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10F., No. 42, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd.,
Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104016,

10F., No. 42, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104016, Taiwan


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Novotech is internationally recognized as the leading regional full-service contract research organization (CRO) in Asia-Pacific and has been instrumental in the success of over 1,200 Phase I - IV clinical trials for biotechnology companies. Novotech was established in 1996, with offices in 11 locations across the region, and site partnerships with major health institutions.

Novotech provides clinical development services across all clinical trial phases and therapeutic areas, and as a true clinical development partner, Novotech offers an in-house and integrated global product development and regulatory affairs consultancy, BioDesk. BioDesk can intelligently guide client’s products from bench to market through CMC/manufacturing, toxicology, clinical and regulatory affairs consulting services.

In Taiwan, we work in a fast paced and adaptable environment allowing us to bring best in class solutions and services to our clients. We set a high benchmark for clinical trial operations by listening carefully, allocating Asia Pacific’s best people and talent, and leveraging best in class platforms, technology, systems and processes to meet our client’s clinical program goals and ultimately improve patient lives.

Our employees are our most valuable asset and a key strength for Novotech. We are committed to providing our people with on-going professional development training, a competitive bonus structure, supportive work environment, variety in their role and the opportunity for career development and advancement across all areas of the organisation.

Growing a diverse and inclusive workplace

Novotech is committed to offering Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO). This means everyone has equal access to employment opportunities based on merit, without fear of discrimination or harassment. This commitment is supported by dedicated training for all employees to prevent bullying, harassment and discrimination and supporting families with paid parental leave with no minimum tenure.

Angel Huang, Taiwan Operations Director, places a strong emphasis on creating a collaborative, transparent and collegiate work environment where all contributions and ideas are valued. The recent office relocation, in August 2020, supports this work philosophy through an open plan layout, clear glass walls on meeting rooms, easy to access collaboration zones and dedicated learning and development spaces. The open, bright, and colourful office design reflects the diverse personalities that contribute to Novotech’s ongoing success and growth in Taiwan. Novotech is committed to offering a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone is supported to be the best they can be. Take a virtual tour of our Taiwan office here.

Work life at Novotech

Novotech recognises our employees are critical in meeting key organisational objectives and we support the development of all employees by promoting personal and professional growth to improve their potential and increase the effectiveness of the workplace as a whole.

We offer opportunities to define career path, participate in regular targeted training, learning, and knowledge-sharing opportunities, and provide remote and flexible working arrangements for all employees.
  • Flexible and remote working : At Novotech, flexible and remote working options are available to everyone. Trust and transparency are fundamental values of the formal Novotech flexible working policy. This approach enables and drives our dedicated focus on engagement, quality, accountability, and performance results.
  • Personalised career path : Novotech values local knowledge and experience and supports the career development of all employees by developing personalised career paths to advance career trajectory within a similar line of work or in a different company department
  • Internal learning and development : Our Learning & Development team deliver onboarding and ongoing training for all employees and leaders at Novotech. This training includes our Academy of Core Skills – an online program that is open to all employees and covers topics like goal setting, reflection and performance evaluation, stress management, teamwork and collaboration tools and mental health management.
  • Ambassador programme : A Novotech Ambassador is given the opportunity to work on secondment, for 3-12 months, at a Novotech office in a different country to assist in their professional development. The Novotech Ambassador Programme encourages, facilitates and improves inter-office and department collaborations and information sharing, in turn contributing to a progressive company culture.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility leave : All employees can request one additional paid leave day each year to participate in fundraising, volunteer, or conservation work.
  • Education Assistance : Novotech encourages employees to develop their skills and knowledge by providing financial assistance for studies which are of value to both the employee and the Company.

Recognition at Novotech

Novotech recognises the contributions of our employees with three organisation wide initiatives:
  • A bonus and incentive program in addition to competitive base salary packages
  • NovoStar recognition - a peer-to-peer instant recognition platform
  • NovoWay award- a quarterly award recognising an outstanding contribution in at least one of three categories: Making a difference, Delivering excellence or Best in class.

Cultural and social connection at Novotech

Underpinning all Novotech policies is our focus on employee engagement; this focus ensures employees feel included, valued, confident, and recognised. We promote cultural and social engagement via three key channels:
  • John Moller, Novotech CEO, hosts a quarterly Town Hall meeting that is broadcast in English, Chinese, and Korean. During the Town Hall, John presents a quarterly business overview including key achievements, a fireside chat with industry leaders and announces the Novoway Award winner. The Town Hall also includes a live Q&A session where any employee can submit a question to John.
  • Local events are held to celebrate significant cultural dates, employee birthdays and awards and the team regularly organise social gatherings for cooking classes, community events and the annual NovoDay. Every Novotech office globally celebrates “NovoDay” for one day each year where the entire team gather to celebrate their hard work and achievements.
  • Our teams stay connected on “The Hive” - our internal social media network on Yammer. The Hive allows employees to share personal photos of their lives with colleagues and encourages connectivity with employees on parental leave.
Novotech是一家國際公認具有區域領導地位及全方位服務的臨床試驗受託研究機構(CRO),已經成功協助超過1,200 多項 I期至IV 期臨床試驗的執行。Novotech成立於 1996 年,至今已在亞太區設有11個服務據點,並與多家醫院及研究機構建立了良好的合作夥伴關係。

