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Unilever is a global consumer products company, having products sold in 190 countries worldwide to serve 2.5 billion consumers who use its products every day. Unilever has more than 400 brands spanning in various consumer products categories from detergents, skincare, haircare, dish washing to food. Ranked the market leader in seven major product segments including laundry detergents, haircare, skin cleansing, body care, rice porridge, ice cream and dish washing. It has 32 factories in Southeast Asia and six global research and development facilities worldwide and employs over 150,000 people around the world. In 2018, Unilever was nominated No. 1 Employer of Choice in 50 markets including Thailand.

Employee Engagement

Unilever is a purpose-led company and encourage employees find their inner purpose. Employees with purpose tend to engage more than employees who does not. Employees’ purpose that are aligned with the company’s purpose results in happier employees and are likely to stay with the company longer. A purpose workshop has been organized for all employees in the organization to help them draft their purpose. Unilever also compile innovative programs such as; CARE Live sessions, to help employees keep track and suggest precautions for their health. Mental Being program, a hotline number has been introduced for those who need counseling about their work or personal life and training of Mental Health Champions who can listen and provide non-judgmental confidential support to any employees struggling to cope with crisis and other stressors. UniVoice, an annual well-being survey, is conducted annually to check on employee’s well-being and engagement with the company.

Unlock Capacity for Growth

Fast moving generation are our future employees and customers. To react to these changes, Unilever empowers people to unlock their capacity through agile working, always simplifying and leading for an inclusive future of work. Encouraging its employees to develop their skill and gain experience. Unilever launched Flex Experiences where employees can volunteer themselves in projects or assignments, either within their function or cross-function worldwide. Unilever Thailand has embedded digital into the heart of organization, the heart of Unilever's data-driven marketing is the "digital hub", where a group of people sits together and work in real time which we call "Scrum Team", seeking out new customers for the company's products. These analysts study the data for consumer traits, segment them, scale it across an entire country. Working closely with Digital Hub is our inhouse agency content creator, “U-Studio” creates content from Real-Time Data Insights to reach out to target group within 24 hours.

Unilever supports diverse workplace and create respectful environment to increase well-being and contribution the multicultural employees. Unilever has organized several events to empower and raise awareness in Equity, Inclusion & Diversity. Unilever hosted Women in Engineering to encourage and welcome young female engineers. To promote gender equality, Unilever launched a 15-day paternity leave to support new father to bond and take care of his newly born child as well as maternity leave has been increased for up to 16 weeks. We have extended our flexible benefit to cover on same sex partner and non-legally married opposite-sex partner. Moreover, initiating local Proud Network which is a LGBTQI+ platform for raising awareness and provide support to LGBTQI+ colleagues.

Create Capability Through Lifelong Learning

At Unilever, employees must have future-fit capabilities to foster company’s growth, having DNAs to discover new things, diagnose problems, develop ability and enhance themselves to have digital skills. Workshops and classes are provided in both face-to-face and online via Degreed. Employees can access training courses virtually from anytime and anywhere. Learning week is organized annually focusing on trending business topics such as, eCommerce and Digital & Data. Job rotation is encouraged to help employees create career pathway in deeper and wider level and fulfill employee dream destination in both of local and international role.

Deepen Culture of Pioneering

Performance Development Plan (PDP) and Future Fit Planning will help employees to understand what they can start to learn to improve their skills to be future ready and build their own future while driving performance through leadership and innovation to growing Unilever’s business. Employees’ journey will be personalized and customized to their goals which are purpose-linked. Employees can plan their short, medium and long-term personal development goals to improve their individual capability gaps. Unilever has also initiate Change Leader Conference since 2017, which became a bi-annual Unilever Leadership meeting, to discuss about the company’s direction and key contribution. The Change Leader Conference helps shape and set direction of the company initiative and pioneering culture.


With 88 years in Thailand, Unilever has been serving a wide range of products to 69 million Thai consumers. Unilever Thailand was ranked no.1 employer of choice for three consecutive years and younger generation are inspired to work here, making the company more purposeful. Surrounded by inspiring leaders and peers, employees are encouraged to bring fresh ideas to the table. They will be nurtured and supported as they developed to be their best self possible.

Aiming to make sustainable living a common place, Unilever takes social responsibility, as an employer that not only the employee will get to work on brands that are loved, but also endeavor to improve the lives of every Thai consumers every day, to reduce environmental footprint and invest in sustainable projects through Ran Tid Dao & I’m Wall’s Man to enhance the livelihoods. Unilever believe that with purpose, it will help effectively guide life’s journey and career path for the employees.