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NTUC Trade Union House,
73 Bras Basah Road, #02-01 S(189556)

NTUC Trade Union House, 73 Bras Basah Road, #02-01 S(189556)




To be the leader and trusted lifelong
partner in Continuing Education and Training

To be the leader and trusted lifelong partner in Continuing Education and Training

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At NTUC LearningHub (LHUB), we embrace the vision to be the leader and trusted lifelong partner in Continuing Education and Training. We endeavour to help businesses unlock the potential of human capital to remain competitive in the face of Industry 4.0. Worker 4.0 talents equipped with the necessary Technology, Adaptive and Technical Skills to transform and thrive in the new norm.

Our core mission is vested in human centricity with our values of “People are our priority, Passion for our goals and Performance is our business”. We seek to empower our human capital with the passion from our social mandate to deliver the results for our stakeholders.

Workplace Policies and Practices

LHUB follows numerous national manpower objectives, reliably on building strong Singaporean workforce with the existing demographic at 94% and continuous effort to recruit locals.

We were awarded Singapore HR Awards in Fair & Inclusive Employment Practices category. The implementation of Tripartite Standards on four employment aspects: Term Employment, Recruitment Practices, Flexible Work Arrangement and Grievance Handling. The working culture and inclusive work environment are unanimously upheld by LHUB from the illustrated practices:
  • 15% of mature workers employed under permanent and contract positions
  • Person with disabilities employed in the Information Technology department based on job suitability and knowledge required for the role.
  • Career support programme to support long-term unemployed locals back to the workforce.

Furthermore, LHUB also embraced the WorkPro, an initiative to augment local manpower, foster progressive workplaces and strengthen the Singaporean core.
  • Age management which included hiring the right person with fair employment. Established platforms for performance management to appraise all staff with grading by achievement and competencies. The continuous recruitment of mature workers which incorporated the Codes for Fair Employment Practices and Codes for Fair Recruitment Practices.
  • Work-Life nurture cultures that support better work-life harmony with flexi-work arrangement, offered flexi-time, flexi-load and flexi-place to all employees. The flexi-time represented staggered working hours based on 42.5hours workweek; flexi-load whereas part-timers are hired for job sharing; and flexi-place to allow staff to station themselves at available LHUB workstations for the day. As we prepare for an endemic norm of the future, plans are afoot for a permanent ‘3 + 2’ workweek where most LHUBBERs can practice personal flexibility to work up to 2 days a week away from the office.
  • Job redesigns were implemented for teams in-charged of Cybersecurity and involvement in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It aided the load of mature workers to enable remote access to install and troubleshoot the endpoint issues and reduction of repetitive tasks for funding claims processing to create value-added duties to their roles.

With the inclusion of Senior Worker Early Adopter, LHUB has effected the change to the retirement age of 63 years old and re-employment age to 68 years old on 1 July 2021, exactly one year before the regulatory implementation.

Employee Benefits

The diversification of benefits offered places the emphasis on employees’ wellbeing and morale. With the pandemic, there were enhanced, and one-time benefits provided to recognize every effort to transit the business during the trying times. In the initial stage of the pandemic, LHUB launched LHUB Together and Care Initiative in May 2020 and Forward Initiative in Oct 2020 to appreciate and support LHUBBERs at different stages of the pandemic.

In the latest collective agreement, we worked with the union to significantly broaden the flexible benefits categories to include provisions for ‘Work from Home’ arrangements and Wellness programmes.

Employee Engagement

People remains our priority; we believe it and seek always to ensure open communicatoin. LHUBBERs are engaged to hear and share their opinion through:
  • Staff Communication – Updates on our progress, new development, and forward plans for employees.
  • Focus Groups – Engaging with diversity as different workgroups share the platform with management to discuss challenges, solutions and collaborations.
  • Learning Events – External speakers are invited to share about the emerging trendes (Mindfuleness) and useful knowledge (Use of CPF, Finanicial Planning).
  • Repurposed new-hire orientation – Phased engagement of new LHUBBERs through online team meetings, e-orientation, informal HR sessions, New Hire support group and finally with management to understand our culture, develppment, and growth, all in 90 days.

Employer Branding

The ‘LHUB in the news’ platform was established to highlight events including - recent industry partners collaborations and LHUB’s participation as a social enterprise to encourage Singaporeans to acquire new skills. It showcased the advancement and follows the vision of being leader in the Continuing Education and Training.

LHUB was ranked 66th in the Straits Times Singapore’s Best Employers 2021, a poll where inputs are sourced directly from a random population of LHUBBERs. This reaffirms our belief in a people centric approach and this branding will be a paramount pillar of our efforts in the social cause forward.