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Benchachinda Group is a leading digital service provider, specializing in four business units including: Network Solutions Group (NSG), Broadband Group (BBG), Distribution Group (DTG) and Digital Solution Group (DSG). Since 1960, we have been offering variety of digital services that support rapid growth of telecommunication industry in Thailand. We have also been involved in a diverse range of nationwide-scaled projects; serving private corporations, state enterprises and public organizations. Benchachinda Group's scope of businesses has expanded into providing digital content through INN News and Rakbankerd, which isThailand’s largest digital portal for agricultural information and knowledge. In addition, Benchachinda Group has invested in startups through BCH Ventures, integrating the company's digital infrastructure to broaden a portfolio of the company's core businesses in digital services and solutions. With our well-trusted digital infrastructure and expertise, we can help scale all businesses through digitalization of business processes, increasing productivity and profitability, and satisfying customer expectations.

With a bold and clear mission statement, our culture is a key driver and a sustainable competitive advantage. We strive to shift our culture from Know-it-all to Breathe-it-all.

We are committed to be the best place to work for in all aspects of our people’s work lifecycle, from the very first step of their career journey at Benchachinda Group and throughout every step to come.


Culture is an intrinsic lifeblood of an organization. Culture establishes the energy within an organization and heavily influences happiness, success and connection employees experience. The “SMART” was designed to promote strong cultures in our organization across 3 perspectives: Look SMART, Think SMART, Work SMART, and we call our employees as SMARTer. The corporate core values are determined according to the acronym of “SMART” as follows;

Happy Workplace, Great Environment

For engaged employees who are happy and completely committed to their work, it’s more than just a paycheck – it is the dedication toward their company and role that makes them passionate about their work, which is often reflected in their individual outcomes.

At Benchachinda Group, we are dedicated to cultivate a Happy Workplace. We provide facilities and activities that make our SMARTer happy in all aspects - Happy Body, Happy Heart, Happy Society, Happy Relaxation, Happy Brain, Happy Soul, Happy Money and Happy Family. We use Happy Index Score and Engagement Score to scan organizational health twice a year.

“SMART Challenge” is well designed to be a master Engagement Program. We provide various activities weekly, monthly and quarterly. Our SMARTer is able to join any favorite activity that matches their lifestyle and working condition.

Learning Agility and Be a Hero

Lifelong learning is crucial for a successful business. We are creating opportunities for our SMARTer to reskill and upskill, and be well-trained to enhance career growth and achieve better results in a challenging environment. We believe that the 70-20-10 model, combined with 4-Line Learning, is the most valuable, standard guideline for organizations seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their learning and development programs.

We aim to develop inspirational leaders in the company. Apart from the Development Plan, we built three pillars of learning including Future & Business Academy, Leadership Academy and Professional Academy (Reskill & Upskill Center).

Furthermore, we design a learning program by leveraging competency based on SMARTer’s Level. We work closely with each Business Unit to create specific DNAs and shape specific characteristics for each BU. During the unprecedented time, we design a 3-month onboarding program for those who work from home to support both managers and their newcomers for remote working, boosting up productivity at home, and maintaining relationships amongst teams with effective communication.

Total Reward & Benefits

Flexible Working: Our IT Specialist is able to work in flexi hour.

Well-being Sustainability: We encourage our employee’s well-being and individuality. We provide attractive benefits in the aspects of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and financial health.

Health & Life: Annual Health Check up, Insurance Package and Benchavej Clinic.

Sport Facilities: Gym & Exercise Classes and Multipurpose Sports Ground.

Others: Social Security Fund, Provident Fund, Financial Subsidy and Savings Cooperative

Unlimited Privilege: This is special and exclusive for our SMARTer only.

Dental Care : Our SMARTer is eligible for dental care service at Benchavej Clinic.

MOCA Bangkok Pass: This museum has been purposely built to showcase and exhibit the exceptional work of art collected over the past three decades. The museum is intended as a tangible sign of appreciation for the many great favours bestowed upon the Thai people by our beloved monarch, King Rama IX, and dedicated to the honour of Professor Silpa Bhirasri, the “Father of Contemporary Art” in Thailand.

The more you give, the more you get!

We incorporate the practice and activity of giving as one of the key agendas, therefore, together, everyone can contribute to the society. Over 60-year journey of Benchachinda Group, we never stop giving a hand to help people in Thailand in numerous ways such as cash and non-cash donations, educational scholarships, manpower volunteers and blood donation.