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17F., No.118, Sec.4, Ren-Ai Rd.,
Da-An Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

17F., No.118, Sec.4, Ren-Ai Rd., Da-An Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan




To become a consistently growing
and trustworthy financial institution,
a role model in corporate governance
and social responsibilities, a leader
in Taiwan’s financial industry, and
a leading brand in the
Chinese-speaking world.

To become a consistently growing and trustworthy financial institution, a role model
in corporate governance and social responsibilities, a leader in Taiwan’s financial
industry, and a leading brand in the Chinese-speaking world.

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Founded by Chairman Thomas T. L. Wu, Taishin started the core business – Taishin International Bank in 1992. In the spirit of innovation, Taishin has developed a solid foundation. In 2002, Taishin Financial Holding Company was established with subsidiaries including: Taishin International Bank, Taishin Securities, Taishin Securities Investment Trust, Taishin Securities Investment Advisory, Taishin Venture Capital Investment, etc. With innovative business approaches, Taishin intends to provide comprehensive and close to market services, in hope of becoming the “Top Financial Group in Asia”. Currently, there are 101 bank branches in Taiwan, 4 branches, 3 preparatory office and 4 representative offices overseas as well as 28 leasing offices in mainland China. The number of employees has exceed 10,000 to date.

“Your Smart Partner” is Taishin’s brand positioning. We adhere to our principles of Integrity, Commitment, Innovation and Collaboration to fulfill customers’ needs and to become the leading brand in Taiwan digital finance market. With professional management team, innovative service approaches and a sound corporate foundation, we hope to demonstrate a synergy of a financial group, to care for the land that we strive on and to become the smart partner of each and every one of our customers.

Listen with all Heart – the Voices of Employees

Taishin is dedicated to create an environment that encourages employees to grow with the company. Great efforts and resources are devoted to listening to employees’ voices through regular Employee Opinion Survey in order to keep focusing on issues employees care about. Through gathering employees’ opinion toward corporate policies, approaches to attracting potential candidates and key factors to retaining employees, we are able to come up with effective action plans for improvement. In addition, facing the changes of trend and generation, we realize that the expectation of the digital generation toward job/career is significantly different from the past generations and the needs to express their opinions are unignorable. Therefore, different channels for employees to express their opinions have been developed. Understanding certain groups in depth and respond to their opinions in time has become a must as well. Taishin also conducts focus group interviews or visits employees at all branches from time to time. Through face-to-face interviews with employees, we aim to receive their genuine opinions for improvement. Different indicators of employee experience and talent management are monitored in accordance with stages of employees’ career development to emphasize how we value our employees as Taishin’s greatest asset.

Diverse and Self-Motivated Development System

Talent development has always been Taishin’s commitment to our employees. Based on the organization development and the needs of professions in different fields, Taishin follows a pyramidal talent development structure to cultivate managerial talents of all level and key talents we specified. In addition, the less limited job rotation policies also enable employees to development not only vertically but also horizontally.

In response to internationalization and digitalization, Taishin provides the employees plenty of overseas and cross-functional job rotation opportunities. Meanwhile, Taishin collaborates with external consultants to provide learning sessions of multinational languages and financial technology such as block chain, agile development, etc. for the purpose of comprehensively strengthening the international and digital talent development system.

Best Digital Experience of Human Resource Development Platform

Encountering the digitalization era, along with the challenges of recruiting, talent development and retention, we redesign the employee learning channels by upgrading the HR website and creating the “iTaishin” app, which allows employees to access training resources out of the workplace meanwhile enjoying the best HR experience. Employees can complete training sessions regarding regulations, licenses, and other mandatory training courses anytime, anywhere. With the app, employees can also share the language learning resources, health management trends and other soft skills on iTaishin with their families. These features help improving employees’ work-life balance.

In 2021, we introduced the AI chatbot—Agile to HR website. Through interacting with Agile, both external talents and employees can better understand Taishin and receive timely response to HR-related issues. In the future, Agile will link up with various HR systems, making digital HR platform more comprehensive also becoming “Your Smart Partner” to users.

Comprehensive Employee Care System

Taishin provides employees various activities. Among all, art and cultural activities such as Luncheon Concerts on Fridays, Cultural Buses, etc. are Taishin’s major features which allow employees to participate in with their families. As to company sponsored art and cultural activities, discounts are available to all employees.
In Taishin, we highly concerned about the health of our employees. Besides health examinations packages and health education lectures, for employees with three-hyper series, we also hold health promotion activities such as weight loss competitions and offer gym subsidies to encourage them to live healthier.

Regarding employees’ work life balance, benefits such as children marriage leave, vaccination for family, etc., superior to the peer competitors are designed to take care of both employees and family members. Meanwhile, the flextime program was implemented in 2020, allowing employees to choose their own attendance time from a variety of 8-hour shifts, which helps them balance family life or reduce commuting time during rush hour. With the well-rounded employee care system, Taishin hopes to accompany employees through all important stages of life.

To meet the various needs of employees from different generations, Taishin cares about employees’ genuine voices and seizes every chance to improve. We embrace changes and aim to become a sustainable company that employees are willing to strive together.







人才培育發展是台新一貫的堅持,依據組織發展與不同專業領域需求,台新透過人才金字塔型培育架構,充實初中高階管理多層級人才庫與關鍵人才發展計劃,並輔以開放的輪調平台,讓員工縱向發展外,亦可尋求橫向的發展。 近年因應國際化及數位化趨勢,提供更多海內外輪調機會、以及跨功能單位之輪調規劃,並與外部顧問公司合作提供更多國語言及數位學習如區塊鏈、敏捷式開發等訓練資源,以全面強化國際人才及數位人才培育機制。