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888 Sukhumvit 54 RD.,
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888 Sukhumvit 54 RD., Phrakhanong Tai, Phrakhanong, Bangkok 10260




Passion to be ASIA’s
leading FMCG Company

Passion to be ASIA’s leading FMCG Company

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From Normal to Never Normal World

Our People Work Hard & Play Hard
Neo transforms the way we work, becoming more flexible while maintaining the same level of productivity. Our employees come together to achieve Neo’s goals and our growth mindsets are stronger than ever which help us overcome many obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic and ended the year with success.

We are all aware of the devastating impact of the COVID-19 on businesses around the world. What do we do to make it through? How do we survive? Our CEO always tells us “Don’t wait, do it now. Anything anyone can do to help or support each other?” We often heard these sentences, and everyone strived to do so. As such, our employees are on high alert and always looking out for new valuable opportunities. We had experienced how wonderful it was to turn opportunities into real life success. This led us to the realization and appreciation of the fact that opportunities do not come to us, we must seek and seize them ourselves. As a result of everyone’s hard work, Neo achieved new record sales several times last year.

Each time we break our sales record, we have a thank-you celebration with all our employees to express our gratitude and recognition. Our carefully selected lunch and desserts are always a hit, and this bonding mealtime is something we look forward to. Neo does not only focus on work, but we also take care of our employees’ health and well-being by organizing games and activities in which all levels, ranging from top management to operational ranks, can enjoy together as a team.

Unlock capacity for transformative growth.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, our employees have learned and adapted their skills and mindsets well. Neo continuously focus on employees’ capacity enhancement for every level. We created a coaching and mentoring learning program for employees to help their own team work as well as cross functions. In addition, our online classes via MS Team and Zoom were modified to suit both on-the-field and Work From Home (WFH) teams and we introduced board games as another type learning tool for business planning or management.

Moreover, we launched “the ERA of BEE World” to create awareness among employees on business transformation by using Activity-Based-Learning (ABL) model. The model encourages employees to initiate new ideas, in combination with digital literacy, to enhance growth mindset. We devote out time with this activity because we believe that the key to uplifting employees’ capabilities and productivity is by converting inward to outward mindset. If they change their mindset, everything will change, change with steadily and sustainably.

DNA Driven for Growth

Neo's DNA is the foundation for our team’s attitude and action. To move forward in term of thinking and working, we have changed the DNA from “ACTIVE” to “PPE (Passion-Partnership-Excellence & Innovation)” last year to engage our people with the following concept:

Passion : Succeed with passion; Better all in everyday; Enthusiasm with heart

Partnership : Committed to contribute our best; Foster sense of connection & belongings; Value & Sustainability

Excellence & Innovation : Transformation = Opportunity; Racing with business resilience; Agility with simplicity; Go vision

Our DNA, “PPE”, is our driving force as we set our heart on creating quality products and organizational growth. We acknowledge that our individuality and diversity is another important factor for success but still, all of us are united and stand by our DNA.

We use our DNA to decode HR activities such as recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and so on, as well as various activities to motivate and inspire our employees, ensuring they become alert, aware, and apply DNA in their daily lives.

Neo is honored to receive the award for two years. This award shows how we succeed in making Neo a second home for our employees and the strength of our corporate’s culture. It also serves as a prove of our teams’ unity especially during the challenging time of Covid-19 pandemic.

We want Neo to become a place where everyone can learn from and gain unique experience – to let Neo become a part of their and the society’s growth.

Mr. Suthidej Thakolsri, CEO

Together we give & we care

With the nationwide epidemic, we care for our employees like families do. We provided necessary equipment to protect us from Covid-19 such as masks, alcohol regularly and we also took everyone to conduct a swap Covid-19 test. In addition to establishing a thorough cleaning and disinfecting procedures for our workplace, we prepared "Welcome Back 2nd Home Gift Set" for all employees upon their return to office so everyone could confidently and safely return to work. Furthermore, we express our care beyond our own organization by continuously donate both products and money to medical personnel and the public, including schools near our workplace we have disinfected.
As Neo is a manufacturer and distributor of personal care and household products, "water" is essential to our production process; hence, we built “Water Bank” as a learning model for the community and students to better understand this precious natural resource.

Mr. Suthidej Thakolsri, the CEO, always encourages employees to think about "TIME & TRANSFORMATION". "Time" is always moving so we should strive to work with the simplest process to achieve our goal to minimize the time we lose. "Transformation" is like a butterfly looking for an opportunity. There are many things we can learn from our mistakes and that is our window of opportunities for transformation that we must take and own.

Today everything is moving quickly and rapidly, be it work process, technology, products, so how can we deal with it in time? Are we ready? This is important for Neo employees because there is no such thing as a “normal” world but we are ready to move into the new and unknown world. Everyone must be ready… ready to transform to face anything that could happen.