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TDCX Thailand is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace where all employees are valued and inspired to be the best they can be. We will treat all employees and job applicants equally, fairly, respectfully and will not discriminate against anyone based on gender, age, race, religion, political, cultural background, education, sexual orientation, disability, and mind-set. We provide positive and supportive working environment to all employees that help our business thrive.

Our location is in CBD where it is easily accessible by transportation which increase the chance of attracting talent candidates. The modern workplace designs with a relaxed work environment includes comfortable amenities and entertainment room where employees are encouraged to socialize, relax, and refuel during their breaks.

We embrace diversity in workplace, and we are on the way to a more fulfilling and productive organization. Our staff as 60% are women, and part of our support for women is provided spaces that they can use privately as such a nursing room for mothers. We also support our LGBTQ+ employees to conduct any activities.

In addition, we encourage staff to have work-life balance by providing flexible work hours and the option to Work From Home for the safety of employees in COVID-19 situations, we provide all work equipment to support employees to be comfortable and enhance workforce performance as well as encouraging moral and increase employee satisfaction.

And, we have developed an employee directory platform which we call TED (TDCX Employee Directory), an open voice forum to get real-time feedback from our employees.

Our practice as above and more, we aim to make employee happier and more productive.

Employee benefits
TDCX gives a priority to employee benefits starting from their first day at work. This build's confidence in their decision to work in our family.

Furthermore, we also see the importance of benefits in the form of creating happiness, convenience, skill building and opportunities that employees should.

Non-monetary benefits
  • Onboarding Assistant.
  • Warmly welcoming Day-1 Induction.
  • Teach and develop knowledge, skills, and techniques by L&D Program.
  • Engagement Activities.
  • Counsellor hours meetings with psychologist can Helping employees.
  • Wellness Activities Organize activities to promote mental health.
  • Team Leader Forum Organize to understand problems that arise within their teams and find solutions.
  • HR Roadshow
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Monetary benefits
  • Medical Care
  • Provident Fund
  • Annual Salary Increments
  • Annual Bonus based on performance
  • Social Security
  • Life & Health Insurance
  • Annual Leave
Additional benefits for Expatriate employees
  • One-way plane ticket (from home country to Bangkok)
  • Alternative State Quarantine - 16 days
  • COVID Travel Insurance (3 months)
  • Non-immigrant visa and work permit
  • Reimbursable PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test
  • Thailand SIM card

Employee engagement

Well-being at workplace is one of the important things to make our employees happy and we have allocated many activities for all employees to make more efficiently to strengthen the relationship between “People to People” and “People to the Company”.

We provide various activities to encourage employees work together and build relationships and good teamwork. In addition, we provide wellness activities from the Employee Engagement Team and Wellness Team to them feel relaxed.

Accordingly, in the overall strategy of the company, we organize activities and supervise the employees in various areas, in terms of physical health, mental health, motivation and social relations so the activities that we allocate for our employees will focus on supporting all employees in all areas, to make them feel enjoyment in working as much as possible.

TDCX Thailand value and uphold diversity and equal treatment within our workforce. The diversity of employees is challenged to organize activities meticulously selected and various precautions to the best proper. The activities planning, we thoroughly consider everything that makes the most sense – whether it is a group activity or individual activities. We are cultural diversity, so we have important traditional activities of various national cultures that make up TDCX Thailand.

We follow our continuous strategy to create a good relationship and satisfaction to our employees. We have a satisfaction survey for the participants in the activities to measure the feedback of the activities that we provide. We are committed to bringing positive transformation to the lives of our people, to local communities, and to our environment. We have also focused on three pillars of our CSR strategy: #BeHappier, #BeKinder #BeGreener.
Employer branding

#BeMore is our belief that everyone has the potential to achieve more. It is the idea that we have boundless potential as a company and as individuals and that we strive not for perfection but continuous improvement.

We focus on our employee's performance which we have a clear process of Performance and Goal Management to ensure that the outputs meets the company’s goals in an effective and successful which lead to the TDCX Thailand to recognize and reward our employees for their outstanding performance.

To communicate #BeMore, we are guided by a “How We Talk” practice and ensure that the campaign’s tone of voice is present throughout all our messages in diverse channels. Our contents must be accurate, timely and in line with TDCX Global Employer Branding’s guidelines before release. Due to #BeMore being adaptable to various situations, we created a house guide for usage and best practices to retain consistency with the global style.

Following that, an onboarding session was organized for Employee Engagement, Talent & Acquisition and HR personnel to communicate the message to their team and oversee the implementation. Monthly audits of content are done to evaluate the compliance and engagement metrics. Reminders are sent out to assist staff in meeting deliverables and timeline. To bring everything together, a monthly reporting and analysis of performance with EVPs and Global Employer Branding team is held. For a successful #BeMore roll out, we ensured that our internal team is familiar with not just the concept, but to live it.