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Building strong corporate culture

CPF has operated its business through “CPF Way” to create common principle based on honesty and integrity. The Company has clearly set expectation and communicated our six values to all employees during the orientation, and has integrated our values in all aspects of human resources management. We encourage our executives to be a “Role Model” for employees. “Culture cultivation program” has been developed with full cooperation of senior executives, business management team, change agents and all employees to ensure that the corporate culture is reinforced and embedded into working practices, behaviours, processes and systems of the organization. As a result, it leads to the creation of CPF DNA in all employees who shall drive CPF to sustainably achieve its predetermined objectives.

Delivering leadership development program

At CPF, we invest in developing workforce capabilities and supporting career growth to ensure employees’ satisfaction and engagement. We develop our leaders at every level by implementing the Leadership Development Program, called Tao Kae Program. The objective is to develop employees’ leadership potentials and get them prepared for business changes and become significant forces in leading business expansions. Participants are given opportunities to develop their business skills and leadership. In addition to guidance given by executives, who act as ‘Sponsors’, participants also exchange ideas and experiences. Roles of sponsors are to guide participants without commanding, support the team with sufficient information, tools and equipment. More importantly, we have adopted ‘Tao Kae’ model to scale up our modular organization by developing cross-functional projects that create opportunities to our employees to collaborate with diverse teams and work on challenging projects.

Developing our people capabilities

We equip our workforce with capabilities enhancement via blended-learning. We aim to up-skill and re-skill employees with eight future skills e.g. Data Analytics, Agile Project Management, Design Thinking and Digital Marketing to help them embrace skills needed in the digital era. Our development programs include:

1) Learn by experiences through on-the-job trainings and challenging assignments

2) Learn from others including executive coaching, CPF Leadership Talk and networking

3) Learn by education through a formal professional development program and on-demand online learning with digital platform.

Investing in our people through scholarship program

We have provided full scholarships including tuition fees and other educational expenses for employees and their children in master's and bachelor's degrees in both overseas and domestic institutions. We aim to develop our people and prepare their readiness especially for future skills to ensure that we have talents with skills, knowledge, and capabilities that meet business needs.

Aligning performance management with career path

CPF has set clear strategic goals that have been linked between corporate and individual goals to direct the right focus and enhance synergy towards business achievements. Our performance management system has been designed with transparency & fairness concept and systematically linked to rewards and career management. Thus, talents will receive appropriate treatment in rewards and career growth based on performance. Fast-track career progression has been developed for our talents in both managerial and professional tracks, in lateral and vertical placement. We also provide career opportunities both in Thailand and overseas operations. To promote internal mobility and career advancement, CPF has organised the “Chance for Change program” that allows employee to have opportunity to be transferred to any opened positions that match with their career aspirations. This program is very successful and able to attract and retain our talents.

Establishing rewards & recognitions program

CPF values employee’s good work with fair compensation by ensuring the pay for employees is set at a level that is both fair and livable and provides equal pay for equal work. This principle covers the overall compensation process which provides a structured way for the Company to outline how the various elements of its compensation packages to be delivered to the employees. CPF aims to reward high-performers & talents at 75 percentiles by using market benchmark from top HR consultants as well as frequently revisiting compensation scheme in short-period cycle to maintain employee motivation and engagement. Apart from fair pay, employees are given perks and benefits, such as 100% healthcare coverage for employees and immediate family, free flu vaccination, fitness centers, special discounts on company’s products etc. Employees working at farm or manufacturing are provided with free food, accommodation and company shuttle bus.

In addition, CPF encourages employees to participate and make substantial contribution to the organization through their work and feel valued and appreciated for their efforts. To show appreciation, CPF has implemented a recognition program designed to motivate employees to remain increasingly connected to the organization. Recently, CPF has built On-the-Spot-Reward Program by recognizing an excellent performance and valuable contribution in a real-time manner through digital and interactive platform called “C.P. One Point”. This allows our line managers and colleagues to express appreciation for an employee’s contribution and commitment through points instantly awarded on the spot or on pre-determined achievements. Furthermore, employees can collect C.P. points and redeem them with C.P. Group products via digital platform.

Increasing employee engagement

To extend our effort for employee engagement, CPF@Heart campaign has been initiated with various projects, one of which was putting in place the strategy of “4 pillars of care” for our employees, comprising care for career, care for culture, care for benefits, and care for well-being. The campaign ranges from listening to the voice of employees to transforming CPF into a happy workplace where employees feel love, trust and pride.