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98 Sathorn Square Office Tower, 29th Floor,
North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500

98 Sathorn Square Office Tower, 29th Floor,
North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500


Medical Devices


Boston Scientific is dedicated to
transforming lives through innovative
medical solutions that improve the
health of patients around the world

Boston Scientific is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical
solutions that improve the health of patients around the world

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About Boston Scientific

Transforming Lives Around the World
Boston Scientific is a global medical technology company. Employing 35,000 people around the world, we research, develop, manufacture, and sell medical devices and associated services focused on specific treatment areas.

We invest approximately $1 billion annually in research and development and, each year, more than 30 million patients around the world are treated with Boston Scientific products. We have commercial representation in more than 123 countries with 179 sites including 38 manufacturing centers. Our global headquarters are located in the US (Marlborough, Massachusetts).

Transforming Lives Across Asia Pacific
Our Asia Pacific business is headquartered in Singapore and comprises 24 markets in the region. Across the Asia Pacific region, we have 6 Institute for Advancing Science locations, offering healthcare professionals hands-on, multi-disciplinary training programs for our products and procedures, 2 research and development centers, an innovation accelerator, and a manufacturing plant.

Boston Scientific has established a presence in Thailand since 1997, and we have currently 73 employees that make up an integral part of our ASEAN business in Asia Pacific.

In common with the wider business, our 3,000 commercial employees in Asia Pacific are driven by the company’s mission and values. Our mission is to transform lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world. Our values differentiate Boston Scientific and connect us with colleagues around the world. Together, we have created a unique culture that we’re really proud of.

Our Values

Caring: We act with integrity and compassion to support patients, customers, our communities and each other.

Meaningful Innovation: We foster an environment of creativity to transform new ideas into breakthrough services and solutions that create value for patients, customers and employees.

High Performance: We strive for high performance to benefit our patients, clinicians and shareholders.

Global Collaboration: We work collaboratively to pursue global opportunities that extend the reach of our medical solutions.

Diversity: We embrace diversity and value the unique talents, ideas and experiences of our employees.

Winning Spirit: We adapt to change and act with speed, agility and accountability to further improve patient care.

Focus on Category Leadership

We work with a broad range of medical specialists, providing a range of treatment options within categories that we typically lead, making us a stronger partner to our customers:

NEUROMODULATION: Electronic implantable technologies that help patients manage debilitating chronic pain and neurological conditions.

CARDIAC RHYTHM MANAGEMENT: Groundbreaking technologies that treat irregular heart rhythms and heart failure and help protect against sudden cardiac arrest.

ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY: A broad range of mapping and treatment technologies for diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders.

INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY: Minimally invasive innovations that help improve the lives of patients living with heart and vascular conditions.

PERIPHERAL INTERVENTIONS: Leading devices for diagnosis and minimally-invasive treatments of peripheral vascular disease and cancer.

ENDOSCOPY: Minimally invasive devices for diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal and airway conditions.

UROLOGY AND PELVIC HEALTH: Solutions for urological diseases including stone disease, men’s health and women’s health.

Workplace Policies and Practices

Integrity our promise to do what is right. We expect all our employees to live by the Boston Scientific Code of Conduct, which serves as a foundation for our workplace policies and practices. All new employees are required to complete eLearning on the Code, plus an annual refresher to keep it top of mind.

We have a “speak up” culture where employees are encouraged to talk with their manager or our Human Resources, Legal or Compliance teams if they have any concerns related to the Code. There is also a 24-hour advice line which anyone can call to ask a question, obtain guidance, or report an integrity concern. From our recent Employee Engagement Survey, we know our employees recognize our commitment such workplace policies and practices.

Diversity and Inclusion
All Boston Scientific employees, up to and including our Executive Committee, must complete Diversity and Inclusion training. Leaders must also complete the IBI (Inclusive Behaviors Inventory) and uphold the findings. Further, all leaders are expected to set at least one inclusion goal in their business goals. In Asia Pacific, the regional leadership team have openly shared their inclusion goals with one another and cascaded them to their teams. For example, the inclusion goal of our regional president is to:

“Enhance our culture of inclusion in Asia Pacific by ensuring that we create a strategic roadmap to increase Employee Resource Group chapters and participation in the region by mid-year 2021. We will communicate the plan to the region in 2H 2021 with a target to double participation by mid-year 2022.”

With a mission to transform lives and improve the health of patients around the world, we cannot help but be proud of Boston Scientific and the unique culture we have created in Thailand. To have this recognized by HR Asia Magazine is hugely motivating and testament to the efforts of our team who live the company values and serve our physician customers every day.

Charn Hong Boey. Country Director, Malaysia & Thailand

Employee Benefits and Activities

We approach employee benefits and activities with the philosophy of “Benefits to Fit Your Life”, allowing employees to be at their best self – at home, at work, and at play.

Leave Program: Our comprehensive leave program is designed to encourage employees to take time off work to care of their needs, whether it is their own or their family members’ needs.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Even before COVID-19, Boston Scientific provided employees with flexible work arrangements, understanding that employees have commitments outside of work.

Employee Healthcare: We provide comprehensive medical cover to all our employees and their dependents

. Employee Wellbeing: Among our many well-being activities, we offer complimentary health screening services in our office premises, healthier snack options (fresh fruit, yogurt). We recognize that our working environment has an impact on health, comfort and productivity and provide ergonomically friendly furniture such as standing desks to encourage this.

Financial Security: We strive to provide financial security to all employees by providing them with competitive term life and personal accident coverage, options to purchase company stock at a discount, reimbursement for financial tools regarding retirement, and prolonged medical leave.

Career Paths

We recently introduced a continuous performance management practice known as PDC 2.0 (Performance and Development Coaching 2.0), after hearing feedback from our employees. Instead of annual performance reviews, PDC 2.0 is a continuous process focused on real-time feedback, coaching and development. This is supported by simplified tools and resources that enable employees to propel their careers forward.

Boston Scientific believes that feedback is essential for employees to understand their strengths and areas for improvement, and subsequently set goals to develop themselves and realise their career aspirations. To enable this, PDC 2.0 allows employees and their managers to request feedback at any time and organize 1:1 discussion. Feedback and meetings may be logged, allowing employees to refer to the log as they progress on their career paths.

This is enhanced by our recently updated APAC Recognition Awards Program. Understanding that sales and functional teams have different work scopes, our revised Program aims to recognize and reward those who make significant contributions to business growth.