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485 Hanoi Road, Linh Trung Ward,
Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City,
Viet Nam

485 Hanoi Road, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam




Be World Class Bottler that creates
values for our stakeholders delivering
extraordinary, sustainable and
profitable GROWTH through
engaged and inspired people

Be World Class Bottler that creates values for our stakeholders delivering extraordinary,
sustainable and profitable GROWTH through engaged and inspired people

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This year marks 27 years of refreshing the world and making a difference through every bottle we sell, through every life we touch, through every moment we make all the more special in Vietnam market. The inspirational purpose is guiding us to continue building happy workforce from the place where the products are made, to the ways we serve the customers.

Working at Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam (CCBV) is more than just a job, it is a shared vision, a shared picture of success, moments of happiness, and a unique representation of optimism. That way, our LifeAtCoke employee experience becomes our employee promise, which is facilitated by powerful digital workplace preparing us to move towards a truly people-first organization.


At CCBV, we firmly believe that culture is the most important element that drives high performance. And to succeed in our growth trajectory, our employees need to understand and connect to our company purpose which resonate with their own. That’s when our people-first culture comes in and glues our associates and holds our organization together. It serves as a crucial foundation for our leaders, people manager and associates to shift their mindset, to act, to tell stories about the companies and to reflect it in their daily work practices.

Everyone in the organization in involved in the future which is co-created and to be part of the future that we’ve dreamt of. As such, our leaders have inspired more than 1,800 employees with our Growth Behaviors which makes our employee feel more committed and engaged. Furthermore, understanding the needs of Gen Y & Z occupying for 70% plus of our workforce, we have been deploying Refreshing Conversations focusing on real-time and two-way feedback backed up by a digital feedback platform that brings simplicity, higher participation and higher satisfaction.


Today, more than ever, human connection is very crucial especially when we transform our organization towards the network organization which entails more interactions, collaboration and exposures. Fast – Efficiency – Simplicity are the principles we base on to bring about the digital innovations that allow our employees to communicate, connect, engage and more importantly help generating the best ideas to make an impact.

The deployment of a wide range of communication tools – in sync with the outside world – from Workchat, Workplace, chat bots (My Growth bot, Refreshing Conversations bot, Sales bot, Legal bot), particularly the Thank-you bot has made our employees feel appreciated as they are recognized regularly and immediately.

With a large number of new hires every year, we have been elevating the onboarding experience, making it 100% online yet engaging enough for them to immense in the people-first culture. CCBV also prides itself as the first country in our Group implemens a digitalized employee self-service platform (uniform, onboarding package…) in the effort of simplifying the enterprise through digital transformation.


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We have seen disruptions are happening across the sectors, across markets and across geographies which are going in pace and speeding up in scale. The transformation that we have undergone will be successful only when we invest disproportionately on building the right capabilities. The future is now; and it’s a must for us to prepare our associates not only for the current but for them to shine in the future-forward organization.

We have articulated development opportunities for people to reassure everyone that growth is possible with an offer of Functional Mastery, Leadership Development to Transversal skills across levels. Our people with these capabilities will continue our legacy for the next 27 years and beyond.

It’s the thirst for growth and Curious mindset that facilitate our Agile learning culture. Employees are encouraged to set high ambitions for their career and at the same time have tons of fun with seamless learning experiences through online, virtual and gamified learning tools. They are also encouraged to take bold decisions and are not afraid to make mistakes, fail fast, try again and learn from failure to become a better version of themselves. From this, we recognize that promising to bring out the best in our employees is such a high-risk high-reward strategy.
With drastic shifts in ways or working, it’s important for us to really uphold the humanity in work and become more empathetic and “more human” to others. The caring culture launches multiple initiatives such as surprised moments and Heart2Heart FM have touched thousands of hearts with tears of joys.

As good corporate citizens, we have a responsibility of making a difference where we can. A continuous support valued USD1M to frontline workers and the community to raise public awareness of Covid-19 exemplifies the purpose that we all take pride in. It is to refresh the world, the people in both body and spirit and the communities we serve.

Since our first day in Vietnam, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam has grown expeditiously, achieving innumerable milestones and winning the hearts and minds of millions of consumers and people. In our quest for long-term sustainable business success, we never stop looking for talented, energetic people to join and thrive with a strong sense of pride. Be with us to shape the future of work!