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Lot R (R1) Quang Chau Industrial Zone,
Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province,

Lot R (R1) Quang Chau Industrial Zone, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province, Vietnam




To be the most profitable company
in the industry with customer choice
and employee choice

To be the most profitable company in the industry with customer choice and employee choice

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Crystal Martin (Vietnam) entered Vietnam’s market in 2012. We started our journey by hiring a production building in the industrial zone with capacity of around 700 employees. Thanks to expansion and development efforts, CMVN now has more than ten thousands employees working in well-equipped buildings.

It is our motto that “employees always come first”, we have been together through ups and downs of the economy and critical periods. The year 2021 marks our 10-year story in Vietnam, a great milestone that the whole company merely treasures.

1. Workplace policies and practices

At CMVN, we are proud to build up a clean-healthy-friendly working environment for employees. The air-conditioning system together with other great facilities (sport center, training center, football field, café shop) are really favored by our workers.

CMVN focuses lots of endeavors on advocating and implementing 6S factory-wide. We have applied responsive measures to Covid-19 at different stages (distributing Crystal Face cover, using partitions on canteen tables, intensively rolling out 5K at the factory and so on). Feedbacks play a significant role in enhancing trust at the workplace. Well understanding it, we have diversified both online and on-site internal communication channels to care our worker voices in a responsive and effective manner. We provide a worker app in mid-2019, run a company Facebook group, arrange monthly dialogues, publish assistance hotlines, welcome direct meetings appointed with the department in charge of employee relations, locate Suggestion Boxes at different locations and update news on bulletin boards on regular basis.

2. Employee benefits

Strict compliance with the regulations of Vietnam is a must while applying policies beyond law is always encouraged and facilitated by Top Management.

During the past 3 years, we have supported nearly 3 billion VND (equal to 129.000 USD) for employees eligible for 24/7 insurance benefit.

Working in the garment sector, it is outstanding that approximately 70% of the labor force are female. Hence, in addition to compliance with the domestic and local laws and policies on labor, our company also target female empowerment programs. P.A.C.E Care project implemented since late 2018 has become a signature training for “a half of the world” at CMVN. It is all about people advancement and career enhancement.

A number of training courses have been tailored to match the real demand of employees from managerial to junior levels such as courses on soft skills, leadership, 7 habits of highly effective people, Associate program, etc. or training designed for new mid-management staff. This approach helps us support our workers to develop their career path. As a result, around 70% of mid-management staffs are our internal resource employees. There are also several role models of female workers promoted from supervisor to manager level.

3. Employee engagement

We can’t achieve success without dedication from our labor force, therefore, we keep brainstorming new initiatives and benefits to encourage our workers’ long service and engagement with our company.

For example, in addition to seniority allowance, we have rolled out Long Service Award to employees working for more than 5 years via presenting them a Recognition Certificate from the President and 5 million VND in cash. By now, we have 1412 employees who have been with us for more than 5 years.

On the occasion of many special days or festivals, we often organize fun and interesting events or competition for all departments. Outside hard working time, we have more chances to be closer to our colleagues’ hearts and souls.

Team work makes dream work, many colleagues share with us they consider CMVN as a family where they work hard together and have fun together, where we appreciate more than 500 married couples working here on special day like Valentine’s Day, where we present scholarship to kids of poor employee households on the occasion of new school year, where we arrange care programs for pregnant colleagues or nursing child ones.

Day after day, we share our culture of supporting each other both at work and in life. We set up warm and cozy corner on all shop floors (HR corner) to listen to our colleagues every Thursday. We promote Green Monday when the company provide vegetarian meals for employees upon demand and Green Saturday on which the voluntary team collect waste outside the factory.

4. Employer branding

Throughout the year, we bring CMVN image more widely to local people via our result-oriented projects. May is the month of charity at our company when many of us donate blood on-site with a hope “give blood, save life”. We know that there are many special cases in need of help in the community so we do not only do charity at the name of CMVN, but we also mobilize contribution from all of our people.
During the tough time of Covid-19 pandemic, we encountered a lot of downturn but we didn’t hesitate to donate around 1 billion VND for the province by both in kind and money. In Q4/2020, while the whole country joined hands to help the central provinces seriously impacted by flood, we spent one week to call for donation from all employees then visited Quang Binh and Ha Tinh, bringing twenty tons of rice and cash gifts to poor households.

Humans of CMVN are being loved and willing to share love. We will certainly write up more beautiful and meaningful stories here as we are a family.