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We’re a young company born with a powerful ambition in mind. And our name perfectly reflects our intentions. Mondelēz, is a name that symbolizes a “delicious world.” “Monde” derives from the Latin word for “world” and “delēz” is a fanciful expression of “delicious.” “International” reflects our global footprint. We’re a house of incredible brands. Our delicious products bring people together and nourish life’s moments in culturally relevant ways all around the world. Today we are working hard to make our delicious world a responsible one as well. A real world in which real people use real ingredients to make snacks we can all feel good about. Changing snacking one bite at a time. This is what “our world” is about. A beautifully (im)perfect iconic shape, made by hand just like our products. It represents our rich history, dynamic culture and bold ambition to lead snacking around the world.
For over 57 years, Mondelēz Philippines has been providing the Filipino consumer with a strong portfolio of the most globally recognized and beloved snacks. And behind its great heritage and continued success are the talented and passionate people and the strong company culture that empowers them.

Headquartered over an 8-hectare stretch of land in Sucat, Parañaque, the Company is powered by a 450-strong workforce that is highly diverse and consists of employees from across generations Y, Z, and millennials. Through our global footprint, Mondelēz Philippines is able to provide our employees with the opportunity to work abroad. As such, this has seen 24% of our employees in roles at various Mondelēz entities in other countries and regions.

As an organization, we place immense value in growth and development. This is very evident when we conducted the Employee Engagement Survey 2019, which aims to determine the employees’ views on how the company is supporting the improvements of their wellbeing, careers and future actions.

Moreover, the Survey is fundamental to the company’s purpose to lead the future of snacking and create a Winning Growth Culture. At its close, it drew 96% employee participation, with a total of 79% Engagement Score. Diving deeper, the survey found that 86% of respondents took pride in being part of the company and a further 78% would highly recommend Mondelēz Philippines outside as a great place to work for


All around the world, the lines between meals and snacks are blurring. Snacking – those moments when you reach for a delicious bite in between meals – is on the rise. But there is also a universal cultural tension where people don't want to have to choose between snacking and eating right. That’s why, at Mondelēz International, we empower people to snack right. This is our Purpose.

Every day, we are inspired to go the extra mile to lead the future of snacking around the world. We do this by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

Our broad range of delicious snacks are what you need, when you need it. Every bite more satisfying knowing they are made with high-quality ingredients, in a way that enables people and planet to thrive through Sustainable Snacking. We do that by creating resilient ingredient supply chains, reducing our environmental impact and developing zero-net waste packaging. We’re producing our snacks with less energy, water and waste, and sourcing our ingredients more sustainably.

At Mondelez Philippines, our path to positive impact begins by collaborating with communities. Our experience shows we can make a greater impact by collaborating with organizations who share our passion to promote active, health lifestyles. In 2019, we were able to provide 4 Recycled Plastic Play Areas in our adopted Joy Schools using ecobricks. It provides alternative uses to materials like plastic packaging instead of being waste. Joy Schools Program is part of our commitment to community wherein we adopted public elementary schools around Metro Manila and supported them with different nutrition and wellbeing initiatives. Another action towards Sustainable Snacking is the Go Green Project in 2008 aims to reduce Mondelez Philippine’s use of resources inside its manufacturing plant and office. To date, our plant is operating using 100% sustainable geothermal energy and our facilities utilize solar street lamps and solatubes for natural lighting.

From our passionate makers and bakers around the globe to your snacking moment, Mondelēz knows how to empower people to snack right.


They say that "culture eats strategy for breakfast." This means that even with brilliant plans, it’s our culture that will make or break our ability to lead the future of snacking. Our Values and Commitments mark a special chapter on our path towards growth. They define our culture. Grounded in our Purpose, Mission and Strategy, they reflect what we believe, what we stand for and what guides our actions and decisions every day. Our three core values are:
  • Love Our Consumers & Brands
  • Grow Every Day
  • Do What’s Right
They are the same for every colleague around the globe and supported by commitments and behaviors that we make to each other and our consumers, customers and communities. Everyone at MDLZ has the potential to lead! Our Mission is crystal clear: lead the future of snacking by offering the right snack for the right moment made the right way.


At Mondelez Philippines, our purpose is to empower people to snack right, and this does not only apply to our consumers, it begins with our people. We believe that making the right snack involves empowering the right people and making sure their needs are always at the heart of the business. We are committed in creating a great place to work for our people. We offer an open, inclusive and playful place to work, where your career and your life are cared for.

One step into our office shows just how committed we are to create a joyful workplace for our people. Our walls, rooms and facilities are colored by vibrant images to make our work time more engaging. Employees do not even have to leave the office to spend some “me” time. Housed inside the office facility are a gym, basketball court, play room, dance studio, sauna and spa, available for use of all employees.
In 2018, we launched our New and Enhanced People Policies, an initiative that vastly expanded on our already comprehensive set of benefits and policies for our employees. This covers a gender-inclusive policy on Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) where employees may avail of health benefits not only for married couples but including those with domestic partners of all genders. In addition, our employees enjoy the Primary Caregiver Leave where a grant of 120-day paid leave is given to any Primary Caregiver who is expecting to have a kid either through natural birth, adoption, surrogacy, or fostering. Lastly, our employees are enjoying flexibility as they can Work from Home between 1 to 4 days per month, depending on the scope and nature of their work, and manager’s approval. This is how we support our people even before the breakout of the pandemic.

Mondelez Philippines ensures the well-being of its people. Part of the company’s initiatives are: annual summer outings, Trick or Treat events, Christmas parties, and Company Anniversary. The company also promotes a strong sense of volunteerism among its members by encouraging them to regularly participate in the Company’s community activities such as Joy Schools and other Go Green Program initiatives.

Work-life integration is more than just an idea, it is a culture. We attract top professionals with our competitive salaries and benefits, but our great brands, talented people, inspiring leaders and global opportunities make them stay. With best in class people development programs, Mondelez Philippines pioneered best practices in the industry and across Southeast Asia such as the Edge Stars Program (formerly known Graduate Trainee Program) where high caliber young talents are trained from 12-18 months in preparation for their high impact mid-career role. In fact, 27% of our total population is consist of our current and former Graduate Trainees. Aside from this, we are also the Talent Hub across Asia Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region whereby 24% of our employees have regional roles or what we call our Talent Shared.

Additionally, Mondelēz Philippines prides itself for having a strong relationship with its labor union since the Company’s inception. In 2017, the Company had a record-breaking Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiation that lasted only 2.5 days.

More importantly, we encourage our people to show their true selves inside the office and make the experience of working at Mondelez Philippines uniquely their own. We believe passionately in a culture where everyone is treated with integrity and respect. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we have three clear goals we hold ourselves accountable for: Empowering women to lead, offering an inclusive bias-free workplace, and building an active and purposeful diversity and inclusion community. This is very clearly reflected in the company, where women hold 56% of leadership roles.