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Wave Place, No. 55 Wireless Road,
Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok,
10330, Thailand

Wave Place, No. 55 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand




To help people do more, feel better, and live longer

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GSK is a science-led global healthcare company with businesses cover research, develop, and manufacture innovative pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products. We bring differentiated, high-quality, and needed healthcare products to everybody through scientific and technical know-how and talented people.

We value commitment to patients, transparency, integrity, and respect for people drive our culture and processes through GSK’s purpose and goals in mind. Our priority is to provide patients worldwide with innovative solutions to the most distressing health conditions.

GSK’s operates through our three business priorities of Innovation, Performance, and Trust, underpinned by our Culture (IPTc). With the people pillars “BE YOU, FEEL GOOD, and KEEP GROWING”, we our purpose a reality with best employee experience. We know when each of us feels at our best, we perform at our best.


GSK put strong emphasis behind our employee engagement as it will drive our global success. It also reflects GSK’s performance in Thailand, with high scores in internal employee surveys identifying areas where we do well, can improve, and can deliver of our IPTc priorities.

Whilst strategies and plans are important, communication is critical to operate effectively. GSK believes in transparent communications with employees and with each other. This means two-way communications from management downwards and from field staff to strategic levels. We take input and convert information into solutions. Senior leaders regularly share & respond to questions through corporate channels provided at both local & global levels.


GSK offers all employees an inclusive and safe work environment where the value of innovative ideas is cherished. At the global level, GSK provides Employee Resource Groups, including our LGBTQ+ network Spectrum, the Women’s Leadership Initiative, and the Disability Confidence Network.
GSK’s Inclusion and Diversity policy means gender diversity and treating people with integrity. We don’t tolerate bias towards anyone in the organization. We want a safe place to work, treating everyone with compassion, love, and respect, bringing them together to nourish and grow the place we love to work.

At GSK Thailand, we actively embrace the inclusion and diversity, where ratio of male & female representative at the leadership level is 40:60, Thai & non-Thai 80:20 and Thailand GM represents GSK Emerging Market region in the GSK Global Disability Council.

Performance system
Our performance system is core to deliver our goals, strategies, and IPTc priorities by connecting daily work directly to business objectives.
With a highly secure centralized data management system stores employee data in one of world’s best employee platform “Workday” for convenient access to employees and managers so they can view their performance over the years. It’s an efficient way to share feedback and set actions with employees to continuously improve performance through Employee Annual Plans, regular check-ins with managers of the plans, and recognizing and rewarding performance with the Global Recognition and Reward System.
Leadership and development
GSK is an effective place for employee growth. Our ecosystem for young and aspiring individuals who join at a junior level increases their knowledge and expertise through many cross-functional learning and development opportunities. Those with an attitude for performance and excellence can move up the ladder to release their dream whilst maintaining organizational goals and integrity. GSK’s desire to develop employees in many disciplines and offer the opportunity to do what they love.

GSK’s Keep Growing Campus has been a transformational project for employee learning and development. It’s a personalized learning platform that suggests internal and external learning resources for employees, with external resources including:

Workplace culture
A workforce culture spread among many nations, cultures, and systems ensures that GSK values are integral to our organizational DNA. Ultimately, its GSK’s culture that fine tunes and brings consistency to the promise of delivering a world class patient and healthcare experience. GSK Thailand strives to continuously improve with regular employee feedback through annual surveys, quarterly let’s talk sessions, monthly get-together ‘teatime’ sessions, and regular manager employee check ins.
Health and well-being
We recognise employees’ resilience is affected by many factors from workload to stress in their personal lives. To promote employee well-being, we give our people the support they need to build their energy levels and cope with stress.

We go further than other multinational employers by providing comprehensive preventative healthcare benefits to all employees and their families worldwide through our Partnership for Prevention programme.

We are also working hard to reduce our environmental footprint as we grow our business around the world as we aim to achieve the company’s whole value chain to be carbon neutral by 2050.

In 2020, GSK launched the ‘Performance with Choice’ strategy shift reflecting an important change to reflect an employee-centric principle. Our employees are recognized to balance between their work & life priorities. Office is no longer the default set-up and we provide support to ensure our employees works at their best wherever they are.

All with a deep commitment to operating responsibly - for all our stakeholders, GSK unite science, talent and technology to get ahead of disease together.