Novotech為所有臨床試驗期別及治療領域提供專業的研發服務。作為一個臨床試驗開發合作夥伴,Novotech 亦提供了整合性全球產品開發和法規事務諮詢的BioDesk服務。BioDesk經由 化學製造與管制、毒理學、臨床和法規事務諮詢等服務,精準高效地引領客戶從產品的臨床試驗規劃、執行到上市。


我們的員工是公司最珍貴的資產,也是 Novotech最具優勢 的關鍵。 我們提供員工即時且精進的專業發展培訓及進修、具競爭力的獎金制度、互助支援的工作環境、多元化的生涯發展和晉昇機會。


Novotech 致力於提供平等的就業機會 (EEO)。 這意味著每個人都可以依自己的專長公平地獲得就業機會,不必擔心會受到歧視或騷擾。為達到這一承諾,Novotech透過對所有員工進行性別平等 的教育訓練,以防止欺凌、騷擾和歧視,並享有帶薪育兒假。

台灣總經理Angel Huang重視團隊合作,落實民主、開放、透明化溝通。如學院般的工作環境,員工的看法及意見都會充分受到重視。Novotech 台灣辦公室於 2020 年 8 月搬遷至新址,藉由開放式的辦公室設計、透明玻璃牆的會議室、趣味互動工作區和專門用於學習及成長的活動空間來實現公司的理念。 開放、明亮、多彩的辦公室設計表現了公司獨特的企業文化,也引領Novotech 在台灣不斷地成長及成功。 Novotech 致力於提供多元化和包容性的工作環境,以支持每個員工竭盡所能做到最好。


在 Novotech 的工作生活

Novotech 了解員工在實現組織的目標中扮演著重要角色,我們透過促進個人和專業成長來支持所有員工的發展,以提高他們的潛力及工作效率。

  • 彈性和遠距工作: 在 Novotech,每個人都可以選擇彈性和遠距工作。 信任和透明度是Novotech 彈性工作政策的價值基礎。此政策的推動讓我們更能專注於工作參與度、品質、當責和成效。
  • 個人化的職涯規劃: Novotech 非常重視員工的知識和經驗,同時也非常支持所有員工的職涯發展,透過個人化的職涯規劃,協助員工在相關的工作範圍內或在不同的部門內有更好的職涯發展。
  • 內部培訓和發展: 內部培訓與發展團隊為 Novotech所有員工和主管提供新進員工培訓和在職進修。 該培訓包括我們的核心技能學院 - 所有員工都能參與線上課程,內容涵蓋目標設定、績效評估和反饋,壓力管理、團隊合作以及心理健康管理等多樣化主題。
  • 大使計劃: Novotech 大使有機會藉由輪調到不同國家的 Novotech 辦事處工作 3-12 個月,以協助他們專業的發展。 Novotech 大使計劃鼓勵、促進及加強各國辦公室和各部門之間的合作與資訊共享,貫徹人才至上的文化。。
  • 企業社會責任假:所有員工每年都可以申請一天的帶薪企業社會責任假,以參與社會公益活動如募款、擔任志工或環境保護工作。
  • 教育補助:Novotech 透過經濟補助來鼓勵員工學習對員工及公司都俱有價值的技能和知識。


  • 除了提供同仁最有競爭力的基本工資外,還有獎金和分紅。
  • NovoStar的肯定 - 同事間的互相肯定及表達感謝的平台
  • NovoWay 獎 - 一個季度獎項,表揚在正向改變、卓越貢獻或同儕中最佳表現等三項中至少一個類別中有傑出貢獻的員工。

Novotech 內部的文化和社群聯繫

我們對員工投入度的關注是所有 Novotech 政策的基礎; 這種關注確保員工感到被包容、受到重視、有自信和被肯定。 我們通過三個主要渠道促進文化和社群參與:
  • Novotech 執行長 John Moller 會定期於每季主持一場英語、中文和韓語同步進行的全員會議。 在會議中,John會介紹季度業務概覽,包括主要成就、與各行業領袖的會談話內容並宣布Novoway Award得主。 會議中亦包括現場提問,任何員工若有問題都可以即時向John提出。
  • 舉辦及慶祝在地重要的文化節日、員工生日和獎項,團隊定期安排社交聚會如烹飪班、社團活動和一年一度的 NovoDay。 Novotech 全球的每個辦事處每年都會有一天聚集整個團隊來慶祝“NovoDay”,以慰勞他們的辛勤工作和成就。
  • 我們的團隊在“The Hive”(我們在 Yammer 上的內部社交媒體)上保持聯繫。 The Hive 讓所有員工與同事們分享他們的個人生活照片,並鼓勵與休育兒假的員工保持聯繫。