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1768 Thai Summit Tower, 18th Floor,
New Phetchaburi Rd., Bangkapi Sub-district,
Huaykwang District, Bangkok 10310

1768 Thai Summit Tower, 18th Floor, New Phetchaburi Rd., Bangkapi Sub-district,
Huaykwang District, Bangkok 10310


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FedEx Express, the world's largest express transportation company, provides fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories. FedEx Express Thailand has been operating in Thailand since 1994 and provides both international and domestic express services to our customers across the country.

The FedEx philosophy “People-Service-Profit” (P-S-P) represents our understanding that by taking care of our employees, they will in turn provide outstanding service for our customers, which enables the business grow and reinvest in our people. It is this cycle that has seen our business grow by leaps and bounds over the years.

At FedEx Express Thailand, P-S-P is a key principal that guides our business. It has helped us navigate challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential service provider we were required to operate. Following our motto, “Safety Above All”, we knew it was essential that we provide a safe environment for our employees to work in. No expense was spared from the daily cleaning of our vehicles to all the necessary PPE equipment. We understood that giving our employee peace of mind was important for them to perform their tasks properly. Because FedEx is dedicated to improving our safe work practices, we were ready to act when the pandemic hit. We actively promote and support a culture of health and safety for the benefit of our employees, contractors and stakeholders, as well as the company and the public.

We value our people and promote diversity, safety and quality in our workplaces. Commitment to diversity creates a better experience for our team members and our customers. Gender, Disability, Race, LGBTQ+, Faith and Generation are pillars of our Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Our vision of a diverse and inclusive environment is a workplace where differences are embraced and leveraged as strengths, woven throughout the organization. Workforce diversity and inclusion are key drivers of business success. We try to embrace these values not only in our recruiting and hiring, but also in our relationships with our community, suppliers and the charitable organizations we invest in through FedEx Cares.

We have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure we have a strong and diverse workforce and one of our successes over the years is that women represent 52% of management at FedEx Express Thailand. We have also put in solid programs to help our employees move into management. For example “Is Management for Me” aims to help frontline and professional employees become leaders within the company. This culture of promoting from within helps ensure our leadership understands and empathizes with our employees’ challenges. We are proud to say that 97% of our managers came through the ranks and have an average tenure of 16 years.
We continuously improve our employee engagement through our Survey-Feedback-Action (SFA) program. Our engagement score is regularly above 86%, which shows that our employees value our caring, order, results and learning. We not only support our employees, we also support our employees’ family members and relatives. Family members of employees are welcome to work with us. Of our employees, 4% invited family members to join us, which demonstrates how much they trust our company. In this pandemic, we also funded USD 35K to support the jobs of FedEx Express Thailand employees’ family members and relatives with disabilities so they could thrive on their own throughout this challenging year.

We’re driven to create breakthrough solutions for our customers and to find ways to work smarter. Quality Driven Management (QDM) is a unique FedEx approach to quality that helps us generate cost savings, grow revenue and improve customer experiences. QDM empowers all team members to become the architects of great change at FedEx.
In addition to leadership development, we believe our employees should be given opportunities to enhance skills that will help them and our business, therefore a yearly USD 2,500 in tuition assistance is made available to all employees to further their studies or gain new knowledge. The difference in the FedEx approach against the market is that we do not have any binding period and our only requirement is that the employee complete the course.

Finally, creating a culture of celebration and recognition has always been a focus at FedEx. Employees want to know when they have done a good job, and it is leadership’s responsibility to ensure they are recognized. We believe that success is contagious so our award programs are designed not only to thank employees but also inspire others. From our corporate FedEx 5 Star awards, regional AMEA awards as well as local Thailand district awards, we focus our energy on positive reinforcement, which goes hand in hand with our FedEx Purple Promise Pledge “to make every FedEx experience outstanding.”

This is why FedEx is one of the best places to work in Thailand.