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6 Battery Road Level 30, Singapore 049909




To be the Leading Technology
Services Company that Delivers
Innovations to Organizations

To be the Leading Technology Services Company that
Delivers Innovations to Organizations

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Adventus Singapore Pte Ltd is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services Provider with a wide footprint in Asia. We are determined to help organizations bring about positive transformations to their businesses through the intelligent applications of innovative solutions and pertinent services.

We have always believed that in order to stay competitive, the ability to effectively leverage technology to create competitive advantages and introduce business innovations is extremely crucial. Our strong network of technology partners, excellent domain expertise and differentiated value propositions create enormous values for organizations that far exceed their expectations.

In recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic had a massive impact across the globe, particularly for economies, industries, businesses and organizations. Being in the ICT industry, we are fortunate to have not been affected as greatly as others due to the nature of the solutions and services we provide – which had increasingly gained traction as businesses start to go digital and embrace the power of technology. That being said, the pandemic had no doubt taken a toll on our business and employees’ morale, especially during a period of transition to working from home which many were initially not familiar and too comfortable with. Nonetheless, we were quick to respond to this and worked hard to easing the transition, but more importantly keeping our people safe, engaged, and productive.

Employee Engagement/Workplace Wellness

One of the larger challenges faced during the pandemic where majority of our staff work remotely from home or on site had been keeping them engaged. Contrary to pre-Covid times where activities and bonding sessions were periodically rolled out to keep our employees connected, this was not possible in the context of a pandemic and we constantly had to think up fresh ways to boost our employees’ experiences.

Recently, we rolled out a webinar series for all our employees to attend. The webinars will be conducted at least once every quarter and they can range from a variety of topics that ultimately benefit our employees. In the past months, we had successfully carried out 2 webinars which received a healthy rate of response. The topics were on teleconsultation benefits that our employees were entitled to and interest savings.

The HR team has also been committed to constantly brainstorming new and fresh ideas to engage our employees during this period, and we are currently in the midst of planning and rolling out the following activities that are not only cost-efficient but interesting:

  • Work desk decoration competition (for either home or office desk), with incentives for top winners as voted by colleagues
  • Virtual lunches for teams
  • Employee virtual coffee break – for employees across different teams to get to know each other better
  • Workshop classes and virtual exercise sessions
  • Company-wide virtual sessions

Action during Covid-19

We strongly believe that the key to responding and adapting to the pandemic is reacting fast and appropriately. Keeping abreast with daily updates on cases and governmental regulations had been critical, followed by effective implementation of strategies and policies. We have been prompt in adhering to safe management measures and periodically updating our employees on new regulations.

Granting flexibility or workplace mobility has also been one of our key strengths in keeping everyone safe and productive. We allow our staff to work fully from home if their scope allows them to do so, and return to office whenever necessary (with proper procedures in place). Recently, we rolled out the ART scheme to get our onsite employees tested regularly when visiting client sites.

Being quick and decisive was also effective in our response to a positive case identified in Singapore office. Once the employee had been issued a quarantine order, we immediately took the necessary action and precautions to ensure that the health and safety of everyone was not compromised. This included having those in close contact with the staff to be tested and self-isolated, more strictly enforcing remote working arrangement and safe management measures, as well as arranging for contractors to perform a deep cleaning throughout the entire office premises. All of these actions were aimed at reducing the possibility or risk of any transmissions. The staff was also taken care of and checked in upon from time to time to ensure on his wellbeing.

Learning and Development

From the very start, we had always placed great emphasis on the career growth and development of our staff. We have an existing plan in place such that our staff will be sent for necessary and relevant training(s) during the calendar year that would not only help to value add to their scope of work, but allow them to upskill and enhance their abilities to better carry out their duties. These trainings that they attend are also not necessarily limited to work but for professional development as well, such as courses on communication/presentation skills and leadership trainings. We also partner with multiple vendors like training providers and non-profits that offer a wide range of courses and trainings for our employees to choose from, and HR team is in charge of the coordination of a fuss-free training procedure.

We currently have a unique leave policy that allows our employees to utilize a day of study leave for every examination they are required to take to prepare for it. This special leave certainly shows our employees our commitment in encouraging and supporting them in their development.