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400 Chalermprakiat Rama IX Road ,
Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok
Thailand 10250

400 Chalermprakiat Rama IX Road , Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok Thailand 10250


Information technology


Pursuit of excellence to serve our clients the best IT Solutions.

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Following a commitment to our customers’ success with integrated IT solutions for the past 35 years of operations, Metro Systems has managed its business and organization under the philosophy: "Customer success is our business", leading to sustainable growth into the 4th decade of the company’s integrated digital technology disruption of its IT business.

During each step of success for Metro Systems, our employees’ commitment and competence have been the most important competitive edge of the organization. To date, “Personnel excellence” is one of the company’s five business strategies. The company has set a strategic direction for human resources management, aiming to create a workplace of high performance and becoming the employer of choice for talents in the Thai IT industry.

To become an excellent workplace of international standards, the company has created a brand commitment at work through the experiences to both current employees and prospective employees in the labor market, with multi-dimensions to meet the needs of a new generation talents.

Intensive development opportunities with International Standards

The MSC Academy has transformed its business direction and the needs for the development of all colleagues into a learning path and annual individual development plan to enhance both professional competence and modern management skills. It also delivers innovative programs and learning experiences of international standards, such as Meet Executive, Learning fair, Tech trend, E-Academy, In house learning, Public program, and Certified Program, which enhance the Up Skills and the Re Skills of all employees, so they are well prepared for today's work and their future growth.

Opportunities for Career Growth

The company adheres to the policy of internal growth and commits to create future leaders who can be successful together with the organization. Thus, career growth scheme is determined with promotion criteria, learning paths, and the initiation of career success clinics to provide advice for each employee towards the self-development according to the career goals. In addition, the company has developed new generations of executives, or Talent pool, selecting from those with outstanding performance and potentiality to prepare them for the growth and continuity in management among the outstanding talent of 3 new generations.

Competitive Total rewards

The company has clear policies and guidelines for employees’ compensation management based on their performance. The overall competitive compensation is analyzed in comparison to IT businesses in Thailand to enhance the quality of life and well-being of employees. In addition, the company provides medical benefits that also cover employees’ families. Other than welfare that meet the well-being needs, the company aims to create a healthy organization, which includes fitness centers, tennis courts, and swimming pools at the head office, as well as health promotion activities throughout the year, so called MSC Triple Fit, to promote the healthy body, mind, and brain of all colleagues

Metro Way Culture and One Metro Working Environment

Despite the particularly different generations of employees, Metro Systems is united by Metro Way culture and values, including Moral, Excellence, Teamwork, Respect and Trust, and Ownership, to be shared and practiced with strong beliefs towards the sustainable success of the organization. For over 30 years of operations, the supportive and cooperative working atmosphere of Metro Systems remains as a unity.

Along the business journey of more than 30 years, Metro Systems has never stopped delivering IT solutions as part of the contribution to customers’ business success and building a best place to work to enable professional success for all colleagues. The company continues to move forward relentlessly with a strategic direction towards becoming a high performance organization and great place to work in Asia, with confidence in the competence and the commitment of all employees to drive Metro Systems up to sustainable success in this digital era.