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In 2021, Siam Makro has reached its 32nd milestone of business establishment in Thailand amid the great difficulties caused by Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis has deeply impacted business operations and lifestyles of customers as well as business partners, including SMEs, small retailers, food outlets, farmers, suppliers and its people.

Makro, therefore stands by its commitments to provide assistance and moral support for all related sectors by launching activities focused on helping small business operators overcome the crisis and continue to grow sustainably in the new normal. Moreover, the company committed to supporting communities to ensure sustainable growth of Thai society as a whole via diverse programmes and initiatives including
  • contribution to field hospitals and communities impacted by Covid-19
  • helping development of over 70,000 small retailers.
  • offers distribution channels and continuous market development support to local farmers
  • allocated space at no charge for small business operators to sell ready-to-eat boxed meals and provide food delivery services in front of Makro’s 83 branches
  • Implemented intensive Covid-19 Preventive Measures at all branches
  • announced its commitment to becoming a green organization with a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enabling the organization to achieve carbon balance by 2030
At Makro, “People” are always placed as one of the company’s top priorities, with a goal to become “Employer of Choice for All Generations”

To be the Employer of Choice

To attract and retain talent, Makro strives to build a strong organizational culture based on various business drivers including diverse work opportunities, lifelong learning, cooperation across organization, communicating to every group of stakeholders with regard to corporate identity, creating work environment that promotes employee value proposition and developing digital human resource management for a better workplace experience. The Company sets the fair remuneration and welfare policy and offer competitive compensation and welfare benefits. Despite the impacts from COVID-19 outbreaks, the Company has no policy reducing pay or laying off employees. Instead, the Company rewarded additional bonus for staffs who worked with great efforts during the crisis and recruited over 5,000 new hiring nationwide both jobs for new graduate and jobs with experience requirements in various departments such as customer services, sales, food services, accounting, administration, store staffs, etc. In this way, the Company wants to be a part that helps solve unemployment, foster opportunities, strengthen income security and buttress economic recovery amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Apart from the virus pandemic, Thailand also faces various natural disasters such as flooding etc. Makro takes concern about welfare, security and disaster impacts on our employees’ finances and thus works to supply the affected groups with urgent support such as survival bags, accommodation arrangement, housing maintenance and car repair. As disasters continue to sweep across Thailand, the Company is committed to extending hands and reliefs to every employee to mitigate impacts and to ensure that our employees and their families stay resilient after disasters.

Employer of Choice for All Generations

The achievement of Makro is derived from the employees with accumulated knowledge, capability, and experience for more than 32 years. Nevertheless, moving forward to the future, the organization is required to agreeably integrate the knowledge and experience of the older generation with the skill and capability of the younger generation. According to the strategic goals of Makro 4.0, the Company aims to “Become Employer of Choice for All Generations” by focusing on employee engagement and modernizing the organization development, which lead to the enhancement of corporate branding and the attraction of talents in every generation to work with Makro.

The program combines different learning methodologies (including project-based learning), as well as real life experiences, where teams work directly with executives and customers. We celebrate and integrate entrepreneurship and innovation with our operations at all levels. By providing a safe platform for experimentation, we are able to foster growth within our young talent, as well as contribute to our own transformation.

Building Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial in maintaining qualified, capable, and efficient employees in the organization. Makro places importance on taking care of employees in all aspects such as assigning proper job descriptions and responsibilities, career path opportunities, rewards, compensations, happiness in the workplace to drive engagement and deliver that happiness to customers. This has also resulted in the noticeable and continual drop of the turnover rate in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest challenge in the past year (and still an ongoing challenge). Makro established strict safety measures and provided protective equipment for the employees to ensure that all employees who work at stores, distribution centers, and headquarters would be safe from the COVID-19.
To reduce the risk of infection and to keep the business running continuously, the Company adjusted the working processes and prepared necessary office tools for employees to work from home. Moreover, concerning on health and well-being of employees, Makro has also:
  • offered COVID-19 insurance for every employee
  • covered the expenses of COVID-19 testing for the ones who were at high risk in the workplace
  • established measures to alleviate the pandemic impact for the employees’ families such as offering a cash coupon to purchase necessary items in the store
  • approving a short-term, interest-free emergency loan in case their family members were in difficulties, e.g. job termination or the closure of family business
  • Food delivery to the family of employee who is required to be home quarantined.
The Company recognizes that employees are the important factor that helped lead the business through this crisis. Even though the economy is in a decline and the recovery plan is uncertain, Makro has never had any policy of redundancies and salary reduction. On the contrary, the Company has approved a special bonus to show appreciation and encouragement to employees for their dedication towards customers.