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750D Chai Chee Road,
#06-01/06, ESR BizPark @ Chai Chee,
Singapore 469004

750D Chai Chee Road, #06-01/06, ESR BizPark @ Chai Chee, Singapore 469004




To be the preferred partner to
high growth organisations and
high performing individuals.

To be the preferred partner to high growth organisations and high performing individuals.

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TDCX was founded in 1995 as a provider of outsourced services to diverse industries. Over the years, we have evolved into an enabler of the digital economy, with more than 10,000 talented folks in 11 strategic locations supporting some of the biggest names in the industry. We remain as passionate as ever about creating value for our People and Clients and are proud of our reputation for being a trusted Partner to industry leaders.

Our culture is all about People. We put our people first to ensure excellent customer experience. At TDCX, we are guided by core values of Courage, Initiative, Teamwork, Trust and Innovation. In the same spirit, we build a positive culture to everyone to expand their potential. We want our people to experience life through work and we design our campuses to accommodate “play” while regular employee programmes bring “work-life balance” to reality.

Our Leaders walk the talk and we are committed to bring positive transformation to empower our people, to uplift communities and to promote environmental sustainability. This is our strategy to create a positive work place for all and every employee has a part to play, fitting into a big, beautiful puzzle.

#BeHappier – Empower People

To achieve the positive impact we aim to bring, the transformation must first begin within the heart of our organization – our People. We want our employees at every level to feel safe and empowered. We strive to create an optimal environment by advancing human rights and economic empowerment, creating diverse and gender-equal workplaces, and investing in our people’s development and wellness.

Employee engagement is one of the most crucial elements in TDCX as it directly influences the behaviours of our employees. We deem it so critical that we have a dedicated and specialised Employee Engagement team which oversees employee engagement strategies and implementation. We start engaging with our employees even before their first day, followed by a full-day gamified Day 1 induction programme on their first day to get them familiarised with our corporate culture (work hard, play hard), vision and mission, and values, as well as to help them make as many friends as possible to ease the jitters that often accompany joining a new company.

#BeKinder – Uplift Communities

We believe in transforming communities and creating a positive social impact by giving back. From pursuing educational development, promoting inclusive economic growth, supporting healthcare workers, providing disaster relief, partnering with NGOs, to responsible sourcing, our social-facing programs are aimed at helping and uplifting members of the community.

TDCX do this as a company and everyone plays their part to contribute back to the community. This spirit in integrated in its employee engagement activities – where we find ways to promote worthy causes while in pursuit of other goals. For example getting one set of employees to take up a physical challenge while encouraging others to donate as an encouragement to them or organizing volunteer sessions as a team-bonding activities.

The impact on the community is manifold: the beneficiaries benefit from goods and money raised from donation and fund-raising drives; the NGOs benefit from publicity and an increased pool of volunteers; and TDCX employees benefit from an awareness of community outreach programmes as well as the effects of positive altruism. Its employees are now even more motivated and active in searching for volunteer activities on their own, and often coming up with suggestions and engaging the employee engagement team to run more campaigns to support worthy causes.

#BeGreener – Promote Sustainability

Our responsibility toward our planet grows as we grow our business. We embrace our role in promoting sustainability through offsetting our carbon footprint, conserving water, recycling, banning single use plastics, and advocating environmental preservation and sustainable merchandise across all our sites. At TDCX, we want to do business with a purpose beyond profit by encouraging positive environmental change.

We built our offices with our employees in mind – open space concept to encourage collaboration and prevent isolation, premium fittings, and dedicated wellness areas. In addition, we are also conscious to take a shared responsibility in promoting a healthier and sustainable workplace. From centralised recycling bins, modern recycling methods to creative upcycling techniques, we implement innovative strategies at work to reduce our office waste to minimum.
TDCX instituted these three initiatives - #BeHappier, #BeKinder and #BeGreener under a core pillar #BeMore. We aspire to be an organisation where our employees find joy and fulfilment at work, where company and employees care for one another as well as the society we live in and the environment.

The hashtags are largely used within the organization and every employee is committed to #BeMore. Our approach has seen us maintain admirable results. Our attrition rate improved from an average of 3.4% per month in 2018 to 2.14% per month in 2020.

TDCX is one of the best places to work in Singapore as our workforce gave us a whopping 90% Satisfaction rate! To ensure that we maintain this satisfaction, we carry out Wellness Pulse Survey twice a year just to pulse-check our workforce and our latest Wellness Pulse Survey results was at 96%!