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77 Doan Nhu Hai, Ward 12,
District 04, Ho Chi Minh city

77 Doan Nhu Hai, Ward 12, District 04, Ho Chi Minh city




Create an Ecosystem where everyone's
talents are always Assessed/
Shared/ Valued

Create an Ecosystem where everyone's talents are always Assessed/ Shared/ Valued

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Founded in 2015, CREATORY - “Create a Story” is a smart content solution provider. We explore new ways to produce content and deliver them more effectively using new content technologies.

Our current services include Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Commerce and Platform Management. We leverage content into full solutions that help our clients solve their business problems & achieve their goals, across different industries. In the near future, Creatory aims to create a Content Ecosystem that focuses on developing a fandom metaverse and finally apply virtual cinematography in our content production.

Our diversified talent network with more than 50+ influencers spans from Entertainment to Lifestyle. They are talents who are on top of their game, the names include Misthy, Di Di, Woossi, Linh Ngoc Dam, Kenjumboy, BlackVines, Yen Nhi, Long.C, etc. Guided by Creatory’s Massive Transformation Purpose (MTP), we not only bring joy to the young generation but also influence them with the most creative and trendy content.


The most extraordinary people in the world today do not have only a career but a mission. At Creatory, our mission is to create opportunities for Vietnamese young people to be creative and conscious so that they can find and fulfill their life purpose. Therefore, Creatory is open to anyone who is aligned with our three core values: Envisioning, Transformation, Excellence. In response to the innovation world, we are always Envisioning and Transforming to be Excellent, therefore delivering positive messages to the young generation.

To help fulfill the long-life mission, we create a youthful, dynamic and full-equipped working environment for our employees to blast the fun in work, using their creativity. We provide full working and relaxing spaces with green corners and constantly upgrade employees’ experience through quarterly surveys. In addition, employees are encouraged to participate in office renovation projects such as mural design to make the workplace more than just an office but an endless inspiration stream.

Self-evolution, Ownership of work & Productivity are all we care about. We do not push our employees to obey the working time of 9-6 or to stay in their seats all day. They are given the power to choose what makes them comfortable, either work from home or work in the office.


For so long, the management team has put “Who” before “What”, and craved for making the workplace more inspiration-friendly. Believing that transformation is needed in any young company, Creatory has flexibly restructured to suit the company’s orientation. We do not follow the vertical hierarchical structure but transform to make our structure leaner, encourage bottom-up decision-making processes and flatten the boundaries between management level and employees.


Our hiring strategy is to hire people who resonate with our values, support them to find their purpose in life and align the company’s MTP with the individual's life purpose. To make our employees fulfill their desire and potential, we share and offer a mutual vision to our employees and provide a place where they can blast the fun in work, break the old boxes with creativity, and be ready for all the transformation.

We dearly call our employees Creatorians and create a work-life blend lifestyle because we believe that people should blur the separated line of work and life, carve out most quality time for healthy, steady incorporation of both.

Management workshop is an exclusive program for management level and potential members to update business orientation and market knowledge. In addition, Art Workshop, Food Day, Club Night, Gratitude Day, etc. are activities


The management team keeps questioning every day what we could do more to make the workplace explore its full potential. A transformative structure means employees are given a choice to flexibly and proactively propose their career orientation, rotate to other teams, or start a new role. During years of companionship, we have been fortunate to have talented leaders who have tried many different roles within the organization and achieved certain success based on their skills and expertise.

Creatory DNA defines Creatorians, sharpens them and trains them in their own career development, either management or specialism approach. A detailed training roadmap with experts in Creatory’s Promotion Program is designated to focus on building professional skills and soft skills that enable them to learn and develop themselves.

We believe that great products are made from happy workers. To make everyone happy, you must feel happy about what you do first. Happiness is the core of creating a positive working environment and full of dedication. Like a family, happiness creates lasting bonds and in Creatory, that keep us evolving sustainably together.