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17 Floor, Kian Gwan Building 2,
140/1 Wireless Road, Lumpinee,
Patumwan Bangkok 10330

17 Floor, Kian Gwan Building 2, 140/1 Wireless Road, Lumpinee, Patumwan Bangkok 10330




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Company Profile and Direction

BRAND’S Suntory Thailand can trace its roots back to 1974 when the first factory opened in Nonthaburi Province and Essence of Chicken, our signature product, was first produced internally. In 1990, BRAND’s became part of the Suntory Group and brought its own 100-year history of innovating new beverage, food and health products, and bringing them successfully to the market.

Thailand is now the regional production center for all products in the BRAND’s Suntory portfolio such as Essence of Chicken, Bird’s Nest and Veta/Innershine. Our Bangkok headquarters and three modern factories in Chonburi Province employ a total of 1,500 people locally.

Suntory’s Group Philosophy

"Mizu To Ikiru" is the Suntory Group's promise to our stakeholders. It is strongly supported by our mission, “To create harmony with people and nature” and our vision, “Growing for Good”.

Promote Diverse and Inclusive Culture to Maximize Joy and Connection

In Suntory, we have a diverse workforce, consisting of employees from Myanmar, Cambodian, Indian, Vietnam, Italian, Philippine and Swedish which we believe to help increase employee morale and instill a desire to be more productive, creative and innovative. We run a variety of internal engagement activities to ensure that we can capture the interest of employees with different values. In addition to the traditional activities such as New Year Party, Offsite Meetings, Recognition Day, we also celebrate International Dog’s Day, Hug Your Cat Day, World’s Ozone Day and many more! We have also recently launched Suntory’s Master Chef activity where our diversified employees were able to reflect and represent their remarkable cultures through their dish!

We believe that our employees know their organization best, so we take our Employee Survey results very seriously. Many business decisions and business strategies are driven by the data and insights received from the survey.

Our focus is on our EMPLOYEES and their WELLNESS

Employee Wellness has always been our priority and will continue to be in all the years to come. We provide an attractive Health and Wellness benefits to our employees and we make every effort to help our employees maintain a work balance that’s right for them. We have introduced Flexible Work Arrangement policies and programs like “Fridays are FUN”. Our last Fridays of the month ends earlier than usual with our “Call it a Day” program as the office lights will be switched off at exactly 4pm!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has stepped out to support the employees in many ways. Employees were encouraged to fully work from home as much as possible in order to reduce the risks of illness to themselves and their beloved family members. We have also sent care packages consisting of antigen test kit, alcohol gel, face masks as well as our products to all our employees to keep our employees healthy and safe. We have also coordinated vaccination for our employees which resulted in 100% of our employees being vaccinated!

To make sure our employees continue a healthy lifestyle and to help them connect with other colleagues in a fun environment, we have also introduced virtual yoga and Zumba classes which have received positive feedback from the team.

We have also extended our support to our employees living near the explosion site during the tragic factory blaze incident in Kingkaew. As residents were commanded to evacuate from the area, we coordinated with necessary parties to find temporary accommodation for our employees who were affected by the incident.

We are very honoured and take pride to receive this award. This honour reflects our passion and the hard work we put in to create an enjoyable working atmosphere while also focusing on developing our employees to reach their full potential. At Brand’s Suntory, we are committed to continuously strive and create a strong organizational culture where employees love to work and grow. This is a great encouragement and motivation to our team!

Ms. Natthanicha Worawannaseth – Senior Vice President Corporate Function

Giving back to the society

At Suntory, we are all about giving back to the society. Our “Annual Bring and Buy” and “One Suntory Walk” are compulsory activities pinned on our yearly calendar. In order to involve employees in the good deeds, employees are invited to “sell and buy” and “walk for charity” to raise money to be donated to the society.

Recently, we have also introduced “Hueb for Hero” project with the objective of supporting the society during this pandemic. We have worked with external parties to donate our products to the frontlines, contributed oxygen tanks to those in need and have sponsored the “1+1 Homerun and Friends for Home Isolation” project which focuses on coordinating and providing supports to COVID patients.

Lastly, our BRAND’s Summer Camp, an educational program founded since 1990 and still going strong focuses on preparing Thai students for the rigorous national university admission test. We have had more than one million Thai Students involved in this venture!

Employee Development is ongoing - not one-off project

At Suntory, we invest in our employees and offer plenty of opportunities for employees to learn and grow as individuals in order to increase our talent pool and retain those skilled individuals in the long term. We have intensive training programs in place starting from our annual training calendar to our e-learning platform called “My Suntory University”. We conduct comprehensive talent review meetings, not just to populate people in a nine-box matrix but to truly identify capabilities and define development needs of our Talents. Each of our employees in the nine-box matrix have their own IDPs in place and are fully supported with necessary coaching to progress in their career.

We offer an internship program, “Sunternship”, to provide opportunities for students to learn and gain practical and real-world working experiences in their department of interest for a period of 1-3 months. Moreover, our newly launched “The Rising Sun” Management Trainee program that we aim to target highly motivated young talents with no more than 3 years of working experience with the objectives of bringing in fresh perspectives as well as penetrating new generation groups.