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Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited has grown from strength to strength since our founding in 1988. Our company is a subsidiary of Delta Electronics, Inc. with the mission statement, “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.”

Delta Thailand is the regional business head office and manufacturing center for our businesses in India and Southeast Asia. Our company has long been at the forefront of power management solutions and the manufacturing electronic components, i.e. cooling fan, electromagnetic interference filter and solenoid.

Delta Thailand listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1995 with consolidated revenue new exceeding USD 1.6 billion. Our company is continuously growing through sustainable development with innovative business processes, astute M&A activities and relentless pursuit of greener solutions across the company’s products and organization.

Workplace policies and practices

Delta Thailand has set policies and practices to help our employees have the excellent work performance, provide better products to customers and observe laws and a code of ethics that helps uphold our company assets, interests and image. This all contributes to our sustainable operation and development of the company.

Business Integrity
Delta employees shall not bribe competent authorities or other government officials for the purposes of obtaining or maintaining business, affecting business or non-business decisions made by government officials, or for obtaining business interests, such as monies, gifts, commissions, employment opportunities, discounts, rebates, and entertainment etc. As testament to how our commitment to the highest level of integrity is embedded in our DNA, Delta was qualified by Thailand's Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption to become a CAC certified member in 2020.

Conflict of Interest
Conflict of interest refers to any personal activities or investments by Delta employees that may interfere with their judgement during the execution of work, or where Delta employees fail to act based on the interests of our company.

Receiving Gifts and Entertainment
Delta employees shall observe laws or regulations, customary business practice and business etiquette and must not receive anything of value, including monetary compensation, gifts, commission, position, services or discounts in any form.

Diversity, Fair Employment Opportunity and Respect
Our company provides equal training and career development opportunities with no discrimination regarding the ethnicity, nationality, region or social class, origin, lineage, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age or other status protected by local laws or laws of other countries where we operate.

Discrimination and Harassment Prohibition
Delta employees shall perform their duties with respect and not engage in harassment. They shall not resort to violence or any other illegal conduct regarding performance of their duties.

Environment, Health and Safety of Working Premises
Our company incorporates ISO450001 in occupational health and safety in our operations and complies with safety regulations for our working premises to create a good working environment that excludes the negative influences of drugs and alcohol.

Employee Benefits

Our company offers a range of attractive benefits and performance incentives. Here are some examples of Delta benefits available:

Productivity achievement incentive
To ensure customer’s order fulfillment, our company offers production operators a productivity achievement incentive. Quarterly Incentive
In recognition of everyone’s contribution, the company offers an excellent employee profit sharing bonus every quarter based on team and company goal achievement.

Attractive Bonus
Our annual package includes a 12-month base salary with one performance bonus. Delta’s bonuses are consistently above the industry average in Thailand.

Talent Development
Whether employees want to pursue a managerial role or carve out your specialist niche, Delta Thailand offers a customized leadership development program tailored to employee’s individual career path.

Employee and Family Medical Insurance
Our company offers comprehensive medical insurance coverage to ensure the health and well-being of employees and their families. The company also provides annual medical checkups to all employees.

Dental Subsidy
Our company provides an annual subsidy for employee’s dental care.

Bursary and Scholarship
Employees and their families have the opportunity to receive financial assistance to support their education. Our company provides scholarships every year to employees and their family members.

Transportation and Meal Allowance Our company provides a free bus and van shuttle service to many locations around the company and also provides a monthly meal allowance.

Flexible working hours
Delta facilitated groups of employees to work anywhere with reliable IT infrastructure to support the Thai government’s recommendations for work-from-home (WFH) during COVID-19 outbreaks.
Delta created a specific W code leave for our employees to apply during WFH and has dedicated personnel to maintain employee’s health and safety in any possible emergency cases throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work-life balance promotion
Our company establishes a Happy work-place policy to promote our employee’s work-life balance. Our support for employees includes our breastfeeding corner, Credit Union Corporative, employee athletic clubs and employee social services which supports our excellent employee retention.

Employee Engagement

Every two years, Delta facilitates an engagement survey to let employees express their opinions and provide feedback. Our company collects valuable feedback from all participants and concludes which areas need our focus.
As a result, Delta and related organizations have raised and implemented action plans that have been cascaded using different approaches. For example, we implemented specific measures to respond to Employee Experience and Management Effectiveness aspects within our organization.

Strengthen Companywide Communication
Delta Thailand set up an official LINE account for instant communication with employees and to enhance internal communication.

Employee Engagement
Our company held many employee events such as a Mother’s Day Photo Contest, Loy Kratong, and CSR activities where we invite all employees to join.

Employee Care
Our company initiated Free Wi-Fi, improved our company buses, provided face masks for COVID-19 prevention, renovated our offices and canteen facilities and conducted many other workplace improvements.
Learning and Development
Our company launched an online and mobile training platform called Delta Academy which contains many training courses, online language training programs, internal career journey and others functions.

Freedom of Association
Delta allows our employees the freedom to associate or have affiliation with groups whose activities are not in conflict with our company code of ethics and will not have negative consequences on our company’s image or economic results.

Employer Branding

  • Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. is a global producer of power and thermal management products and solutions.
  • Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. is Thailand’s largest listed electronics manufacturer on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).
  • Delta continues to earn numerous recognitions for its achievements in the region and domestically. Some awards won include the prestigious ASEAN Business Award, Stock Exchange of Thailand’s Best Company Performance Award, the coveted Prime Minister’s Best Industry Award and the Award for Excellence in Training at the Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards 2021.
  • Delta successfully concluded the Angel Fund for Startups 2020.