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In 2017, a year after integration, Chubb engagement was relatively low at 66%. In 2019, Chubb achieved an 80 percent Employee Engagement Survey outcome which is considered to be the “BEST IN ASIA” for Chubb APAC. However, we continue to only maintain but to gradually improve the standard and meet the goals that we have set in 2021 which is to always be better each year in the concept “Tomorrow Best Performance is Tomorrow Baseline”. As a result, we collected employee feedback through focus groups and pulse surveys in 2020 to acquire the needs and factors that affect the engagement of employee. Below details are important employee engagement factors of our employees. Therefore, HR has taken the following actions:

Career Advancement

  • Internal Career Opportunity
    In 2017-2018, the average rate of Internal promotion and transfer is 4 percent. In 2019, we have started to promote and push more Internal Career Opportunities within organization by communicating with our employees about internal vacancies regularly including build awareness for hiring managers to consider internal candidates before looking for external candidates. Additionally, we partner with the business unit to create essential development strategies to prepare employees’ knowledge and skills prior to job relocation. As a result, Intra-enterprise moves rate increased in 2019 and 2020 by 3 percent and 8 percent respectively.
  • Succession Plan
    HR has identified successors in key positions such as positions that are involved in strategic initiatives, revenue generating, and cost saving related positions to ensure we have at least 1 successor Ready Now-Ready within 1 Year as pipeline. In addition, we also partner up with other functions to launch “Career Conversation / Career Talk” to allow employees to be able to rotate laterally to grow so as to give our internal employees chance to move and grow internally when vacancies occur.
  • Chubb Talent Exchange (CTX) System Chubb has invested in new technology that will help us digitize our career development process.

    Employees will be able to do the following with this platform:
    • Perform Performance Appraisal – Full Cycle (Goals Setting, Mid Year Review, End Year Review)
    • Find global online courses, training roadmap, as well as full cycle registration (End-to-End)
    • Chubb employees can also search and apply for vacancies openings within the organization globally
    We can increase accessibility and transparent opportunities for Internal movement and also strengthening our brand as an “Employer of choice”
  • Training and Development
    We have provided training roadmap for junior and middle manager levels to help them grow their soft and leadership skills and provided additional hard skill courses to develop specific knowledge and skills required to operate in certain departments. We're also sending executives and managers level to be developed through regional courses to strengthen the network and expand the horizons. In addition, we also provide self-learning platform – LinkedIn as another channel for employees to choose to learn in their convenient time.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefit
    We as an organization performed benchmarking with companies within ‘Insurance Industry” to determine where we stood among other companies. Other than Flexible Medical Claim we changed (Based on Focus Group Session’s Requirement) to allow employees to choose their OPD as preferences lifestyle, in 2021 we create one more special benefit call IPD Co pay benefit that we will support our employees for 80% of IDP medical fee. In addition, to encourage “Pay-by-Performance”, we pay employees on different pay scheme as P50 for Average Employees, P75 for Box 2 (Critical Talent) at P75, and P90 for Box 1 (Top Talent) to ensure that we reward our employees fairly based on performance.
  • Supporting Benefit in Covid Situation
    During the coronavirus situation, the company has announced measures to allow employees to work from home (WFH) to reduce the risk of infection. For taking care of employees while WFH, the company supports the cost of internet to facilitate employees to work efficiently and without interruption. Employees who are required to work at the office, we have a flexible hour policy to reduce the risk of traveling during rush hour. Moreover, we contact with government agencies, Department of Disease Control, so that the government can allocate urgent vaccinations with employees who are at high risk. In addition, the company has registered for vaccination for all employees through social security channels. This ensures that all employees have equal opportunities for vaccinations.
  • Workplace Policies and Practices
    To provide employees with guidelines on how to behave properly and to be communicated widely during COVID situation, we have established policies and guidelines such as COVID-19 WFH & Precautionary Procedures and accessibility channels in case of emergencies or risk concerns that occur within the organization and communicated to employees for acknowledgment and to achieve the same standards in the organization for the safety of all employees. In addition, the company focuses mainly on the health of employees, therefore, we have implemented measures to allow more than 80% of employees to work from home. This increases safety and reduces the risk of meeting large numbers of people. It is also an opportunity to bring new technology to work and prepare for the upcoming era in the future.
  • Recognition
    We are pushing for Recognition Culture in our organization. It starts with defining employees’ desirable behaviors and create awareness for employees to appreciate through such behaviors by using recognition card and fun campaigns as a medium of mutual recognition. To keep employees motivated and able to create more efficient work. In 2020, employees who are interest in recognition increased by 50% compared to 2019. Furthermore, among more than 10 countries of representatives, employee from Chubb Thailand won Regional Recognition Award 2020.

Employee Engagement Activities

To create a happy workplace environment and employee motivation, we have organized various employee engagement activities under any circumstances both working at the office and at home throughout the year such as

1. HR Roadshow :
To provide useful HR knowledge to employees in a fun way.

2.Festive Season :
which is a celebration of various festivals of the year in order to create a fun working atmosphere for employees.

3.Town hall & Mingle Session:
To communicate the direction, result and focus moving forward in a quarterly basis including social events between employees and executives

4.WFH – WFO in covid situation :
To organize activities to make them feel relieve stress during WFH and activities to thank employees for coming to the office

5.Welcome back to office after covid situation :
To appreciate employees for all the hard work that everyone has contributed during the covid-19 situation while WFH with a little token from the company

6. Inter office Connectivity “Chubb Fine day”:
To build relationships between employees across Chubb through virtual activity which employees can join no matter where they are.


As a result from all the initiatives that we have done throughout the year we got result as follow:

•Employee Engagement Score from pulse survey in 2021 = 80%

•Since Integration in 2016, our Turnover was 31% with now much Lesser Turnover Rate from 16% in 2019 to 12.5% in 2020 and turnover rate 2021 YTD reduce by 1.2% from 2020

•Lesser Regrettable Loss from 13% in 2017 to 3% in 2020 and 2021 YTD = 0%

Next Step

We have planned to implement 3 new initiatives in the future to succeed our vision and goal.

Create 1 Chubb Culture: Great Culture is what brings our company together and propel us to the next level therefore no matter under WFH or normal circumstances, bringing our people together has always been our priority : Creating opportunity for Chubb employees to be able to mingle and participating in FUN and ENGAGING activities and projects is a MUST whereas an effective communicate with one another important key to foster cooperation in working towards the success of the organization's goals.

Move to Digitalized HR & Admin: The company plan to invest in new technology to enhance users experience for both internal and external e.g. transforming recruiting & hiring process to entirely online through the Wepow, Taleo and Docusign systems to reduce the process and time.

Young Talent Program: We plan to attract and build new young talent within our organization. In this program, we will provide development plan to boost knowledge and skill of young talent. The ultimate goal is to accelerate their development in order to be ready for their desired career move as future leader of the organization.