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Mazars is a leading international audit, tax and advisory firm. Operating as a united partnership, we work as one integrated team in over 90 countries and territories, leveraging expertise, scale and cultural understanding to deliver exceptional and tailored services.

We believe that people do not join or stay with Mazars by coincidence, they choose Mazars for a reason: a global school of excellence where, as Mazarians, they will be coached and challenged to develop and grow. Because our people determine our success, not everyone makes the cut. Progression at Mazars is tied to education which empowers Mazarians to match their career to their aspirations - both within and outside our firm. Our people play a central role in our clients future and in continuing our track record of uninterrupted growth. We welcome talents from all around the world and provide an environment which promotes learning, development, and growth. Mazarians develop their technical and leadership skills with us, this ensures they are well equipped for every stage of their professional journey – this includes the opportunity for international exposure and opportunities to help them build their network, friendships and contacts. This makes Mazars, the smart choice.

To build a successful firm and an even more conducive environment for our Mazarians, we embrace and sustain a workplace culture filled with positivity, dynamism and warmth. With our people in mind, we pioneer new ways of working, always keeping our fingers on the pulse to respond to each new generation’s aspirations and tomorrow’s realities. We care for our people’s psychological safety and provide the flexibility to manage one’s time and where one works from. Our modern workspace fosters creativity and innovation. We help our people develop a true sense of purpose beyond their day-to-day work through mentorship, team spirit, open communication and transparency- whilst not forgetting to embrace sustainability and give back to society. We value independence, open-mindedness and looking to the future.

Beyond our focused and targeted business goals, we are also passionate about enriching and engaging our talents. We continue to explore HR innovation and initiatives that will help the firm provide and build a positive and exciting employee experience for each Mazarian. There are 3 key pillars – Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Talent Development. These guide us in building, honing, and developing our talents and making their time with us a valuable and fulfilling. Our 12 golden rules have been carefully developed to bring to life the 3 pillars and make our promised Employer Value Proposition (EVP) a reality for all Mazarians. Below are some of the key golden rules under each pillar.

#Golden Rule No. 1: Creating attractive employer branding

To develop a great employer brand, our EVP must be multi-faceted. Areas such as environment, people, opportunities, rewards are all important contributors in differentiating our EVP from others. At Mazars, we pride ourselves on being sensitive to the welfare and needs of our Mazarians. We provide voluntary family care leave, birthday leave, comprehensive medical & dental insurance. Regular communication and firm-wide activities such as virtual exercises, wellness talks, gift packs and subsidies aim to equip the home for working. This ensures that we create a caring and supportive ecosystem within the firm and one which we strongly feel is essential in today’s context. Our employer brand is continually reinforced and enhanced through our actions.

#Golden Rule No. 8: Manage not just performance, but potential

At Mazars, it is not only about business, but also about grooming future leaders, locally and globally. Our goal is to create meaningful development opportunities for our talents, culminating in an exciting career path whilst they journey with us. In Mazars, we promise structured and transparent career tracks that allow everyone to be supported through their different career stages via curated and carefully selected training programs and mentorship. We ask our Mazarians what their aspirations are, we help them to refine them if they want support and we work with them to fulfill them.

#Golden Rule No. 11: Accelerate development through unique opportunities

Beyond the day-to day training and coaching, Mazars University offers world-class seminars on key topics in business development, business acumen and global leadership. These also provide exceptional moments for Mazarians to build their networks and catalyse behavioural and personal development. In addition, such platforms bond diverse pools of talents, facilitating multicultural exchanges and seeding the borderless collaboration our brand is known for. Prior to Covid times, short term international assignments and exchange programmes among offices around the world were actively sought after. This benefitted Mazarians by providing opportunities for them to immerse and experience a different working style and culture.

With the 12 golden rules that encompass our 3 key pillars, they speak volumes of the passion we have in our people and constantly remind us of our goals and passion. As we continue to explore our strengths and uniqueness, we continue to make people our main focus and the heart of our growth and development. We will embrace change and uncertainties, get ready to do things differently whilst continuing to work collectively as one. At Mazars, we put people first and empower our Mazarians to lead, innovate and develop their network and net worth.