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1 Payar Lebar Link,
#13-01 Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ1),
Singapore 408533.

1 Payar Lebar Link, #13-01 Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ1), Singapore 408533.


Shipping & Logistics


AP Moller Maersk aims to connect
and simplify trade to help our
customers grow and thrive.
We go all the way to enable global
trade for a growing world.

AP Moller Maersk aims to connect and simplify trade to help our customers
grow and thrive. We go all the way to enable global trade for a growing world.

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About Us

A.P. Moller – Maersk (Maersk) is an integrated shipping, ports and logistics company with a broad portfolio of products and solutions aimed at connecting and simplifying our customers’ supply chain globally. We go all the way to enable global trade for a growing world, driven by our passion to be a trusted, open and brave partner to our customers, making them more successful in the process. To help us achieve this, we recognise the importance of our employees and we want to support them to be the best they can with us, through a well-balanced approach consisting of employee benefits, employee engagement, employer branding and workplace policies and practices.

Employee Benefits

Our employees are our key to success, and we want them to know that we appreciate them.

Our enhanced Recognition and Rewards Program aims to deliver meaningful and engaging rewards programmes, whilst supporting Maersk’s values and culture and ensuring that employees have a great employee experience.

The One Maersk Bonus Plan and Stars Awards are complementary, ensuring we win as one team and remain focused on the overall company performance, while also providing a timely and personalized approach to rewarding stellar individual performance.

We also introduced our WorkFlex program to promote a healthy work-life balance amongst our employees. With WorkFlex, employees can opt for flexible work timing or location, giving them the autonomy to balance both work and their personal lives.

Our employees are given yearly flexible benefit allowance for optical, dental and medical check-up purposes. Not only do we care for our employees’ physical well-being, we also value their mental well-being. ComPsych is our Employee Assistance Programme provider that provides confidential emotional, legal, financial and family support for all our employees.

Employee Engagement

For our employees to be their best self, we believe that it is important for us to listen and to seek their feedback.

We conduct Engagement Surveys twice a year. This year, despite the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, our Connections Engagement Survey conducted in May 2021 showed a positive increase in overall levels of engagement.

After survey results are released, our leaders follow up with “State of the Team”meetings to deep dive into the results and co-develop action plans with their teams to improve engagement. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched the virtual version of these meetings, leveraging on technology to foster meaningful engagement discussions.

Our TMS EPIC EDGE is an ongoing campaign that focuses on Entrepreneurship, Proactiveness, Innovation and Customer Centricity. We organise activities such as best practice sharing and virtual learning to ensure that our employees have opportunities to enhance themselves.

We believe that People Performance Management should support our leaders in Delivering Results, Building Engagement and Developing our People.

We introduced Connect Conversations, a series of ongoing dialogues to ensure focus on performance, alignment, development and progression. These help us to look at both short term tasks and longer-term goals, so that employees have a clear idea of their development opportunities with us.

Employer Branding

We want our employees to have a motivating, diverse and inclusive environment so that they can enjoy themselves at work and have fun together. We create a climate where colleagues collaborate to create the highest value for customers and for Maersk, and where people feel encouraged to do their best every day.

We continue to build a diverse and inclusive work environment that encourages new ways of thinking. Every year, we hold a “Diversity & Inclusion(D&I) Week” focusing on topics such as tackling virtual harassment and bullying and being an ally and critical friend. During our D&I week this year, we organised virtual training sessions addressing the topic that is at the core of inclusion – respect. It is our intention to strengthen our internal culture with these sessions to build a truly inclusive workplace for all.

We also see the need to strengthen our talent pipeline and support our local talents. We engaged with Workforce Singapore and Singapore Business Federation to participate in the SGUnited Traineeships Programme, that aims to support local graduates from local Polytechnics, Universities and other private educational institutions, allowing them to gain a firmer foothold in the job market during the economic recovery (source: Workforce Singapore website).

Workplace Policies and Practices

At Maersk, we place a strong emphasis on collaboration and diversity, and we ensure that our workplace empowers our employees’ to be their best.

Our recent office relocation to the Maersk Campus Singapore supports our focus on collaboration. Consisting of 44 meeting points and an open Amphitheatre spanning 2 levels, the new office promotes spontaneous interactions, creating a dynamic environment that encourages the exchange of ideas. All meeting points are easily accessible to employees and are equipped with soundproof walls to facilitate a conducive work environment. Our employees are always just a stone’s throw away from any of our collaboration points.

We recognise that our employees come from all walks of life, and we want them to work in a space that they are comfortable with. Therefore, our employees have the flexibility to seat themselves in a place that best suits their working style. We provide our employees with the optimum conditions that support their work so that they can always bring their best self to work.

With our strong people programmes, we get closer to making our vision of Maersk becoming the global integrator of container logistics a reality.