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27C Quoc Huong Street,
Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City,
HCM City, VietNam

27C Quoc Huong Street, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, HCM City, VietNam




BCG aims to become a leading
renewable energy developer in

BCG aims to become a leading renewable energy developer in Vietnam

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Established in 2011, Bamboo Capital has become one of the leading conglomerates in Vietnam with more than 30 subsidiaries and affiliates.

BCG aims to become one of the leading renewable energy developers in Vietnam, an area that will play a core strategic role in the future, the Group focuses on the sustainable development of other key sectors such as Agriculture & Manufacturing, Construction & Trading, Infrastructure & Real Estate.

In BCG, we put strong emphasis on developing human resources as a core foundation for the Group's growth. Every single employee embodies a high sense of strong work ethic, independence, responsibility and reliability. The Board of Directors of BCG has been building the growth momentum and the competitive edge for the Group by creating a corporate culture and working environment that all employees can feel "home", feel "proud of", can dream big and do great things in their journey with BCG.


At BCG, we comprehend that human resources are the most precious asset of the organization, a crucial factor for the success and development of the corporation, your career will be developed in parallel with the continued growth of the BCG.

Where everyone is always respected, heard and shared, able to discuss issues with Line Manager or the Steering committee of our organization to help improve the performance efficiency. Each employee feels that he is an important factor in a united and strong group

As a young organization, we are not afraid to try new ways of doing things in the environment that have been tried and tested, if it’s proven to be a success, we will scale up even more. Creating an open environment for our employees to share and learn.


BCG always recognized and reward on time all the efforts to create value from Employees, that gives a big motivation for them to find encouragement and creative ideas in their job to get ready for new challengings. We believes that the key success is employee development & learning programs at BCG.

Every effort and contribution of everyone that has created value for BCG is recognized and rewarded promptly-which has been seen as a great source of motivation to help employees find inspiration, innovative ideas and be ready to embrace new challenges at work. Improving the quality of training staff is what we consider to be the key to success.

We focus on Solf skills & Leadership training, application of new technology and digitalize.

In addition, there are team building activies like Family day, Sport day often organized to engage employees and to get better understanding and better team work between leaders and their team members, Management Level and staff and among team member as well.


During 10 years of operation, BCG has always been aiming for durable development and the concept of business development must accompany community. In a time of distress that the whole country faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, BCG established the BCG Foundation with the support and contributions of all members of the company.

BCG Foundation operates independently, non-profit in Vietnam with the precept "Learning to give - Giving to receive", with the goal of connecting the members to support and creating value for society, not allowing anyone to be left behind.

Through a series of charitable activities, involving a moral culture, BCG's human heart will spread and strongly inspired to the community and the whole society. From there, towards a better and more civilized life.