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PTG Energy Public Company Limited,
Head office address, 90 CW Tower A,
33rd Floor, Ratchadaphisek Road,
Huaykwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310

PTG Energy Public Company Limited, Head office address, 90 CW Tower A,
33rd Floor, Ratchadaphisek Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310


Oil & Gas


To provide growth and opportunities
for communities everywhere,through
energy and integrated services.

To provide growth and opportunities for communities everywhere,
through high-quality,customer-obsessed,energy and integrated services.

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Over 20 years ago, on March 21, 1988, we started as Paktai Chueplerng Company Limited. Starting from the south of Thailand. Later, the name was changed to PTG Energy Public Company Limited and our business shifted to provide high quality ready-made gas under the brand PT. From two tank farms, Chumporn Tank Farm in Chumporn Province and Mae Klong Tank Farm in Samut Songkhram Province. We expanded our tank farms to eight locations and more than 2,100 of PT service stations around the country.

PTG is also expanding by leveraging its strong networks and operating in diverse businesses. Max Mart provides convenience goods whereas Punthai caters a freshly brewed coffee to customers in PT service stations. Coffee World, another coffee shop brand, is available at leading department stores and community malls. Other F&B shops include New York 5th Avenue Deli, Thai Chef Express and Cream & Fudge.

Under the umbrella of PTG network; Autobacs, PT Maxnitron Lube Change, and Protruck are becoming more familiar names in auto repair and maintenance arena. Max Camp is specifically designed for travelers who need accommodation.

Moreover, PTG is operating its logistics and warehouse, from small commercial vehicles for consumer goods to large tanker fleet for fuel products. Renewable Energy, that supports production of alternative energy from palm oil, sugarcane and cassava, is also among the growing businesses, that PTG actively and successfully operates.

Our Vision and Mission

To be the most trusted platform energizing quality and empowering opportunity-filled lives.

To provide growth and opportunities for communities everywhere, through high-quality, customer-obsessed, energy and integrated services.

How PTG Energy a good place to work...

At PTG, we encourage all employees to be forward thinking and their possible best.

Do your BEST! is our core value
Breakthrough the Limit - Remove every limitation. Overcome all obstacles and challenges.
Embrace Empathy - Build rapport with others. Mind every detail and address every relevant need.
Succeed Together - Connect all values. Generate total success as one.
Cultivate Trust - Grow mutual understanding and confidence.

PTG Energy is where PTG employees get together, get vibrant and get inspired. The workspace is flexible, relaxed, cheerful and friendly. It is the space of free will with full facilities for PTG employees to exercise borderless creativity, bring a mix of skills to the table, enhance the new happenings and freely expand the thought horizon.

Adopting co-working space concept at PTG Village, located on 44th Floor, CW Tower. PTG Village is the innovative co-working space that promotes interaction between employees and optimize productivity. Here, we create an environment of new experiences beyond the limits for our people to perform at their best and work towards a greater goal.

Our employees unleash their potential, develop the possibilities, and open up new opportunities.


The Company manages appropriate returns and welfare benefits for employees by surveying and comparing payment of returns between employees inside and outside the organization in order to be able to compete and create fairness inside and outside the organization.

The organization provides the following welfare benefits for employees.
  • Support benefits for work expenses such as employee uniforms, traveling costs, allowances, lodging expenses and the cost of food and beverages.
  • Full healthcare benefits including treatment and care expenses, annual health examinations and exercise facilities for employees in the workplace including exercise equipment for employees to maintain good health and full work efficiency.
  • Support benefits during accidents, emergencies or natural disasters with effects on employees.
  • Discount benefits for purchasing products under the Company’s brand to reduce employee expenses.
  • The Company organizes a provident fund to provide long-term care for employees, allowing employees to save 3-15% per month to build security in post-retirement life.
  • Various activities are held in the organization to support employee participation inside and outside the organization and create engagement between employees, executives and communities around the Company’s location.
  • The Company provides training in various areas to improve employee capabilities and develop employee capacity at every level along with making personnel development the heart of the organization’s strategic plans with expectation to create.

We are honored and proud for being selected as the one of Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award 2021. This award not only fills us with pride but also emphasizes the land of opportunities and possibilities for our employees to show their talents and development. It makes a contribution to improving the quality of life for people and communities as we continue to run our business.

Vanlapha Santithammarak, Ph.D.
Chief Transformation Officer

The Activities were carried out to the organization.

To be consistent with safety measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization issued offsite work guidelines or Flexi- Place to provide safety.

Special activities and projects were held such as “My Boss My Friends & My Birthday”, “12 Zodiac Signs: PT Does Good Deeds and Makes Merit”, “A Good Figure is Not for Sale. If You Want One, You Need to Go to a PT GYM”, “Innovation Boost Camp” and “Smile Friday”. The Company modified procedures and methods for consistency with the situation and employee safety.

PTG Energy is the organization for the rising generation that supports brave and smart endeavors. We cultivate trust and empower our people to realize their untapped potential. Employees are given a space to think and create, allowed to activate and perform the brilliant possibility. Calculated risk taking is fully backed and endorsed.


We are…
Enriching the quality of life, wellbeing and contentedness of the people we serve. We will innovate centers of connection, wellness, convenience and opportunity, which go far beyond customer expectations.

To be continued the good place to work…