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101-103 Tran Quang Khai,
Tan Dinh Ward, District 1,
HCMC, Vietnam

101-103 Tran Quang Khai, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam




Bringing high quality products
to Vietnamese children & families

Bringing high quality products to Vietnamese children & families

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Founded in 2011, Con Cung is located mainly in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces. It marked the milestone of 100 stores in 2016. And then 200 stores in 2017, increasing by 100%. At the end of 2018, we already had 400 stores all over 45 provinces. In terms of scale, Con Cung is proud to become a retail chain with the top growth rate in the Mom and Baby market. Along with the slogan "Con Cung in sight", we will reach 1,000 stores nationwide, covering 63 provinces in Vietnam and will become 1 billion US dollhar company in 2021.

“What comes from the heart, reaches the heart” is the exact way Con Cung serves not only its customers but also its people to earn their Trust and Love.

At Con Cung, all employees are referred as the Pink Generation (PinkGEN) who are young, dynamic and always seek for challenges to discover their unlimited capabilities. Con Cung is passionate in developing the young talents who are potential to grow up and be in charge of important roles in the company.

At Con Cung, you learn, you fall, you crawl and then you get back on your feet with a stronger heart and a maturer mind than ever. Besides, Con Cung has 3 core values in all its business operation which are Simpliness, Conscientiousness and Perfectness.

Leadership Mindset With the continuous expansion, Con Cung encourages the leadership mindset in every individual at the begining of their journey here. For the young and inexperienced talents, Con Cung provides clear and transparent career path so that they will make effort as soon as they become one of the PinkGen because they know they will soon be Con Cung Next Generation.

Inspiration & Engagement 3I [Ideas – Initiatives – Innovations]

Con Cung believes that the most practical way to engage employees is to let them participate in generating ideas that leads to eventual innovations.

Con Cung inspires store-chain employees through Learning and Development Programs on diversified channels including Con Cung Mobile App, Online and Offline Workshops.

5-Star Communication

Con Cung provides healthy and inspirational working environment. We enhance interactions among departments, problem-solving mindsets and timely responses to any situation. Everybody is responsible, commited to their words and show enough respect to others.

The secret of smiling and being kind are practised consistently thorough the PinkGEN from office to store chain.

In summary

Human resources are our precious assets. With a nationwide distribution network, Con Cung is always proud of having more than 3,000 employees that have been recruited and trained professionally in a friendly working environment, where individuals can express their personality, youthful enthusiasm and ability to cope with challenges.

At Con Cung, employees are also oriented and inspired so as to contribute and bring value to themselves and the community.

Last but not least, Con Cung strives for the Trust and Love from not only customers but also its people because we believe happy employees make happy customers.