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What do great workplaces have in common? High salaries and awesome perks? These are desirable employee benefits but they are not enough to instill lasting devotion in an employee. What makes a truly great workplace is a set of practices and principles. Let’s deep dive into Thoughtworks’ qualities to explore why it is a great place to work and the best company to work for.

A Principle-Led and Purpose-Driven Organization

As a principle-led and purpose-driven organization with a mission to better humanity through technology, Thoughtworks has long focussed on building technology that has a positive impact on society. Whether this is advocating for open-source software to ensure the technology industry fully benefits from innovation, defending the free internet, or driving the emergent practices of security and privacy by design. Ethics and technology are deeply rooted in our culture.

Enduring Organizational Culture

As a business that thrives and focuses on innovation, we have to constantly evolve through experimentation and learning. In order to do this, we have created a culture that supports growth, learning and ensuring each Thoughtworker a voice. Our flat organization structure empowers and encourages employees to innovate, try new things and take risks without fear. We run initiatives which empower Thoughtworkers to own their growth journey. Below are a few examples of our learning platforms:
  • Me Now Me Next - a learning platform that empowers ThoughtWorkers to pave their own clear career path
  • Udemy - a digital learning platform that helps Thoughtworks get closer to their personal learning goals
  • Lunch & Learn - an informal training session organized by individuals
Thoughtworkers develop in the way they choose to, and because they want to, as opposed to a traditional company that uses carrots and sticks to motivate employees and defines an employee’s career path for them. Check out what some of our employees are saying:
  • “Continuous learning and growing in knowledge, pretty open environment, flexible career paths, not a lot of bureaucracy, a real focus on diversity and inclusion.”
  • “Thoughtworks' culture of pursuing excellence plays a key role in shaping Thoughtworkers’ mindsets as well as ensuring high standards of software quality.”

Multi-Dimensional Talent-Led Workforce

At Thoughtworks, we strive to create a safe, diverse and inclusive environment in which everyone is treated equally and empowered to create a real impact. We believe that diversity in people and perspectives is beneficial for us in the long run. Therefore, we have set clear goals to achieve gender equality. Today, 38% of Thai Thoughtworkers are women.

We are expanding our engagement with the women community to provide more insight as to what a career as a developer could be like, providing thought leadership, knowledge-sharing, and mentoring. Our Thoughtworks Talks Tech Meetup Group, a platform for talented technologists to learn, grow and bring value to the local tech community, has grown 50% year on year. In addition, we have made other contributions to society through our social impact initiatives including UNESCO’s Learn Big App, Thailand Development Research Institute’s Scalable Research Rool, Mahidol Oxford Research Unit’s COVID 19 Chatbot among many others.

Purposeful Leadership Development

Youth of today are not only leaders of tomorrow but also the partners of today. With that in mind, we have created purposeful leadership development programs that go beyond skill building. Some of our leadership programs include:
  • Sponsorship Program to develop leadership skills - leaders in the company sponsor younger Thoughtworkers to encourage them to pick up leadership positions.
  • SEA Leadership Team Rotating Membership - four slots of the SEA Leadership Team are on rotation. These slots are given to junior ThoughtWorkers who show potential for leadership.
  • Global Leadership Development (LD) - the Global Leadership Team made up of regional and functional leaders from over 50 countries.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Our culture of growth, innovation, and sharing permeates every aspect of our organization. As Thoughtworkers grow and innovate, the company delivers software solutions to clients that are of the best quality. Employee relationships thrive due to constant feedback that is grounded in the authentic desire to see other Thoughtworkers grow. Every Thoughtworker is taught how to give, receive, and ask for feedback, and to give feedback only if it allows for the genuine betterment of the person who is asking for or receiving that feedback. This allows Thoughtworkers to feel safe as they ask for feedback from colleagues or seniors. The local tech community grows due to passionate Thoughtworkers stepping up to help others within and outside the company.

Transparent Workplace

Understanding that a transparent work environment leads to greater trust, we have invested heavily in ensuring that our communication is visible to everyone. As we grow and scale, we pride ourselves on providing complete visibility into both successes and failures. We use different communication channels such as face-to-face communications, town halls, mid-week messengers, monthly meetings, monthly email updates and various chat groups to convey messages to employees. It is an integral part of our culture to have open communication as we collaborate and work towards a common goal.

Making an organization a great place to go to work is an essential component to the successful long-lasting business. It takes an enormous effort and requires the continual attention of everyone from the CEO to the frontline workers. Being recognized as a Great Place to Work Certified company and HR Asia Best Company to Work For in Thailand 2020 reflects our continuous commitment to create and maintain a great workplace where everyone feels empowered not only to drive change but also create a real positive impact on the world.