Quan,
Van Giang, Hung Yen

Ecopark Urban area, Xuan Quan, Van Giang, Hung Yen




Vihajico is striving to become a
sustainable urban development
enterprise in Vietnam

Vihajico is striving to become a sustainable urban development enterprise in Vietnam

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Ecopark is a model functional urban area, inspired by a green, fresh and humane life, the area up to 500ha, more than 10km southeast of the city center.

Built in 2003, after nearly 2 decades of construction and development, Ecopark Group has built Ecopark to become the largest ecological urban area in the North and one of the first successfully ecological urban areas in the country. Ecopark has won more than 30 prestigious domestic, international awards and has become a partner of many large corporations such as Daesung, Nomura, Chadwick, Dewan, WATG...

In the future, in addition to the strategy of maintaining a key position in investment and professional urban development in the trend of green real estate and replicating the model of urban areas across the country, Ecopark will continue to invest in multi-industry education, health, clean agriculture, high technology, tourism... At the same time, Ecopark also focuses on orienting and improving the skills and knowledge of employees through appropriate training programs and courses.

Ecopark's Award

Ecopark Group in general and Ecopark urban area in particular have achieved many prestigious domestic and international awards:

  • “Best Landscape Architecture in the World”
  • “Best Mixed Use Resident in Asia - Pacific”
  • "Best Landscape Architecture in Asia - Pacific"
  • “Best Urban Design” by SIP Planning Award
  • "Best Green Development in VietNam"
  • “Best Residential Real Estate Developer in Vietnam”.
  • "Best Mixed Use Developer".
  • “Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction”
  • “Special Recognition for Building Communities”
  • “Special Recognition for ESG”
  • "Best Mega Township Development" of PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards
  • "Best Township Development" of Asia Property Awards

Green office, creating excitement at working

Ecopark is proud of owning a green office, with the largest design in immerse in nature in Vietnam.

Working in a green space will help to inspire employees to work, and feel relaxed and comfortable, especially after stressful working hours. This is also the ideal check-in location for all employees. Moreover, employees will always feel safe and welcome with the company's friendly corporate culture.

With a green space of more than 500 hectares and fully designed with the 5-E philosophy (Eco, Emotion, Edu-Entertainment, Economic, Elite), Ecopark has the advantage of organizing activities, team building and training… Therefore, employees don't have to move away because Ecopark has everything they need.

At Ecopark, employees enjoy the best benefits and compensation and get the competitive requirements of the market. Working is flexible time, increasing the number of annual leave days with full salary, holidays longer than prescribed according to working seniority. In addition, employees are equipped with equipment for working. In particular, when using the Ecopark's services, employees will receive discounts.

Employee well-being a top priority and the most important

Ecopark focuses on creating professional development training courses. Accordingly, each year, Ecopark organizes more than 130 training programs, divided into 3 groups: Standardized Program, Core Training Program and Specific Training Programs. Therefore, each employee will have improved skills and knowledge to work better and have more opportunities for promotion.
Typically, Ecopark Leader was participated by the Chairman of the Corporation and more than 40 leaders and managers. The program is an opportunity for them to listen to feelings, shares and questions, to get the current situation and discuss the appropriate solutions.

In addition to training programs, Ecopark also organizes outdoor activities to improve the health and employee engagement such as Ecoday, Eco Runner, Football Tournament. Eco League, Ecopark English Club....

For example, Ecopark’s English Club gained the warm response and participation of a large number of office and operations staff. The class took place extremely seriously and effectively with a variety of methods applied.