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Food Passion will better serve more
friends & communities with healthier&
more sustainable food, led by data
and innovation.

Food Passion will better serve more friends & communities with healthier&
more sustainable food, led by data and innovation.

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Food Passion vision is “Delivering sustainable happiness”, we are not only FOOD business but also PEOPLE business. We believe in “THE CYCLE OF HAPPINESS” that starting from making employees and stake holders happy, when both happy, they will deliver their happiness to customers. When customers happy, they will return to use the service frequently. When customers use the service frequently, the business will be strong and able to take care of employees and stake holders.

We thriving to build the employee value preposition; SMART means employees must be good at work and people, 2. Good means that employees must have good behavior by adhering to the corporate culture 3. Happy means delivering happiness in every opportunity to those around them, the community and society.

Some activities to support above beliefs as follows:

People policy and ACTIVE's Culture practice & Hybrid Performance management system

ACTIVE is the corporate culture of Food Passion. by the epidemic situation of COVID, we have both employees that work at home and working on-site. So, we develop our culture by adapting the expected behavior to be consistent with changing new ways of work. We reform the performance management system to the "Hybrid PMS" which compatible with many ways of work such as scrum, project, routine, ad-hoc, etc.

To enhance future skills that support new ways of work, we launch both mind and brain development session such as Proactive mindset, Design thinking, Agile mindset, etc. Also, apply these future skills to the behavior's assessment for the Talent development program and further successors project.

People Benefit: Happy Health and Happy Money

We realized that the effect of covid 19 to financial liquidity of our employees was an urgent situation. The HAPPY MONEY project, a sub of our people's practices called “HAPPY 4+4” was launched to serve this situation.

We collaborated with “NOBURO” (Thailand FinTech start-up winner) to design the specialty welfare and educate easy way to gain knowledge of our employees such as financial management and debt management through “NOBURO platform and gamification that decided to encourage employees to improve their discipline in paying and stop spending on unnecessary expenses, also guide them a spending and saving techniques that suit with income of each person. From the beginning of this project for three years, we have 79 employees who joined this project. And we reduced an employee's debt by over 3 million baht. To comply with the new generation's lifestyle, we developed a communication channel that directly connect to employees through Line Official Account named PromptPuen that allows employees to check their own compensation and benefit as well as stay tuned with the company at any time. More importantly, we use PromptPuen to communicate, announce and share knowledge with employees to keep themselves safe from COVID-19.

This second-time reward reminds us that we are in the right direction to taking care of our employees. And we will improve it with all activities by emphasizing and design to match their needs in an ever-changing world. To make them be happy and grow together with the company. Because without the best employees, we probably would not be the best company to work for in Asia. This reward has belonged to all of us.

Chataya Supanpong (Pae), Chief Engagement Officer (CEO)

People Engagement: Scrum project and Passion Learning

To deliver company OKRs : having new business to sustain business performance during the crisis. We quickly launch a smart development guide to change our working style call the “practical SCRUM”. This new way of work has been developed for projects that require speed and deep understanding customers' needs for better deliver products & services to customers. We apply DESIGN THINKING, SCRUM GUIDE, AGILE mindset with mini celebration award to change employee‘s perspective and let them learning by doing. This new way of work helps us create new products and services in a short time, such as Party at home, GON Live etc. and become our normal working style until now.

Our learning style has also changed. Apart from developing new skills to drive Food Passion's business projects. We enhance employees' life skills through new learning styles, providing many sessions from their out of work skills, aptitudes, preferences, generations and lifestyles with the concept of Life-long Learning by sharing Life Skills that each person has. A learning project called Passion Learning had created a community of practices such as Cooking Class, Drawing Class, Healthy class, etc., which formed a small COP in Food Passion. Now we have more than 30 Passion Learning courses and over 800 peoples that share their skills.

People Branding: Educational opportunities and Inspiration.

After awarded by HR ASIA and some institutes as the best company to work for. Food Passion's People practice has received a lot of attention. We striving to be a value member of HR community, we have many sharing sessions with both public and private organizations to share our People practice and inspire them to design their own HR way. In addition, the People Plus Department go far to be people practice consultant for companies/government agencies such as General Engineering Public Company Limited (GEL), Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), focusing on enhancing human resource practices and shaping corporate culture. That converts the HR department from a Cost center to a Profit center.

For the employee education, we are striving to reduce inequality in the organization and society. Food Passion Education Center has been established for providing dual vocational education degree to our internal employee in 2018. Since then, we expand scope by providing the same opportunity to rural students. They can work, study, apprentice and receive sufficient income through 3 years program with no obligation. Currently, we have 182 employees attending in program. 160 employees graduated vocational and high vocational degree in the past four years,

With the various projects aforementioned, we believe that we take the best care of our employees. and able to make our people ready to deliver happiness to themselves, their families, and others. For the business result, by applying new way of work and continuously engage employee, we are able to close the 2020 fiscal year as a profitable company even we have hurt from covid 19 pandemic.