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9/F One E-com Center,
Harbor Drive corner Sunset Drive,
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City,
Metro Manila, Philippines 1300

9/F One E-com Center, Harbor Drive corner Sunset Drive,
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1300


Transportation, Supply Chain and Logistics


To become the global integrator
of container logistics, connecting
and simplifying our customers’
supply chain.

To become the global integrator of container logistics,
connecting and simplifying our customers’ supply chain.

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Maersk places our employees, customers, and communities at the center of everything we do. The pandemic situation has presented numerous challenges in motivating our employees to go above and beyond. As we adapted to the new normal, we have reorganized our approach and have shifted to virtual platform

Together All the Way. The company released a new company music video following the release of Stay Ahead 2.0. Maersk chose a more modern and upbeat presentation over a documentary-style company video. To localize the experience, our colleagues worked together to film a video in the midst of the pandemic that boosted the Maersk spirit and raised brand awareness.

We have launched virtual engagement activities to support our employees' overall employee journey with us in order to help them remain agile in the face of the pandemic situation's challenges:

Maersk & Me. A virtual orientation program to welcome the new hires as we talked about Maersk Values and Culture and invited senior leaders to share how these translate to business practice. A welcome kit and token were sent to their home address to make the experience more meaningful. As we adopt a new working set-up, we have found a way to welcome our new hires in a fun and exciting way!

Virtual Connect with Area Leaders. As part of the onboarding program for newly hired leaders, we have set aside time for them to connect with one another. We ditched the structured program in favor of an open session in which the leaders and the Area Managing Director freely shared their thoughts on the business, career advancement, and some fun stuff.

Monthly Team Engagement Activity. Every month, our functional teams are encouraged to schedule a call to engage and simply talk about whatever is on their minds. This is a time to play games, have fun, and develop valuable team spirit.

#IDPFromHome Online Campaign. During the lockdown, the company used Work-Flex programs to transition to a remote working environment. To assist our colleagues in adjusting, we asked them to share photos of their new team setup, WFH setup, hobbies, and so on. A panel of judges selected the photo they thought was the best.

Continual support for our colleagues' safety and overall well-being remains a top priority.

Weekly Health Check-In. This is a very simple, less than 3-minute survey to complete in order to monitor the employee's general health and overall well-being.

Leave Management. For employees who finds themselves in an unfortunate situation and need time off to recover from the CoViD-19 infection, special leaves arrangement was extended regardless whether they were hospitalized or home quarantined.

Employee Assistance Program. Globally driven assistance program that offers independent, completely confidential advice and support on any subject to our employees, their partners and dependents, and anyone living in their household.

Maersk sees prevention as an important component of our rewards strategy, allowing them to be at their best for all of the Moments that Matter.

Compassionate Bonus. In 2020, we released one-time extraordinary bonus of 1k USD for all employees regardless of the job level as a relief to their financial need amid the pandemic.

We attribute this honor to our families and support groups, who have never wavered and have always been there to bolster our spirits and cheer us on. We deserve to be recognized and be celebrated for everything we are and can be during and after the pandemic. I'm sure we all had our fair share of grit and stories to tell and inspire one another with. We're so proud of you! Once again, our heartfelt congratulations go out to all for reaching yet another milestone and for thriving together, which has led to us earning this award for the second year in a row.

Robert New, Area Head of HR / Maersk Indonesia and Philippines
Culture of Appreciation and Empowerment a digitalized instant recognition program called "Instapat" in which colleagues recognize anyone in the world!

Maersk STARS Recognition Platform Comprehensive incentive program with SPOT recognition and BONUS awards for employees who go above and beyond!

One Maersk Bonus Plan is linked to the global scorecard which aims to create a more collaboration across brands and countries, create focus, interest and engagement in the overall group performance.

Health and Wellness from Home. A year-long activity promoting health and well-being at work through series of virtual wellness classes in partnership with our Maersk Engagement Committee and conduct of the Annual Flu Vaccination.
Extended Maternity and Adoption Leave. Moms and adopting employees are entitled to a fully paid maternity or adoption leave with 18 weeks as applicable. Upon Returning from Maternity we also aim to achieve at least a 90% maternity return rate to ensure the retention of valuable knowledge and experience. New moms also get to have a reduced working hour for 6 months.

D&I Week: A series of local and regional learning sessions driven by leaders on Unconscious Bias, corroborating the annual International Women’s Month, and reverse mentoring activities that reduce power distance.

Go with Maersk Graduate Program is a global learning journey that welcomes Post-Graduates to explore high impact experiences and on-the-job training, combined with education, mentoring and continuous feedback.

Leaders Exploration and Development (LEAD) Program welcomes and develops accelerated and top-notch undergraduates to explore different functions and learning opportunities, a job rotation every six months and hired permanently either as a specialist or a leader.

Career at Maersk. Continuous programs that supported the career aspiration of our employees through Short-Term Assignment, Job Swap, Referral Incentives, and Internal Movements.

Employee Communication. We have established best practices in the area which allows us to connect and engage with our employees through Weekly Employee Broadcast, Monthly Connect, Townhall, Health Bulletin, and Newsletter.

Maersk Cares. Several initiatives were launched that allowed our employees to make a difference in the community through donation of Maersk Containers to local health facility for CoViD-19 response, and partnership that mitigated the impact of CoViD-19 in the Agricultural sector.