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8F Crown 7 Center,
Juan Luna Avenue,
Kasambagan, Cebu City 6000

8F Crown 7 Center, Juan Luna Avenue, Kasambagan, Cebu City 6000




We change lives.

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Smartsourcing’s success is not determined by any individual, department, or team but by the community in which we create. We are a values-driven organization. Our values of high performance, accountability, learning & growth, respect, and wellbeing are our identity, shaping our character and behaviors as we continuously fulfill our purpose and change lives.

Workplace Policies and Practices

Our policies serve as guidelines on how we respond to situations. The policies are underpinned by a humanistic management approach where we cultivate discernment and understanding to make decisions based on the greater good. This has led us to become a community who cares for our people by shaping policies that always uplift and uphold our values. We take our people in our journey and they have evolved to think and act consistently in accordance with what we stand for. Our people support each other in making ourselves become better members of the society.

Employee Benefits

Our employee benefits are continuously evolving to match the needs of our people. We do not just rely on what the market offers but we listen to our people and find out what benefits are relevant and meaningful to them. Our benefits program is consistent with our values because we believe that this component greatly affects the kind of culture we create.

This award is a direct result of everyone's contribution to our community to change lives. It could be as simple as greeting someone with a smile or checking in on each other with a simple “how are you?”. It might seem small, but when you have a whole community pulling together in this way, then it becomes immensely powerful.

We will use this award to start more conversations in our industry about always putting values and people first.

Employee Engagement

Happiness is a priority for us. We are always focused in delivering a blow-your-mind service to our clients and we are equally determined to facilitate activities for our people that impact their lives. Our people drive our initiatives for engagement, and we always listen to what they have to say and use these as references for our programs and events.

Employer Branding

The Kaizen approach of continuous improvement governs all that we do and underpins all other objectives. We all seek to actively engage in making ourselves better. Our purpose begins and ends with exceptional service to our customers. They are our lifeblood and our motivation. We stand by our talented people whose lives we seek to change and improve with opportunities brought about by their ingenuity, inspiration, and hunger for knowledge. We respect and make use of enabling technologies that allow us to meet and exceed our customers' expectations for productivity and efficiency. We are not intimidated by data or metrics. We choose to manage our business with knowledge and information, not personalities and politics. With transparency we create trust, with results we create a reputation.