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3195/17-29 Rama 4 Road, Klong Ton Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand


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For more than 126 years ExxonMobil affiliates in Thailand have had a continuous business presence in Thailand. Our business includes a full range of downstream operations — a refinery with chemical units in Sriracha, a network of distribution terminals, nationwide service stations, a strong lubricants presence, natural gas production and in 2003 we established Bangkok Global Business Center (Bangkok GBC), the largest ExxonMobil’s network of Global Business Centers around the world under the company called “ExxonMobil Limited” or “ExxonMobil”. Today, ExxonMobil affiliates in Thailand employ more than 3,000 people.

ExxonMobil affiliates in Thailand have continuously provided quality energy and enhanced Thailand socio-economic growth. ExxonMobil has launched new Vision, “Power Life with Premier Energy Experience” , to lead the organization towards further success. 3 missions ‘Growth, Pride and Win’ have also been introduced to support the Vision.

We are committed to spend every day to collect valuable experiences as well as to learn and explore fresh, new ideas and perspectives. This includes sharpening our skills and enhancing the capability of our employees to produce the products, to offer the quality services that comprehensively answer to the specific and multifaceted needs of our customers, as well as to move forward strategically with our business partners. ExxonMobil strives to develop the most talented workforce to take on the world’s toughest energy challenges and offers broad range and high quality job opportunities to the Thais.

Throughout their career, we offer ongoing learning opportunities and dynamic, challenging career path. We provide variety of job roles and access to cutting-edge training and let employees expand their potential throughout an entire career. We have access to development programs to inspire everyone to learn and provide over 5,000 learning courses linked to skills, we ensure adequate knowledge, tools and resources are in place to support employees’ career development. We are continuously exploring more innovative approaches to ensure resources are in place to provide engaging, immersive, and effective learning. In order to acquire such outcomes, we leverage well-known content providers, such as LinkedIn Learning and Accenture Academy, to allow employees to upskill as we believe that lifelong learning is vital for career development.

In ExxonMobil we value teamwork. We build dynamic teams that work in a highly collaborative environment where hard work and diverse contributions add up to more than the sum of their parts. We inspire, support and motivate each other to do things that everyone never thought possible.

“ExxonMobil, the place where uniqueness has been recognized and let their voice be listened and respected”. We treat everyone with respect. Every voice, every opinion will be heard. We believe passionately that diversity brings unique perspectives, ignites innovation and creates competitive advantage. Inclusion encourages understanding and values all viewpoints while challenging everyone to constantly think beyond traditional frames of reference. Diversity and Inclusion together makes teams more creative, productive, engaged, fuels innovation and connects us to our customer and the communities we serve. We have several Inclusion and Diversity networks and we empower our employees to lead and operate the networks by themselves. For example
  • People for Respect, Inclusion and Diversity of Employees (PRIDE) exists to support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender employees and allies, and to encourage awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues around sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in the workplace.
  • Women’s Interest Network (WIN) commits to foster individual and collective growth of women at ExxonMobil by facilitating impactful mentoring; sponsoring initiatives to improve personal effectiveness, business acumen and professional development. In Thailand, our ExxonMobil affiliates have around 40 female Global/Regional leaders leading Global / Regional operations teams today and another 250 female in Managerial/ Supervisory positions.

We feel grateful and honored to earn this award. This prestigious award helps reinforce our commitment and continued focus on providing good working environment, supporting growth for our talents, and creating prides to our team. I am so fortunate to have an opportunity to work with our talented team who have dedicated their hearts and souls to create A Great Place to Work and to continue to drive our commitment to Power Life with Premier Energy Experiences.

Dr. Adisak Jangkamolkulchai
Chairman and Managing Director of ExxonMobil Limited, Esso (Thailand)
Public Company Limited and Lead Country Manager of ExxonMobil Affiliates in Thailand
An ExxonMobil career is one designed to last—one that allows you to enjoy your family, profession, and everything life has to offer. Thus, employees’ well-being is important to the company. We offer industry-leading rewards to support the needs of employees as they change throughout a career. We offer benefits and policies to cover every stage of life. Our offerings are built on our core categories of health, security, finance, and life. As part of its total rewards program, the company offers competitive health benefits and other valuable programs designed to promote wellness and a long-term career orientation such as Employee Savings Plan Program to encourage long term savings and to assist employees in building long-term financial security. We also offer Home Ownership / Improvement Assistance Plan to assist employees in the long term. This plan is to assist our employees to own or improve their home.
For ExxonMobil affiliates in Thailand, we develop oil and gas resources, not only do we care for our employees but we also work to build and sustain socio-economic growth in Thailand. Together with our ExxonMobil affiliates in Thailand, we support a wide range of community programs, covering areas ranging from health and environment to education and the arts. Our affiliate, Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“ETL”) has given the scholarship to Esso-Rattanakosin Bicentennial Fund since 1982 to support the education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Our employees have always been actively engaged in company CSR activities. Each year, our employees and their family members have volunteered to join CSR activities ranging from preserving mangrove forest, constructing a home for the less fortunate, supporting medical equipment, providing educational funds to building brain-based learning playgrounds for schools in the community.

With our vision Power Life with Premier Energy Experience and combined missions Our Growth, Our Pride and Our Win, we strive to grow with consideration on business market responses emphasizing on Safe and Well-being of Employees; Effective Business Continuity Plan; Leadership Strength; Strong Engagement; Business Resiliency; and Supporting Communities. Let’s proudly grow and win together!