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414 Phaholythin Road, Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400




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The telecommunications industry has progressed rapidly and definitively into the digital era. Businesses have had to adapt their approaches to the New Normal, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst changes in digital technology, AIS has had to transition into being a fully functioning digital technology service provider to keep up with varying customer demands and to maintain its leadership in the telecommunications industry. The challenge for AIS has been enhancing its capabilities and preparing itself to progress in-step with a rapidly changing business frontier. Progressing in the 5G age, which has brought with it heightened competition and rapidly evolving technologies, has made it necessary for AIS to seek out employees with new abilities and skills that are ready for an expansion of the company’s business foundation.

At the same time, AIS has had to support and enhance its experienced personnel, ensuring they are able to learn new skills in a short amount of time, so they may be equipped to respond to customer needs and maintain AIS as a competitive entity. In 2020, AIS has also been carrying out an internal restructuring of its human resource management and altering processes in response to the COVID-19 situation, allowing for greater flexibility while enacting measures to provide staff and executives with the utmost in safety and to ensure continuity of operations. Moreover, AIS has been encouraging personnel to propose ideas for innovation that pose benefit both to our business and community.

Currently, we are all entering the Disruptive technology era, the world is orbiting at a faster pace than ever. This is why digital transformation has been the heart of the AIS organizational cultural transformation for several years as mentioned. One of the missions that supports AIS sustainable growth and vision is the ability to “drive intrapreneurship and employees’ professionalism, and promote a positive, lively and agile work culture”. Resulting in; AIS devotes great importance to human capital management.

AIS People strategies in Digital and COVID-19 era

In 2021, People strategies was initiated and enacted under the supervision of AIS Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) who translated the AIS ultimate vision and mission into strategies and work plan for driving the organisation competitive advantages through AIS “The 6 Rs Strategy”. AIS short-medium term strategic human capital target goal are; 1.) Acquire new abilities employees in digital technology for supporting future business growth. 2.) At least 85% of talented employees are retained and upskilled in digital literacy track. 3.) Employee engagement and well-being index are more than 82%. By achieving the strategic target set, creating and sustaining the strong AIS culture that ensures all employees live are crucial factors for business success. Strengthen the organizational culture aligned its business practices under the concept “FIT FUN FAIR” as mentioned.

The strategic human capital “The 6 Rs Strategy” consists of the following focus; (1st R) Right Organisation, (2nd R) Right Resource, (3rd R) Right Process, (4th R) Right knowledge and ability, (5th R) Right Reward and (6th R), Right Place. The 6 Rs strategies are applied to it’s human capital management in the several ways as following HR practices;
The talent attraction of new generation workforce is also considered as one of key element driving success. Therefore, AIS prepared to transition itself and its employees into the 5G era. AIS works with leading universities both domestic and abroad to organize activities that introduce itself and open the opportunity for students with functional skills for the digital age and ensure continual operations. While looking to retain quality personnel into the long term, the company made plans to find new staff, using technology for searching as well as interviewing potential recruits. The “AIS Career Framework” was also created to serve as a tool for guiding recruits and their superiors along a clear growth plan and helping to identify those with a potential for future growth in the company.

Lifelong Learning, AIS employees are enhanced their digital literacy competencies for sustainability career growth and diversification beyond their base skill set in line with the changes spurred by the digital disruption era through Lifelong learning concept both online and offline development courses. Furthermore, digital learning platform i.e. LearnDi and ReadDi application, allowing them to engage in learning from anywhere and at anytime with the variety of learning courses for supporting and integrating work and their personal life.
Employee Health and Wellbeing, The AIS human capital management enacts a strategy promoting a prevention approach healthy lifestyle both physical and mental, good working environments as these are the fundamental for driving employee’s happiness, work-life integration, engagement and efficient employee productivities driving the organization success and creating the business competitive advantages.

Throughout 2020, the human resources department at AIS worked to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by escalating occupational safety and health measures across the company and altering strategies and operations based on safety concerns. Human resources were accordingly developed the policies and procedures. For example; COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting: AIS created a procedure for issuing alerts and reports on the COVID-19 situation encompassing infections among its own employees. Employees were asked to avoid both domestic and international travel. Furthermore; AIS implemented a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in response to COVID-19, a remote work policy and those on-site had to adhere to social distancing measures in areas and rotating the teams if they need to operate their work at the AIS workplace to reduce congestion throughout the year.

AIS applied technological support to its operations in response to COVID-19. An online meeting system was launched to facilitate conferencing, notifications to staff were made via online channels and all personnel were allowed to submit work and ideas electronically. These working approaches also align with 6th R – Right place of HR strategy.

Finally, “AIS believes that a workforce diversity is a key to success and has made being open to diversity a cornerstone of its human capital management during this transitional period. A diverse makeup drives AIS as an organization and business while simultaneously fostering sustainable social growth” as AIS Chief Human Resources Officer stated.