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At Pomelo, the HR team takes the leadership role to provide services in support of Pomelo’s vision by promoting the concept of employees as our most valuable resources. We act as key supporters to empower all Pomelo’s employees to “Be the Best You at Pomelo” and contribute toward the success of Pomelo’s business.

The following ingredients have made Pomelo one of Thailand’s best places to work for.

Strong #PomeloVibe & Culture

At Pomelo, it's not just all about a job, it's #PomeloVibe!

#PomeloVibe is the special characteristic of Pomelo People and how we are connected by our unique culture. After conducting a series of focus groups and surveying employees on what they love the most about working here, we've come to these final top 4 employee value propositions, which we call #PomeloVibe

Vibe 1: Push Fashion-Tech forward: We approach the fashion industry with a forward-thinking mindset and strive to achieve groundbreaking developments at the focal point where fashion meets tech.

Vibe 2: Learning Campus: We learn by doing. We promote a hands-on environment and believe that broadening one’s horizons is key to success.

Vibe 3: Passionate and Fun: Being and staying fun is at our core. We live life to the fullest and always do more of what excites us.

Vibe 4: True Collaboration: We ensure every voice is welcome, heard, and respected. With joint effort, everyone can accomplish great results.

Personalized Total Reward Plan

Total Reward redesigning is one of the key HR transformation initiatives of 2020/2021. We redesigned the compensation components by putting our employees at heart.

At Pomelo, we offer various cash benefits to employees such as Technology, Travelling & Leisure, Wellness & Gym, Mobile allowance, and more.

However, we understand that these cash benefits might not match everyone’s lifestyle. Some might be looking for more sustainable investment. So in 2020, we introduced the option of “Swapping their personal benefits to Pomelo Employee Stock Option (ESOP)”.

The idea was to promote one of Pomelo’s Core Values – Entrepreneurs at Heart. We want our people to have a strong sense of entrepreneurship and ownership of the company and feel that they are an integral part of the journey towards the company’s success.

The HR team partnered with the CEO and CFO to organize ESOP briefing sessions to ensure our employees understand well. There were almost 50% of employees volunteering to swap the personal benefits that are not relevant to them.

Apart from that, ESOP Performance Bonus is also offered as one of the rewards to our top performers.

Meaningful People Program

From the Pomelo People Say survey result, we found that our people love cross-team interactions! We have launched different initiatives to increase employee engagement.

Well-connecting to PomeloVibe and core values – True Collaboration and We not Me, we monthly organized after-work gatherings called “Why not Wednesday” and “Turn Up Thursday” to increase teams’ engagement outside of work. During the WFH period, we also extended several supports for our employees as follows:
  • Upskill the retail team while the malls are closed
  • WFH Virtual Parties & Coffee Chat with the Leadership team
  • Deliver Pomelo Care Package to their home
  • Application to support employee healthcare called “Healthy Living Talk by Allianz”
  • Office syndrome workshop with fitness center
  • Secure vaccines from the government for our staff, as well as arrange vaccination for expat’s spouse
  • Vaccination one-day leave (half day each time)
  • Special Pomelo Day Off on Friday, August 13, 2021

Work that Matter

People joined Pomelo because they want to do “Work that Matter”, the work that allows them to create an impact and challenges them to the next level, in the company that values and supports them to go the extra miles. There were several innovations that we launched and disrupted the fashion-tech industry, for example:
  • Tap.Try.Buy: A service that connects online-to-offline customer experience by allowing customers to choose products online, try at stores and buy only the items they love
  • Tap.Try.Buy at Home: An extension service of Tap.Try.Buy which was launched during the lock-down period, allowing customers to try our products at home
  • Dynamic Pricing Model designed by the Advanced Analytics Team
  • Pomelo-owned ‘Henry’ application: The core of our production team
  • Replatform project: A squad that use technology to enhance the Pomelo app feature
  • Pomelo Sustainability product
  • Got featured on Inside Retail as a “Top 20 Coolest Fashion Retailer”

The team who care

Pomelo Flexible Work Arrangement
At Pomelo, we firmly believe that our employees should be encouraged to be the best versions of themselves, in accordance with our company's culture and fundamental values, which is our secret essential to success.
The flexible work arrangement policy is intended to promote a hybrid workplace in which our employees have the option to work on-site or off-site depending on their circumstances and personal preferences. To achieve this, we promoted autonomy and well-being, resulting in a more productive and happy workforce.

Example of our FWA options:
  • Leave without Pay
  • Part-time job
  • Longer stay at Home (for Expats)
  • Remote working for some specific skills
Moreover, we also foster a “Recognition Culture” at Pomelo. We know that everyone works hard and having their colleagues “Recognize” and say “Thank you” will brighten up their days. We have a ‘thank you card’ available in the office and also give them out across the teams. That is one of the small things to show caring supports to our team.