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999 Samsen Road, Dusit,
Bangkok 10300 Thailand

999 Samsen Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand


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Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand’s first brewery, was founded in 1933 by Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi (Boonrawd Sreshthaputra). Our family-owned company has been in business for almost 90 years, first becoming a renowned beer and beverage producer, and later expanding into other industries such as foods, real-estate, entertainment, logistics, packaging, and digital service. We are managed by 3rd and 4th generation descendants of the founder, along with professionals from different fields.

Today, we have a strong social responsibility. Doing things right is never in question. Everything that Boon Rawd does is guided by our code of conduct ‘Singha Way’, and we always put importance on long-term benefits to ensure that the value created can be passed on to the next generation. T

Our vision - “Bringing joy to life”

At Boon Rawd, we believe that life is meaningful and immeasurable.

We aspire to unite and inspire people to live better lives through our wide range of quality products and services.

We want to be a part of every aspect in life and make every moment count. We want to help create and celebrate the good times, but also be there on those rainy days.

With our trusted brands, our ambition is to achieve a position of strength in every key market that in which we choose to operate. We will do business sustainably and with the highest integrity because we believe in taking responsibility of our actions.

Our Value – “Singha Way”

Singha Way is Boon Rawd’s DNA. It is our culture, and stems from our founder Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi

Singha way consist of 4 values: We are family, We act with Courage, We deliver Premium Quality, We believe in Happiness.

It is our moral compass for decision making in both caring for our employees and conducting business.

We are Family

“We are a strong professional family, ready to support and care for each other, always conscious of our responsibilities as a part of the Singha family”
  • Career: At Boon Rawd career growth begins immediately. Employee are encouraged to develop their potential through formal and informal learning programs.
  • Well-Being :
    We create clubs such as running, music, and boxing for our employee to join after work. Each factory has a non-chemical vegetable garden to promote healthy eating, as well as medical centers.

    We also encourage Financial well-being by providing financial experts and money coaches.
  • During the pandemic of Covid-19, we immediately developed a WFH policy and reimbursed our staff for COVID testing. Today, we provide COVID testing onsite to all staff. We have also implemented our “Carechek” application and pulse survey. We are now providing vaccines to our employees.

We act with Courage

“We dare to think outside the box, listen, speak and stand up for what’s right. We continuously develop ourselves to build a brighter future for us all. ”
  • Our company encourages open communication. We have activities such as CEO Round Table, Gen Y Talk, and our Pulse Survey to improve employee satisfaction and offer immediate support.
  • We host a talent show ‘Singha Way Got Talent’ for our staff, the winner of which will have their song distributed through our music label.
  • We have many channels for employees to showcase their original ideas for implementation.

We deliver Premium Quality

“We consistently deliver premium quality, maintaining the high standards of our products and services to ensure maximum satisfaction.”
  • We create Smart Workplaces consisting of Smart Factories, Smart People, Safe Working conditions, Health and well-being, and Environmental Management.
  • L&D: At Boon Rawd, we created a 5 Pilllar Development program, Get Together, Business Acumen, Leadership Development Program, Situation and Trend, and Job skill –Technical/Functional. We also provide an online platform and Skill Metric for mechanic.
  • Scholarship and external programs: As Beverages product are our core product, we enhance our Brewmaster’s knowledge by sending them to study at leading Brewing institute in Germany. Furthermore we have relationships with several universities where we send our employee to re-skill and up-skill their knowledge. We offer scholarships for Master degrees to our top performers.

Bringing Joy to Life is our vision, aiming to create a comfortable working environment for our people to grow and achieve their dreams under the Learning Organization platform We believe if they are happy, they will pass along those happiness to the customers and society as well

Sunit Scott, Head of Organization Capability

We believe in Happiness

“Happiness is the key to sustainable business. We adhere to our code of ethics to improve the quality of life and joy throughout society”
  • We believe in Happiness, not just for ourselves, but also for society. Therefore, we have a CSR team call “Singha R-Sa” to help people and communities in need. To inherit Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi’s purpose - Everyone should take part of helping our society, Sing R-Sa does not only involve Boon Rawd’s employees but also create connection between university, government and world’s citizen. During the pandemic of Covid-19, Sing R-Sa support many social activities by provide food, water and medical equipment to help set up field hospitals.
  • Our company places great importance on employee relationships and team collaboration. Therefore, we offer many get-together activities and social events after work for employees to interact and strengthen bonds.
  • We believe that happy employees produce the best work, so we encourage a healthy work-life balance. At our company, we work 7 hour days, Monday through Friday, and we offer a paid day off to employees on their birthdays.
  • We dedicate a day to celebrate our culture and our employees, called “Singha Way Day”, on which employees share their ideas and display their talents. We also invite famous speakers and music artists to perform for our employees.

Our Commitment

Boon Rawd recognizes that although economic value is important, it is not the priority of the company. Instead Boon Rawd emphasizes in all our ventures the creation of long-term, sustainable value for our people and planet to succeed. Together with our vision “Bringing Joy to Life”, we aim to bring smiles to every person we touch because we believe that your joy is our happiness.