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Phyathai 2 Hospital Co.,Ltd.
943 Paholyothin Rd., Phyathai,
Phyathai Bangkok 10400

Phyathai 2 Hospital Co.,Ltd. 943 Paholyothin Rd., Phyathai, Phyathai Bangkok 10400




Creating the world in which people have
the power to control their own well-being

Creating the world in which people have the power to control their own well-being

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> 10,000 (Full-time & Part-time)


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Phyathai - Paolo Hospital Group is a private hospital group incorporating 11 hospitals and has been established for more than 51 years. It is an esteemed reliable professional health care business aiming to provide modernized and exceptional medical treatment services. Under the supervision of the company Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS), congruent with the vision “Creating the world in which people have the power to control their own well-being” extending over service areas in Bangkok and different provinces. It is a tertiary hospital which is well-equipped to render services comprising of innovative and multidisciplinary specialized health care. As well as integrating renowned modern medical equipment and advance technology in diversified treatment centers, providing 24-hour service with copious number of professionally-skilled medical workforce and team of specialists in all fields of expertise. We have more than 3,000 physicians and consultants along with exceeding 10,000 full-time and part-time employees. We advocate hospitable and friendly environment where manpower thrive, creating awareness through community development policies regarding society and environment. Thus, campaigning for employees within the hospital organization and volunteers in society to play a vital role in social development; with which the hospital under the operation of (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility.

We eminently give importance in providing employees with superb quality of work and life balance, focusing on making them genuinely happy on both physical and mental aspects to ensure one’s holistic well-being. BDMS group perceives the importance of health care amongst employees therefore; the company promotes healthy culture under the “Healthy Together Ecosystem Project” through the use of “Let's Get Healthy (LGH)” assessment form that BDMS ratified into memorandum in cooperation with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The aforementioned assessment form is an employee health evaluation for both body and mind. It has been meticulously researched and internationally recognized. Through analyzing the LGH assessment results parallel with the individual annual health check we can come up with formulating treatment and prevention including the further use of the gathered data in preventive health care research.

We nurture support for the sustainable development of our employee's continuous learning. Hence upgrading the improvement of our work force in the form of “Hybrid Learning” and building a knowledge library. In this digital era we are creating a knowledge-based scheme that can be utilized within the organization through learning management system software that simultaneously connects online and offline learning. By establishing the Phyathai-Paolo innovation lab to collect ideas and analyze new innovation approaches, we also attribute importance to empowering employees in devising innovative ideas through the “PPitch Awards from Passion to Innovation Project”. It enables competent and qualified employees to consolidate an award-winning innovation which will be allocated for further learning and development enclosed in the group. Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group accumulated as a body of knowledge in CILA Academy, a learning platform of employees to disseminate learning by the use of online platform. Moreover we see the importance of creating a project to prevent shortage of manpower with expertise in each multidisciplinary field. “Developing right-handed people” (Succession Planning and Talent Grooming) enthusiastically dedicated employees with outstanding performance will receive intensive and continuous advancement, an in-depth selection process to assess the potential for sustained development. Employees in this program will showcase their talents and grow along the way of progression. This has been successfully achieved by designing individualized courses and activities.

At Phyathai and Paolo Hospital Group, year 2020 hitherto has been the most challenging. As Covid-19 surge escalate; compassion and empathy dominate us as front liners thus undoubtedly risking our well-being to provide excellent medical care for those in need. Our 11 hospitals have envisioned commitment and positive mindset. Through strong leading support of HR team and HR system, these became achievable. I’m so proud of our team. Our heartfelt appreciation for the HR Asia – Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2021, it is a remarkable recognition for being enthusiastically committed leading towards betterment of our employees and patients.

Considering all of these, our manpower, our employees takes in commendable role in the victorious achievements of company’s aims and objectives. As a result, we bestow high value of importance to their efficacious ideas by virtue of listening to opinions and suggestions in contribution of the organization’s constant growth. This is made possible by initiating communication channels between employees and the company, such as HR friend via email, direct communication with HR executives and the “Newcomers Power of Voice project” for new employees, listening to the opinions of individual units (Focus Group) etc.
For more than 51 years we have efficiently learned and effectively developed people in coexistence, until it becomes a valuable learning experience that can be assimilated in the organization and extending to exceedingly satisfying customer service. Certainly by all means with such superb quality, standardized global competitiveness and consistent high-quality operations, we are a health care business that is recognized within the country and in the global placement with various awards including HR Asia's "Best Company To Work For In Asia" in year 2020.