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2nd Floor, U Chu Liang Building,
968 Rama IV Road, Silom, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500

2nd Floor, U Chu Liang Building, 968 Rama IV Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500


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DXC, a Fortune 500 company, was formed in 2017 by the merger of Computer Science Corporation and the Enterprise Services arm of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, boasting a long and proud history of innovation, service and value. A recognized leader in corporate responsibility and ranked among the world’s best corporate citizens, we use the power of technology to deliver mission critical IT services that move the world. DXC Technology helps our customers across the entire Enterprise Technology Stack with differentiated industry solutions. We modernize IT, optimize data architectures, and make everything secure, scalable and orchestrated across public, private and hybrid clouds.

DXC invests in three key drivers of growth: People, Customers and Operational Execution.

Mission : Be an IT services company using the power of technology to build better futures for our customers, colleagues, environment and communities, helping our customers deliver business impact and be the employer of choice.

With people at the heart of OUR business, we live by our Core Values. Our values bind us together regardless of where we work, defining our culture and differentiating our company.

Inclusion and Diversity
Our employees live in more than 70 countries, speak multiple languages, and work with customers on almost every continent. Our Thailand office has employees from five nationalities and women leaders are part of the leadership team.

We believe in equality. We harness the unique contributions of our people to give us our edge. Our inclusive culture powers our results, and together, we drive the world's most innovative technology.


DXC Technology is committed to a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. We embrace diversity not only because it is the right thing to do for our people, but because it is good for business. Individual differences create a dynamic workplace at DXC. To deliver the best solutions to our customers, we harness the energy, creativity, talents and insights of our diverse global workforce. Our strength lies in valuing differences, encouraging input from all perspectives and uniting teams around common goals. We encourage our employees to embrace their identities and the diverse cultures represented by their colleagues, customers and local communities.

DXC has been an advocate on flexible work arrangements prior to the pandemic. We have many employees working at client sites as well as working remotely. DXC provides resources and tools to enable them to function effectively. This has proven that we are equally effective in delivering good customer experience, even remotely. We trust that by providing employees the right tools, it boosts the confidence level that would allow them to be effective.

Driving Employee Growth – Continuous Learning
DXC encourages and empowers employees at all levels to engage in professional and personal development. We have DXC University, that provide employees the opportunity to continuously learn and grow, supported by a modern learning platform Percipio that enables personalized learning. We encourage our people to have an “Individual Development Plan” so as to ensure our employees are continuously learning and growing.

With a focus on high performance culture, we also look at developing our high potential employees and introduce development and retention strategies such as mentorship, leadership development, high visibility assignments using the Bionix tool.

We also have Education Assistance Program encouraging employees to go for professional or higher education (or diplomas) for their personal growth and career development.

To make DXC the place for our employees to achieve their career goals, the Internal Job Program was also launched to enable employees to expand their skills and challenge themselves for bigger milestones.


With most employees working virtually and social gatherings coming to a halt, it did not stop DXC from reaching out to our employees.

Employee well-being in all aspects like – physical, mental and financial is the Core of DXC’s philosophy and is a top priority.
  • Health Screening program every year for physical well-being of all employees.
  • The Subject Matter Experts (Psychologists) are invited to facilitate talks for the mental well- being.
  • We have an Employee Assistance Program for mental and emotional well-being available for all the employees (and their family too) 24*7
  • DXC Thailand reached out and distributed “Care Pack” to all its employees (which included Thermometer, Sanitizers, face masks etc)
In 2020, during the Covid pandemic DXC ensured that employees are aware of the cause, symptoms, spread, the DO’s and Dont’s, and accordingly invited Medical experts to share these details to create awareness and well-being.

Recently we invited a medical practitioner (Dr.) so as to encourage our employees to get Vaccinated asap.
Strong communication and feedback
A weekly leadership townhall hosted by our Asia Pacific President provide our employees opportunities to ask questions and share their feedback. Additionally, local Leadership (Thailand GM) conducts quarterly townhalls as a way to provide an update on businesses and for employees to ask questions. This also enable our leaders to have a feel of the pulse on the ground and interact with our employees (apart from the regular catch up of the leaders with their teams).

Benchmarking to improve Engagement
DXC also conducted internal Engagement surveys (managed by an external vendor) to benchmark how “We” are placed in the market and also areas where we can improve. So far we have conducted the survey thrice (Nov 2019; June 2020 and Feb 2021) and we have seen a drastic improvement in our engagement score (in Thailand we saw a 15 points jump in just 1 year and we were in Top 2 countries with the highest score in APAC region), which itself validates and confirms the fact that “People are at the Heart of our business” and we continuously strive to engage and improve to “Inspire and take care of Our People” which is one of the Key pillars of leadership goals.
Adoption of Digital Tools
DXC believes in automation to increase efficiency and accuracy. We aim to ensure our employees are provided with the best in class digital tools to be effective and accessible via one simplified and multifactor secured login.

We leverage on Workday as our one-stop portal for all HR things from hiring candidates to performance management. Employees also use HRConnect, a platform to log tickets on HR issues. Microsoft Teams is also heavily used to collaborate, join meetings or even leveraged as a productivity tool. PowerBI, a business analytics tool, provides interactive data visualization which helps uncover actionable insights. Bionix tool is also utilized to develop our high potentials and Employee Fingerprint, a talent development tool will be launching in end-2021.

DXC Recognition tool (WorkHuman) is also launched to enable employees to recognize team members for their hard work, dedication and innovation. It also allows employees to virtually celebrate personal moments and congratulate colleagues on their service milestones, helping us to create a strong, consistent culture of community globally. A point redemption system will also be launched shortly.

Would like to conclude with the fact that DXC is Delivering eXcellence for our Customers and Colleagues and we proudly say that #weareDXC.