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28 Floor, Saigon Trade Centre,
37 Ton Duc Thang Street,
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City,

28 Floor, Saigon Trade Centre, 37 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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Chailease first entered the Vietnamese market in 2007, and since then, we have steadily solidified our position in the capital supply market while growing and extending our operations. As one of the pioneers in the field of financial leasing, we strive to deliver the best financial solutions for enterprises, with the mission “to be a supporting partner of our customers and a driving force of economic success”. Not only did we operate under the slogan "Service with Passion," but we also built our company with people in mind, to our General Director- Mr. Robin Wu “A healthy culture is as important as a healthy balance sheet”. We create an environment for people to learn, to grow, to be themselves with desire, and to attract, develop and retain talented people so that each staff here finds their passion and maximizes their potential at work.


“Keep learning – Keep growing” is the spirit and core value that Chailease strives for at all times. To keep up with the trend of the digital era, which is taking place on a global base and changing daily, we constantly update and improve training programs for our employees on the “Hodi Hub” Learning Management System. With the appeal is “Learning one new thing every day”, we create the condition for each individual can cultivate knowledge and learn whenever, wherever they want. Moreover, we use more vehicles to deliver our training and development, such as classroom training, one-on-one mentoring, as Mentorship program is a great example - someone who has worked for many years in the company will be in charge of tutoring newbies; support to pay tuition fees for employees participating in external courses, etc. Knowledge is a valuable asset, we always encourage and provide numerous opportunities for employees to learn.


"The greatest asset of a company is its people" Mr. Ailsen Hsu Head of Human Resources Department said. At Chailease, we build and maintain the culture that is always equal, respectful, and fair with our policies, progressive practices to encourage people to perform their best, to freely voice their opinions. We created a function on the system so that any employee who is having problems or wants to contribute ideas can send a letter to the leadership for consideration and resolution. “Brainstorming - CILC Innovation Age” – the program aims to find creative ideas that can be applied to the Company's digital strategy, while also creating an environment in which employees can freely express their thoughts and stimulate their creativity. Each person's contribution is a valuable "brain resource" for the company; one of the program's accomplishments is the knowledge management system that has been built and completed. With Chailease's unique culture, the gap between bosses and employees is gradually narrowing as the two sides work together to develop a growing company.


Celebrating success and recognizing employee contributions are crucial to us. We bring people together through celebrations of achieving project milestones, meeting or exceeding targets, and anniversaries. In particular, at Chailease, the annual "Employee of the Year" award is given to employees who have made outstanding contributions in the previous year, as well as a "Long time service award for 5 or 10 years" to recognize their long-term loyalty to the company, besides, there are a number of other incentive awards. We always focus on, appreciate, and recognize all contributions made by individuals and groups within the company, with the goal of bringing meaningful gifts to promote the spirit as a thank-you to them. Ms. Vu Minh Hien – once shared with the younger generations the reason she has been with the company for more than 10 years: “Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated”.


Not only do we work, but we also combine many entertainment activities, charity activities, and small contests to help people relax after working sessions at Chailease. Picnics are always plentiful at the end of the year, whether it trips abroad to Korea, Taiwan, etc. or Mid-Autumn and Christmas parties held at restaurants, the exchange of sports activities with other organizations. This year, we celebrated the New Year with the orphans, shared hardships with people in the Central area during the flood season, reacted to the appeal to donate the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund, and contributed to frontline forces with the goal of halting the pandemic. Through these activities, we aim to create a comfortable, relaxing environment for employees as well as bring members together and understand each other better.


Chailease Vietnam is a 100% foreign-owned credit institution belonging to Chailease Finance Group - a leading financial leasing company in Taiwan. In Vietnam, we are also one of the pioneers in the field of financial leasing and still constantly innovating, training and developing personnel, building an engaged and energized workforce. We are proud of being a part of the company and to work together to promote the social economy by becoming an excellent credit institution in Vietnam.