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1st Floor, 56 Thu Khoa Huan Building,
Ben Thanh Ward, Dist. 1, HCMC

1st Floor, 56 Thu Khoa Huan Building, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist. 1, HCMC


Interior Design


ADP are shaping the future of Viet
Nam workplace with our creativity
and expertise in workplace strategy
and modern technology.

ADP are shaping the future of Viet Nam workplace with our creativity and expertise in
workplace strategy and modern technology.

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Founded in 2006, ADP Group is the leading corporation in the field of office design and build. Over the past 15 years of operation, ADP Group has created more than 700 workspaces to inspire Vietnamese companies and leading multinational corporations in the world, which account for 90% of ADP’s clients.

At ADP Group, we aim to elevate the Vietnamese working environment by combining the high standards of the global workplace and a great understanding of Vietnamese culture. As only focusing on workplace interior design and build, ADP is the leading company expertizing in the workplace design solution, creativity and modern technology.

ADP Group has achieved many Vietnamese and international awards as recognition for our great works to enhance the quality of the workplace: International Property Awards 2019 & 2020, SBID Awards 2019, Best Workplace Design – Golden Award 2019 in VMARK Interior Week.


As the leading workplace design & build company, our business activities commit to deliver high-quality products and excellent customer experience. Our business strategies have been translated into our people focuses: to help our people find the HAPPINESS AT WORK and experience the great teamwork spirit.

At ADP, we are devoted to cultivating a workplace filled with happiness, where our people can have fun, keep creating inspiring workplaces, and delivering excellent experience to our customers. We offer our employee career development, challenging opportunities, and flexible workplace so our brilliant members can contribute their unique talents with passion.

“Nothing Is Impossible” “Can Do” culture is embedded in our DNA. Our teams never satisfy with a “so so” result and always learn and improve themselves to get better every day. We truly believe in making the harder choice: facing tough trials and adversities to help us exceed all the expectations, grow beyond ourselves, and unleash our talents. Thriving in challenges is what our employees excel at.

Embrace Learning Opportunities We have created a working environment, which develops our members through continuous processes of feedback and opportunities to learn. We understand mistakes are part of the learning process. Therefore, we encourage and train our managers to help team members learn and feel proud of their progress at work. With the ‘Honesty and sincerity’ value, ADP encourage our staff to bravely accept mistakes. After every project, we have a lesson-learn meeting for the project team to look back at what they did well and what they need to improve. In addition, the sharing from each team member will strengthen the connection in the company.


We offer our employees a rewards package to ensure their sense of safety and welfare:
  • Safety: fixed pay, commission pay, performance recognition, quarterly awards & recognition
  • Welfare: periodical health check-up, health insurance, teambuilding, company trip, holidays
In addition, we put our emphasis of rewarding people on Work – Life balance philosophy. During daily work, our employees can enjoy their time at “Coffee & Tea Corner” or make new connections with colleagues in Quarterly Cross-Team Hangout activities and Sport Club events.


In our latest internal organizational health survey, 95% of our employees shared what they appreciated most about ADP is the “Open & Speak-out” culture. We genuinely value and make time listening to opinions of employees, regardless of their positions or experiences. We believe only in an honest and sincere manner, we are able to face and solve real problems together.

We offer our people various activities to engage together, such as our highlighted Quarterly Town Hall Meetings. At those occasions, we share with our teams about strategies & performance. Those occasions are also the stage for employees who well-perform as role models of our Core Values to be recognized and celebrated. Our employees do enjoy learning and playing throughout team-building activities. One of the most looking forward events is the Year-end Party. This is an opportunity for our employees to celebrate successes and gain connections together with our contractors, clients, family members in triumph.
We highly promote proactive behaviors in our team. Working at ADP, they can have the opportunity to practice accountability, trust, and shared responsibilities. Not only our team members understand deeply about the meaning of their work, they also felt motivated to improve their contributions to the team. Last but not least, our people enjoy flexible working time and an environment that encourages the spirit of “Work hard – Play harder!”.


At ADP, we are proud to be an industry leader in creating great workplaces for our customers. Our great team efforts have resulted in our customers’ satisfactions and recognitions of international communities. We are presented by a large number of International Awards on Workplace Design. During the global pandemic, ADP Group was honored to be in Top SME100 Awards 2020 for Fast Moving Companies.

We are a very young, modern, and innovative environment. At ADP, we create a friendly working environment where creativity and individuality are harmonized with respect and teamwork spirit. We believe the workplace which helps people to express their originalities with happiness is the one that enhances productivity and improves the customer’s experience.