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23F Seven NEO Fifth Avenue
Bonifacio Global City Taguig City

23F Seven NEO Fifth Avenue Bonifacio Global City Taguig City




By 2030 - to serve 300M customers,
power real profitable SMEs across SEA,
and create millions of jobs in the
E-commerce ecosystem.

By 2030 - to serve 300M customers, power real profitable SMEs across SEA,
and create millions of jobs in the E-commerce ecosystem.

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With the accelerated growth of eCommerce and the internet economy in Southeast Asia, Lazada remains committed to drive opportunities for both businesses and talents in the countries we operate in.

At Lazada Philippines, we are passionate about being the single largest entrepreneurial opportunity for Filipinos, providing a platform for businesses of all sizes to reach Filipinos across the country. As a result, we are able to serve millions of customers and create millions of jobs within our ecosystem.

We have four main locations complemented by more than 100 hubs nationwide. As we continue to accelerate progress through commerce and technology, we remain rooted in our company values and purpose.

As we work towards creating more meaningful opportunities to drive the local economy, we take pride in each and every Lazadian and are committed to keep them empowered, connected and motivated.

We take a holistic approach to shaping the growth of every Lazadian:

(a) We Connect & Provide Purpose

As a technology company, we were able to leverage our technology to help Lazadians transition swiftly and smoothly into working from home, a measure that the business took to prioritize the health and safety of our employees. Tools like DingTalk (our main communications platform), Grow (e-learning platform), and Alibaba work tools, among others ensured that we all remain connected and are fully enabled to work from home.

We also work to consistently bring the positive employee experience to the homes of every Lazadian. With employee well-being in mind, we established new ways of working that fosters both productivity and good working relationships.

Regular alignment and the flow of communication is a priority in our organization. We have various touchpoints at the team functional, country and regional level to keep employees connected and aligned on business strategies and objectives. Our customer and seller testimonials are evidence that Lazada is a platform of opportunity, and these fuel our employees drive to continue creating value and making an impact at all interactions. Our Purpose workshops aim to help employees stay inspired and motivated by aligning their personal and professional goals.

Through the pandemic, opportunities were also created for our employees to do their part for the community, such as dedicating volunteer hours to facilitate the delivery of medical supplies to local government units nationwide.

With Lazada’s digital giving platform, LazadaForGood, our employees and customers are enabled to directly support various non-government organizations (NGOs) nationwide. LazadaForGood provides a safe and secure platform to directly donate to a database of over 25 NGOs and counting, with over Php 40 million raised through this program so far.

(b) We Set Clear Expectations

Beyond collectively defining our goals, we also translate these goals into individual performance drivers, taking a straightforward approach to Performance Management - focused on core deliverables, function and behavior. Operating with a clear set of performance drivers that are followed by honest conversations and structured reviews, we ensure that our employees get the feedback and support they need to grow along with Lazada.

(c) We Inspire & Enable

At Lazada, we are focused on creating opportunities for Lazadians to directly connect with our leaders and industry experts. We have readily accessible courses and training programs for to drive Learning and Development for employees – such as Grow, Lazada’s Learning Management System online, and also provide access to online resources such as Udemy and Harvard Business School Publishing.

We also invest in our talent – equipping them with the skills of the future through sessions conducted by both in house and external parties on various skill and competency areas like Advancing Negotiation, StrengthsFinder, and Data Storytelling. We want to make sure they they can apply their learnings not just in Lazada but in many other capacities as well.

We have an open culture that enables Lazadians to chart their development within the company, such as internally rotating to different business units and teams to learn new skills sets. Through constant self-enablement and a solid support system, Lazadian are empowered to drive their own career paths and create a bigger impact in the organization.

More than ever, the digital economy will play an increasingly significant role in social transformation. For us at Lazada, our mission has always been to accelerate progress in Southeast Asia through commerce and technology. We empower Filipino consumers with a wide selection of products and provide them a safe and secure online experience. We are here to empower MSMEs and brands to create more resilient businesses and help them thrive. And our people, are at the heart of everything we do.

(d) We Care and Protect

With a significant number of our employees considered as frontliners, we pivoted our benefits to ensure it can sufficiently address their unique and urgent needs during the pandemic.

We were one of the first companies to launch a daily health check to monitor the health of every single employee. Emergency loans, care kits, company supported COVID 19 testing, and when needed, support for hospitalization expenses are some of the other COVID Care initiatives we have launched.

We have also partnered with local government units for the urgent vaccination of our employees, while in parallel, also arranging for the procurement of vaccines to ensure 100% vaccination compliance.

(e) We Listen & Act Accordingly

Keeping an open culture, we promote always-on feedback sessions and adapt our People initiatives to meet the evolving needs of employees. Every six months, an employee survey is conducted by an external partner, and through this constant effort to listen and recalibrate to meet the needs of our employees, we aim to provide better opportunities to inspire our People and support them to pursue their purpose and grow in Lazada.