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The Globe Tower,
32nd St corner 7th Ave,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

The Globe Tower, 32nd St corner 7th Ave, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig




Globe is an organization that
creates and enables digital life
for the Philippines, so Filipinos
can access choices, overcome
challenges, and discover new ways
to enjoy life. In everything we do,
we treat people right to create
a Globe of Good.

Globe is an organization that creates and enables digital life for the Philippines,
so Filipinos can access choices, overcome challenges, and discover new ways to enjoy life.
In everything we do, we treat people right to create a Globe of Good.

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Globe Telecom: Creating a Globe of Good during the pandemic

Globe (Globe Telecom, Inc.) is the leading provider of telecommunications in the Philippines. Founded in 1935, it caters to over 76 million subscribers, including individual customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate and enterprise clients.

Beyond its telecom business, Globe is expanding to be of service to Filipinos in even more areas, through these notable subsidiaries and affiliates:
  • GCash, a micropayment service with over 33 million registered users;
  • Globe Studios, the company’s film and television production arm;
  • Globe Entertainment, which provides world-class entertainment at affordable prices;
  • 917Ventures, the company’s corporate incubator;
  • Kickstart, which supports early- to growth-stage tech startups;
  • Yondu, the top-notch IT solutions company in the Philippines;
  • Asticom, Globe’s support and shared services provider;
  • Third Pillar, a system integration and business application company;
  • Cascadeo, a US-based cloud consulting company;
  • Adspark, a data-driven advertising firm; and
  • ECPay, an all-in-one digital payment platform.

Workplace policies and practices

Globe’s policies and practices are built upon its Circle of Happiness philosophy, which believes that truly engaged employees can lead to the happiest customers and the most satisfied shareholders. This starts with creating an environment where employees feel supported through the different policies:
  • The Globe Tower lets employees work anywhere and gain inspiration everywhere. It has three gardens, a wellness center, an art gallery, al fresco dining, a basketball court, and other things that make work fun while stimulating creativity;
  • Employees are encouraged to avail the Flexible Time or Flexible Place work set-up, based on their productivity needs;
  • Same-sex legal couples are given spousal benefits such as medical coverage, dental, and more, the first in the Philippines to do so;
  • A total rewards approach that uses both the tangible and intangible aspects of rewards to drive the Globe employee experience. The remuneration policy puts a premium on diversity, just compensation and benefits, engagement, safety and well-being, human rights, and continued learning;
  • Thursdays By The Desk, a program that blocks off meetings during Thursday afternoons to give employees time to focus on BAUs; and
  • Seamless self-service experience through Workday HRIS, DaNI, EVA, and other digital tools;
  • Globe University, an exclusive learning facility for employees, and
  • A robust sustainability policy that aligns itself with the United Nations Global Compact, enabling employees to do their part in nation-building.

Company benefits

Globe’s employees have always been at the center of its business. To ensure that its employees are well-taken care of, Globe provides competitive benefits that will enable them to live their best lives while employed in the company.

This starts with a comprehensive insurance package that includes accident, life, health, and disability and invalidity coverage. Employees also have the option to tailor-fit their benefits to their needs through our myChoice Flexible Benefits program, allowing them to upgrade more relevant benefits over others.

In terms of work schedules, Globe offers its employees a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA), where employees can opt to work at home and choose their shift. They also have the option to stay at the Globe Pad, an exclusive Globe dormitory that’s only a few blocks away from The Globe Tower. For expecting parents, parental leave is standard and is provided to both mothers and fathers.

Over the course of the pandemic, our priority has been keeping our 8,000+ workforce safe. Thus, at the onset of COVID-19, we expanded our employee benefits to help ease the burden on our employees.

This began with the creation of our DUDE chat bot, which provided automated access to COVID-19 support and information, along with the creation of our own Globe PCR Labs, a COVID-19 testing lab for the company’s employees and their dependents.

To further assist our employees during this difficult time, we provided financial assistance in the form of discounts on broadband accounts, full salaries during lockdowns for those ineligible to work from home, early release of their 14th month bonus, and more. In addition to this, Globe also launched WOW! From Home, a program that provides exclusive employee discounts on gadgets and productivity items for employees and their families.

The company also ensured that its employees received both health and mental health support, via partnerships with KonsultaMD and Hopechat, respectively.

Employee engagement

A big cultural pillar at Globe is employee engagement. In 2020, the company engaged its employees to the fullest, through these four streams:
  1. Wellness initiatives:
    • DUDE (Digital Usher for Disasters and Emergencies), a chat bot that checks in with the health status of every employee daily;
    • Virtual Workout Sessions every afternoon, featuring classes on TRX, Yoga, and Pilates;
    • Various webinars on holistic wellness covering Financial, Social, Mental, and Physical wellbeing;
    • Mental Health Support platforms like MindNation, HopeChat, and KonsultaMD Telehealth;
    • In-house Nutritionist that employees can schedule a consultation with weekly, and;
    • Health Teleconsultation via our KonsultaMD partner.
  2. Leadership and development:
    • Individual Development Plan, a document that maps out an employee’s career goals within the company;
    • Everyday Leadership, an initiative that puts this plan into action through six leadership philosophies; and
    • Newton, an e-learning platform by Globe University, made for upskilling on various disciplines.
  3. Fun at work
    • The continuation of Globe Interest Clubs, with 17 Accredited Clubs including 2 region-based clubs;
    • In-house events for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day; and more;
    • 917 Day, a celebration of everything Globe among employees and customers;
    • The Good Vibes Club, a virtual variety show and a place for our employees to gather outside of work hours. The topics vary, from serious talks on wellness, financial tips, dealing with anxiety, to fun conversations about pop culture, movies, and more. These are done to appeal to a wide demographic. There are also quiz nights, games, and other ways to foster camaraderie within the audience.
  4. Reward and Recognition
    • Globe Excellence Awards, a virtual awards ceremony that honors the best employees who excelled in Volunteerism, Service, Innovation, Leadership, and showing the Globe Way Values;
    • Corporate Incentive Plan and Sales Incentive Plan for meeting and exceeding corporate targets; and
    • Wanda, our recognition bot that encourages employees to commend each other through personalized e-cards.

Similarly, a big part of Employee Engagement is enabling employees to assist customers better. As a way to support the contact centers, non-frontline employees became Globe Ambassadors, interfacing with customers and helping resolve their concerns. This was part of the Sagot Kita (I Got You) Program. Sagot Kita also employed a bot called ATOMS to help with more complex problems.

Employer branding

In everything we do, we treat people right to create a Globe of Good. That is our Purpose, and the basis of our initiatives. This begins with treating our employees right first, through the relevant programs and initiatives mentioned above.

These programs were a success! Based on the 2020 iSpeak Survey from Willis Towers Watson, Employee Engagement was at 93% — the highest in five years. Globe was also recognized as the only Filipino company to be part of the WTW High Performing Organizations.
Globe has also received recognition from numerous award-giving bodies locally and abroad. In 2020 alone, Globe was recognized by the following organizations:
  • Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine 10th Annual Poll Institutional Investor Corporate Awards
  • ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS)
  • Asia Communication Awards 2020
  • Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards
  • Corporate Governance Asia - 10th Asian Excellence Award
  • Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards
  • Stevie Award in the 2020 International Business Awards
  • The Stevie Awards for Great Employers
  • 2020 International Finance Awards
  • 55th Anvil Awards
  • Workplace Customer Success Awards

A comprehensive list of Globe’s achievements and programs are also in our 2020 Integrated Report.

All of these serve as a testament that we are heading in the right direction. We are enroute to creating an environment that is considered “The Best Workplace in Asia”.