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12th F New Point Mall Entec 2 Bldg.
Plaridel St. Corner Catalina, Nepo
Center, Angeles City, 2009
Pampanga, Philippines

12th F New Point Mall Entec 2 Bldg. Plaridel St. Corner Catalina,
Nepo Center, Angeles City, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines




We aim to change the landscape of
the outsourcing industry by creating
new standards in service delivery,
customer engagement and business ethics.

We aim to change the landscape of the outsourcing industry by creating new
standards in service delivery, customer engagement and business ethics.

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About Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff is a premium outsourcing provider that helps businesses around the world build teams of high-performance professionals in the Philippines.

Recognised one of the fastest growing companies in the Asia Pacific region, Cloudstaff has established itself as an industry pacesetter that strives to be the employer of choice for the country's young, vibrant and tech-savvy talent pool.

#1 Workplace in the Philippines

From the very start, Cloudstaff understood that in order to provide the very best staff and services, it had to build a culture that would not just attract the best talent, but also a culture that would cultivate and nurture personal and career growth.

It was from this recognition that Cloudstaff set itself the goal of ‘‘Building the '#1 Workplace in the Philippines”.

While a vision of this magnitude may seem bold to some, the company takes great pride in the headway it has already made and continues to work towards.

Industry Leading Staff Retention

In an industry plagued by high staff turnover rates, Cloudstaff boasts an industry leading staff turnover rate of just 2.8% - a figure that has been independently verified and has remained consistent over many years.

Even throughout the uncertainty of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Cloudstaff has not only been able to maintain this impressive figure, but staff polling indicates that the company has even been able to increase employee satisfaction levels.

Ethical outsourcing

For Cloudstaff, everything begins with its unwavering commitment to ethical outsourcing practices.

The company strives to ensure that its staff are valued, respected and kept safe at all times, without exception, while paying staff not just a living wage, but a professional level salary that allows them to support their families and strive for major investment goals such as home ownership.

Diversity & Inclusion

As an equal opportunity employer, Cloudstaff stringently adheres to the values of equal pay and merit-based promotions. Currently 62% of all managerial and leadership positions at Cloudstaff are filled by women and pay structures are designed to deliver salary equity.

Likewise, the company believes that disability should not be a barrier to work - a belief that is reflected in its hiring process, culture, and facilities.

Employee Engagement

From securing Asia’s largest waterpark for the exclusive use of its staff and their families, to booking the largest stadium in the Philippines with a number of the country’s hottest bands for an unforgettable rock concert experience, Cloudstaff is known for continually raising the bar for how companies can provide extraordinary staff experiences.

The Cloudstaff employee experience, however, runs much deeper than just parties and epic events. Cloudstaff’s staff journey encompasses an extraordinary array of perks and staff benefits including:
  • Welcome packs & gifts
  • Regular free meals
  • Snack and drinks
  • Free beer Fridays
  • Dedicated Cloudstaff radio station
  • Social clubs & groups
  • Chillout rooms and game hubs
  • Regular prizes & competitions
  • Discounts at local businesses

Staff Care during COVID

To say COVID-19 changed the way that workplaces around the world operate would be a massive understatement, but Cloudstaff accepted the challenge head-on.

Within 48-hours of the first coronavirus cases being confirmed in the Philippines, Cloudstaff had successfully transitioned over 2,500 people to a work from home setting.

Cloudstaff’s business continuity plan also included employee financial, technical and personal needs, including advancing staff pay early to ensure the ability to purchase groceries and essentials for their families; updated leave policies for greater flexibility; PCs delivered into homes of employees; mobile hotspots; and 24/7 home tech support.

The swift actions from Cloudstaff management kept almost the entire workforce employed and saw it receive special praise from the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment for its outstanding efforts.

Cloudstaff also invested heavily in finding new and innovative ways to keep staff stay connected, healthy, and engaged, including:
  • Building a custom television studio and hiring a senior television producer for next level virtual staff events featuring local and international celebrities, business leaders and motivational speakers.
  • Home delivered thank you perk gift boxes
  • Free Teleconsult appointments with private doctors
  • Regular mental health support materials and initiatives.
  • 20 point COVID-Safety policy to facilitate a safe return to office
  • Interest free salary loans
  • Micro office construction to significantly reduce transmission risk

Personal & Career Growth

Lifelong learning is integral for personal and professional growth, which is why Cloudstaff established an in-house training team that regularly provides development and leadership courses across a range of business topics and core skills. This is supplemented with regular free seminars and keynote addresses.

This recognition inspires us to raise the bar further in our workplace practices for our employees and for our customers. The company will continue to build a program that keeps the employees connected, engaged and cared for. We will continue to provide staff with the skills, training and flexibility they need to thrive at a global stage. At Cloudstaff, our staff care is central to everything that we do because we know that an investment in our people is an investment in their success, Cloudstaff success and the ongoing success of our customers and partners.

Above & Beyond

Cloudstaff strictly adheres to all safety and labor regulations, but often sets policies that go far beyond the minimum standard, including:
  • Phone apps to lodge attendance updates and leave requests.
  • Online flag system where staff can anonymously report issues and concerns with HR - Extensive family welfare programs
  • Free medical and mental health services for all staff
  • Mobile tech and staff support services direct to the homes of staff
  • Honouring of benefits and entitlement for incoming staff from competitors 3 of 4

Community vision

As a growing business operating in a developing country, Cloudstaff also understands the important role it has to play in supporting the local community. The company has built strong relationships with local educational institutions and community groups, providing sponsorship, mentorship and work training/placement opportunities. The Cloudstaff Cares outreach program also provides regular blood drives and support initiatives to local orphanages, as well as delivering food and school supplies to underprivileged communities.